Workouts from last week + Meal Planning

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

I took the girls to my parent’s house to hang out and for a much needed girls night out. This pineapple mojito was amazing but my friends like to tease me that I can only handle a few sips of a drink.  It’s true- half of one is more than enough for me!

I also got to visit my great-grandma who recently took a turn for the worse.  I’m glad I was able to spend time with her, but it was sobering too.  Getting old is no fun.

Here were last week’s workouts and meal plan:

Monday : 30 minute pool run + 500 rep workout (50 push ups, 50 mountain climbers, 50 squats, 50 lunges, 50 burpees, 50 pull ups – split and I did these on the TRX- etc… this workout was no joke!)

Tuesday: 7 mile stroller run, easy pace (10+ ave)

My stroller buddy took to the roads with me when we were done for her own little run.

Wednesday: evening track workout: 6.5 miles with 2 mile warm up (8:32, 7:31) and 6 x 400m, 2 x 200m and 1 x 100m then a cool down

Thursday: recovery 45 minute pool run

Friday: 11 miles through a crazy rain storm- I was soaked!! I worked in a few nice hills (8:38 ave)

Saturday: short full body HIIT circuit at my mom’s (push ups, burpees, mountain climbers, lots of core, squat jumps, lunges, etc)


Our garden is finally going crazy so this week we have lots of cucumbers, tomatoes, red beets and greens to use up, plus my mom sent me home with a dozen ears of corn.

For the meal plan, I’m repeating some favorites from last week:

Monday:  Our anniversary night out!!

Tuesday: Corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes and something on the grill (chicken, maybe?)

Wednesday: Grilled salmon with Meals on the Run Protein Mashed Potatoes (this was also a huge hit last week!)

Thursday: Egg sandwiches/ wraps

Friday: Meals on the Run Shells with Bolognese sauce (This was a huge hit last week!!)

Saturday: night out/ pizza

There is still time to enter to win a race entry for the Runner’s World Festival in October!

Do you have great grandparents still living?

Did you get caught in the rain last week on a run?


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5 thoughts on “Workouts from last week + Meal Planning

  1. I finished before the rain on Friday! You are fortunate to have a great-grandparent still living into your adulthood. None of mine were living by the time I was even born.

  2. Sorry about your great-grandmother, but its nice that you got to spend time with her. I lost all my great-grandparents by the time I was 10 and all my grandparents by the time I was 14. Looks
    like a great week of workouts! Have fun celebrating your anniversary!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted..Vacation Week WorkoutsMy Profile

  3. i’m so sorry to hear about your great-grandmother, but that is amazing how many years you’ve got to spend with her! I never knew any of my great-grandparents. I agree with Angela – that 500 rep TRX workout sounds brutal! Happy anniversary!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..CIM Training Week 1My Profile

  4. I’m sorry to hear your great grandmother is not well. Sadly, I don’t have any great grandparents, grandparent, or parents living. You are right. It is very sobering. How lucky you have fresh veggies for your meals this week. I miss the huge garden we had as kids.

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