Winter running struggles

So you guys, I tend to be a super positive person.  I’m good at looking on the bright side and seeing the silver lining, but this has been a tough start to winter training!  How’s it going for you?

I’m only into week 2 of marathon training and I’m already having some doubts about how I’m going to survive this training cycle.  My current struggles:

  • So many treadmill miles! I just do not enjoy running in the bitter cold, and even if I did, there has been too much ice and snow to get outdoors the last two weeks.
  • My treadmill may be having issues: I’m pretty sure I messed something up… after playing with the incline for a hilly run last week, it doesn’t seem to have ever gone completely back down…
  • I’m battling a nasty cough! The girls had it off and on in the fall, and it finally hit me in the last week.  I haven’t been sick in a long time- and it’s usually a one day thing.  I’m so impatient waiting for it to go away!
  • I’ve had the energy to run, but no extra gears for speed- just slogging along.  I’m glad I can still run, but I want my energy back!

Okay, end of rant.  I don’t think a spring marathon is a good idea for me going forward- can you all help remind me of that the next time I think a spring full sounds like a good idea?!

Thankfully, yesterday and today have been gorgeous, in the 40’s! And this morning I met up with two running friends that I haven’t seen for several weeks, and that was amazing, of course. I needed this little break from the cold. Onward and upward!

When does your motivation drop off? Summer? Winter? Spring allergies?

Do you typically train through the winter, or use it as an off season?


19 thoughts on “Winter running struggles

  1. Laura, I can totally relate to pretty much your entire email, though I am not currently training for anything. Our treadmill’s incline also seems to be stuck. Even though it says 0 incline I can tell it’s stuck at 1 or 2.

    I have some nordic skis and can get out on those when road conditions aren’t ideal aND it helps mix things up. I have to deal with frigid temps here in MN and that can get old, but it sure does make 10-20 degrees feel warm!

    Hang in there with your training!

  2. I definitely don’t think you are alone in the wondering why you signed up for a spring marathon! There’s going to be down weeks with horrible weather but you are going to have good weeks like this week. Just ride the waves and know that you are getting things done!

    • Thanks, Angela. Yes- it’s going to be an interesting ride. I think fighting off this cold/cough thing made it worse because my normal energy wasn’t there. I’ll just have to take it one day a time!
      PS- You totally inspire me with how often you face the cold!!
      Laura recently posted..Winter running strugglesMy Profile

  3. Oh, I hear you, Laura– and this is partly why I decided not to run Boston or why I didn’t even register this year. I HATE training for spring marathons, because of everything you said. It’s inevitable- the cold weather, the coughs, the blips. BUT, just about everyone is going through the same thing you are, and one day, you are going to wake up and feel super energized. And spring will be here before you know it. I admire your persistence and honestly.
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  4. I have only done one spring marathon and it was a struggle! Between the weather and getting sick I feel like winter running is so hit or miss. But you have really been doing great so far. Do what you can and Im sure you will be just fine. You have shown in the past that you are really good at adjusting your training to whatever is thrown at you!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted..The Guilty Pleasures of RunningMy Profile

    • Thank you, Lisa! You’re right- I just need to be flexible and do what I can. I haven’t been sick in so long so that has really zapped my energy this past week but when I’m feeling ‘normal’ I should see some of my motivation come back!
      Laura recently posted..Winter running strugglesMy Profile

  5. The struggle is REAL! It sounds like everything is hitting at once but remember – this too shall pass!!! You will be BACK and running with your hair on fire in the beauty of the outside world, gunning toward Boston! This is only temporary. I know it’s hard and horrible while you’re going through it but this is the HARD that makes it great 🙂 xoxo
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