What I’m Eating for Breakfast This Week + Learning to AquaJog

This week, I made a giant batch of Veggie Quinoa Salad.  It was intended for lunch, but I found myself eating it for breakfast instead! I quickly threw an egg on top and love a breakfast that comes together in two minutes flat.

I shared the recipe for Breakfast Quinoa Salad here!

Besides getting inspired in the kitchen again, I’m finding myself trying all sorts of cross training lately.

I got HIIT cardio in on Saturday and kick-boxing on Sunday.  I even broke a board!

When they announced what we were doing, I was initially terrified.  But I knew it was largely mental.  If I went up determined to break it, it would break.  It helped that we wrote our barrier on the board… limits, fear and injury were on mine and I smashed through it.  It. Felt. Amazing.

Then on Monday, I took advantage of a free trial at a local gym to have access to a pool again.  The plan was to aqua jog for 45 minutes or so, but I did one lap and called it. Instead, I saw a mile and felt almost as accomplished as a good run.

I didn’t understand why I was barely moving when I tried to jog in the water and what I was doing wrong. I also didn’t feel like it was giving my feet any relief.  I came home and watched several ‘how to’ videos and realized I probably need to find deep water.  So maybe I’ll be doing some aqua jogging at the pool this summer while my kids swim.

The 3-4 foot water wasn’t cutting it for me, although you can aqua jog in that depth as well.

What’s next? I think I’m going to get to the pool as much as I can before my free membership runs out, and then continue with a mix of elliptical, bike, strength and swimming for a few more weeks.

Have you tried aqua jogging? In normal or deep water?

Does your breakfast consist of traditional morning foods, or do you like to step outside the box?

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21 thoughts on “What I’m Eating for Breakfast This Week + Learning to AquaJog

  1. LOL!!! 45 minutes is an eternity of aqua jogging!!…which obviously you found out. I know Angela gave you the tip of using the water dumbbells instead of the belt when you head into deeper water. Those worked really well for me. However, it’s still super boring!! I wish I could lend you my waterproof iPod 🙂 LOVE the board breaking!! What a great class!!
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  2. I am very untraditional with breakfast as….. I don’t eat it! The earliest I ever eat is around 11 or 11:30 am. When I get up in the morning, I go right to the gym to work out – and I do not like or want to work out on a full stomach, it’s insanely uncomfortable! But my first meal of the day… Is large and in charge and perfect post-workout fuel!

  3. Definitely aqua jog in deep water! Although I’m not 100% sure I do it “correctly.” I tend to jog in a small circle when I do this; I don’t stay in one spot in the pool. But that isn’t really on purpose; it just kind of happens. I aqua jogged a lot (with the belt) when I had a stress fracture in my foot. I did it by time – if my scheduled run was 6 miles I would aqua jog about the amount of time it would take me to run 6 miles.

  4. I have never aqua jogged, and was so confused until til someone explained it to me. I always though it was kind of like a “power walk” in the water…didn’t know it was meant to have nothing (but water LOL) under your feet. No place to do THAT in my town…

    Congrats on breaking that board! That must have felt so victorious!
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