December 11th, 2013

Year of Running 2013

I’m excited to have so many of you joining the January Reset Challenge! To quickly address some common questions, it does not involve any kind of crazy fasting or shake replacements.  It’s a whole food detox- you should not be hungry! But you should also feel the difference in your body.

In the group coaching, we’ll talk about all sorts of reasons our bodies (and in particular, our bellies) can get out of whack.  It’s packed with great info.  Feel free to get in touch with me with any questions. (And remember to use promo code “earlybird” by Sunday to get $10 off!)

But for today, back to running! My friend Amanda is hosting a year in running link up… join us!

Isn’t it crazy how much can happen in one year? My 2013 kicked off with a January marathon pr, followed by prs in the half, 10k and 5k!  And then the fall was a bust… a nice, strong marathon training cycle that ended in injury and pulling out of Philly.

You just never know what running will bring.  And despite the disappointment of this fall, I’m still in love with the sport.

Here are Amanda’s questions:

What was your:

  • Best race experience? Definitely the Houston marathon in January.  I felt so good and my pace was consistent all the way through mile 26.  Plus, the BQ was exciting!

Houston Marathon

  • Best run? I had some awesome runs with my Houston running buddy, May.  It’s so nice to have someone with a similar pace, similar goals and good conversation to make the miles fly by!BON running team at Sugarland half


  • Best new piece of gear?  My new orange jacket. I got to use it a few times this fall in the dark, cold mornings and love glowing in the dark.

NB jacket

  • Best piece of running advice you received? So many of you reminded me that there will always be more races.  Running is about so much more than new prs and hitting goals.


  • Most inspirational runner? I don’t think I could choose one.  I have so many friends who are setting big goals and going after them.  That inspires me!


  • If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? A roller coaster ride!


How would you summarize your year in running? How did the first half compare to the second half?




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