Workouts this week + Meal Planning

Hey friends! I think I’m back to normal over here… 8pm no longer feels like 2am, and I’m feeling caught up on my business, emails and other to-do lists.

In terms of training, I had a great 6 mile run on Tuesday when I got back.  I was back to running 8ish paces easily and felt normal again.  However, after seeing my PT this week they asked me to back off a little and stick to 4-5 miles for another few weeks.  So I’m going to listen.
Here’s the rundown:

Sunday:  8 mile run around Amsterdam, including Vondel Park with 3 x 1200m pick ups (7:30, 7:15 and 6:51 paces)… felt like I was sprinting on that final one!

Monday:  Nada… travel day.  I watched Patriot’s Day and Hidden Figures on the plane ride home. I really enjoyed both, especially Hidden Figures.  Such a cool story!

Tuesday: 6 miles with some short bursts up hill (8:23 ave)

Wednesday: pool run 20 minutes + swim 40 minutes (about 1 mile)

Thursday: 1 hour elliptical with 12 x 2 minute sprints (8.5 elliptical miles) + upper body strength

Friday: 40 minute pool run + 20 minute swim

Saturday: 4 mile run + 40 minute strength (Cathe’s SuperCuts)

I also got some meal prep done yesterday… grass fed meatballs, chocolate chip banana bread, another batch of kombucha and roasted sweet potatoes.

For the meal plan:

Sunday: Chicken sausages with sauerkraut

Monday: TJ’s Quinoa and Rice pasta with grass fed meatballs and sauce

Tuesday: Grilled chicken and homemade guac (maybe fajitas?)

Wednesday: Leftovers or eat at the pool

Thursday: Soba noodles with broccoli and  pb sauce

Friday: Likely pizza

Saturday: Head to the beach!

What meal prep do you do on a regular basis?

Have you ever jumped back into running too quickly? I do every.single.time.  When will I learn?!

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32 thoughts on “Workouts this week + Meal Planning

  1. I definitely jump back into running too quickly but i don’t realize it until its too late! Now Im just been sticking to 3-4 mile runs, and i won’t go past 5 for awhile. Its hard to keep the runs short when you’re finally feeling good again!

  2. During the school year (I’m a teacher) I do a lot more meal prep. I make a baked oatmeal for breakfasts, protein/energy balls or some kind of muffin, marinate and bake some chicken breast for dinners and salads, and sometimes I’ll roast sweet potatoes.
    Jen Gregoris recently posted..Taking Time to Feed my Soul…My Profile

  3. I too am guilty of jumping back into running too quickly, but it’s hard not to do that when you really enjoy running!

    I’m making a point to do more meal prepping this month. I really want to get into a routine of doing this every week. I know it will save me so much time and hopefully help me drop a few pounds too!
    Kimberly G recently posted..Chicago Marathon Training Recap – Week 7My Profile

  4. I loved Hidden Figures! I sort of watched Beauty and the Beast while trying to get some work done on the plane …. Nice long run in Amsterdam! You’re a few days ahead of me on the jet lag recovery, but that should meaning that getting up for my 5 am OTF class shouldn’t be too hard, right?

  5. Great job with your workouts this week! Hopefully you heal quickly so that you can get back into your normal routine. It’s hard to hold back! I love your meal planning section on the blog. What is in the picture – it looks really tasty!

  6. I’m gonna have to pay attention to what you’re doing as you ease back…my biggest fear is I will try to jump right back in (in a couple months…when I”m cleared to run again). I know I have to take things easy…but I alsoknow the temptation will be unreal LOL
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    • I’m trying!! But I’m not sure I’m the best example. I hit the track this week! But I’m feeling good. In general, I’m trying to space out my runs more than I used to (running about 3 times a week right now) and keeping them shorter (4 is my base for week days, and at the track I did about half the work I would have done 6 weeks ago. It also depends how long you’re off for, but even though we start out slow and with heavy legs, I think our bodies really appreciate the break from running and will come back stronger.
      Laura recently posted..Workouts this week + Meal PlanningMy Profile

    • That’s awesome PT did that for you. Mine are not particularly runner focused and don’t really seem to know what to do with me. When I said I had no pain with 4-5 miles, they said- great! Stick to 4-5 miles for now… we’ll see! Of course today I ended at 5.4 and decided to cool down for an even 6. Oops.
      Laura recently posted..Workouts this week + Meal PlanningMy Profile

  7. Welcome back! I think jet lag is so much easier to deal with when traveling east to west. Chocolate-chip ‘naner bread sounds fab – I may be inspired to make some now. And I am also making some kombucha, or ‘booch, as I like to call it…should be ready any day.

    I wish I was as organized as you with the meal plans. Best I did this weekend was to make a huge massaged kale salad that I use as a meal base.
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  8. It’s very hard to hold back when you are feeling good! Or even when you are feeling not so good. LOL. I do not meal prep. I admire those of you that do. I know it would make life so much easier! But, right now I never know who will even be at home at dinner time. Also, I’m lucky if I get to the grocery store over the weekend.

  9. I usually do meal prep during the school year. It definitely saves so much time.

    That chocolate chip banana bread looks yummy!

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