Workouts this week + a fun trip

Hello from Switzerland! We left our girls behind yesterday and our kid-free adventure begins! It was another solid week of cross training. I’m feeling really good!
Here’s the rundown:Sunday:  rest (so important)Monday:  8 miles on the elliptical with 12 x 1 minute sprints, 1 minute recovery + ST (legs)

Tuesday: 40 minute pool run + 20 minute swim

Wednesday: 8.5 miles on the elliptical with 6 x 2 minute sprints with 1 minute recovery + ST (upper body)

Thursday: HIIT legs/cardio + 45 minute pool run

Friday: very easy 40 minute spin

Saturday: 45 pool run + Ignite Burn + Build

I did a little bit of running this week as warm ups for some of the boot camp/ HIIT workouts and felt fine (not to mention high knees, burpees, squat jumps, skaters, etc in the HIIT workouts.  I know that if I’m fine with all that jumping, I can do some short, easy runs but somehow running is still a bit scary!)

This is the week I’ll be adding some back in, starting conservatively with walk/run combos.

I won’t have much access to my computer this week so I’ll check back in when I’m home again, but you can keep up with my workouts and travels on Instagram!

Do you love or hate HIIT workouts?
I’m loving them lately! But they’re tough to include when I’m also running as it become too much intensity.

Have you been to Europe? Favorite city or country you’ve visited? We went once before kids and explored France and Italy.  This time we’re hitting the northern part- Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands.  Share any tips or things we must see!

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  1. Come to Luxembourg! It’s more or less between Germany and the Netherlands. It’s small but stunning 🙂

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