What I Buy in Bulk for Easy, Healthy Meals

Hey friends,

It has been gorgeous here.  What a difference the sunshine and warm temperatures make in my mood and energy levels! I think I need to move south.  But we’re not going anywhere, so for now I’ll soak up the spring warmth and gorgeous blooms.

The Spring Reset kicked off on Monday with an awesome group of ladies.  I’m committed more than I was in January- I was leading the group then, but with the marathon/breastfeeding combo I was eating everything all the time.  This time, my appetite is under control and I’m really excited to fully participate and feel good.  Two days down and I’m feeling great!

I found some great stuff at Costco on my last trip and thought I’d share some of my go-to items, many of which help with fast healthy meals.  There is a lot at Costco that is not a good deal (in my opinion – I like to do the math and pay attention to these things!) But the following items met my approval…

Frozen Blueberries: These giant bags are more cost effective and we go through blueberries like crazy.  My daughter requests oatmeal with blueberries almost every morning and we use them to sweeten smoothies and to in homemade popsicles.

Costco blueberries


Quick Lunch: The ingredient list on these Channa Masala packets is surprisingly simple and clean.  They are a go to fast lunch for me (often over greens or quinoa) when I have no leftovers.

Costco chana masala


Chicken Stock: We make our own broth every time we roast a whole chicken, but this is a great back up.  Broth is great for digestion and it also adds great flavor to quinoa or rice.

Costco chicken stock


Organic Chicken: Better price for organic chicken than our grocery stores and great to have on hand!

Costco chicken


Dumplings: These aren’t entirely “clean” depending on your definition but they make a great appetizer for entertaining and are a huge crowd pleaser!

Costco dumplings


Organic Eggs: We go through a lot of eggs between the four of us. Over easy at breakfast or scrambled with veggies at lunch or in a frittata or quiche for dinner.

Costco eggs


Seaweed: I love these snacks! Did you know a lack of iodine is a major cause of salt cravings? Sea vegetables are a great source of iodine- I grab these when I want a salty snack.

Costco roasted seaweed


Wild Salmon: I usually season my own salmon with a splash of lemon and soy sauce, but this is yummy and makes dinner super fast.

Costco salmon


Amy’s Lentil Soup: This is another great quick lunch.  I often stir spinach into the hot soup until it wilts.  Bonus: there are no scary ingredients and no hidden sugars.  However, if you’re used to regular soups you will notice the sodium difference.

Costco soups

Coconut Oil: Check out this giant tub! We keep this by our stove and use it for everything: eggs, easy fried rice or stir frys, sauteing tofu or chicken, and melt it for baking in healthy muffins and cookies.

Costco coconut oil

Organic Quinoa: In small quantities at Whole Foods or other natural groceries, quinoa can be very expensive.  The bulk bag is a decent deal.  I like to cook a batch (1 cup in 2 cups of chicken broth) for salads for the week, or for a Quinoa Power Bowl.

Costco quinoa

Salsa: There once was a day when I made and/or canned all of our salsa.  That is not happening these days.  We’re both picky about salsa but were surprised to like this one.  Besides the usual Mexican dishes, it’s great on top of a sweet potato with black beans, or mixed with hummus as a salad dressing, or mixed with nut butter and lime for a simple noodle dressing… I know it sounds weird but I promise it’s good!!

Costco salsa


Also unpictured: a giant bag of dates! I love to blend those with nuts and chia, flax or cocoa, etc for homemade energy balls.


What do you buy in bulk?

Do you shop Costco? What are your favorites?


34 thoughts on “What I Buy in Bulk for Easy, Healthy Meals

  1. I also like to buy things in bulk. After work it makes things so much easier to cook versus going to the store and buying 1-2 items to make. We always buy eggs and vegetables in bulk!
    Hollie recently posted..Key WestMy Profile

  2. We had a BJs membership (similar to Costco) for years but got rid of it recently. It seemed like they weren’t carrying enough of “the good stuff” anymore. We definitely stocked up on organic greens, eggs, dates and salmon. I miss the big bags of dates! They were perfect for all my homemade ball needs.
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..The Story of My Boston Marathon DNFMy Profile

  3. I buy almost all of those same things. In addition, organic milk, nuttzo (it’s pricey, but the jar is big), bananas, huge bag of organic frozen peas when they have them, and the price on their big tub of real maple syrup is unbeatable

  4. This was a really great post for me b/c I don’t go to Costco as much as I should–part of the reason being that I didn’t realize you can get so much healthy stuff there! I think I get impatient in big stores. Now I’m motivated to try it!
    misszippy recently posted..Heavy heartedMy Profile

  5. Costco can be a life saver for families trying to eat well. I stock up on their greek yogurt, spinach, mini peppers, quinoa, brown rice, black beans and garbanzos. You are correct that you must watch the price to be sure you are getting a deal. meal planning really comes in handy with these purchases to be sure everything is eaten before it goes bad. Thanks for this post and happy eating!

  6. I agree, quinoa in small quantities is unbelievably expensive. I should get some frozen salmon that way I can have it on hand whenever I feel like eating some. I also like to buy my favorite nuts in bulk: almonds, cashews, and pecans.
    Marnie @ SuperSmartMama recently posted..Eats for a Busy MomMy Profile

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  8. Well this post made me happy…not only cause the weather is finally nice in NJ, but you found some good finds at Costco. I love those blueberries and the quinoa. I’ll have to pick up some of that salmon next time I go. Lately I’ve been craving fish and eggs. Random…maybe the change in season?
    She Rocks Fitness recently posted..Simply 7 GIVEAWAY + WIAWMy Profile

  9. Thank you Laura! Just a suggestion for your future (amazing) posts about nutrition: that would be great to tag the nutritional info to the pictures.

    Can’t wait to go to Costco to get some Channa Masala and Seaweed crackers!

    Thanks again!

  10. I shop at Costco once a month to stock up on bulk items. I usually buy grains (quinoa and oats), cheerios, meat, pre-cooked nitrite-free sausage, cheese, Greek yogurt, coconut oil, chia seeds, flaxseed, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, salsa and feta cheese for simple meals to throw together.
    Melissa @ Deliciously FIT recently posted..30-Day Shape-Up For Summer Challenge!My Profile

  11. Thank you so much! I have 7 children and we visit Costco every other month…I will be adding a few things to the list! The veggie stock at Costco is so yummy, by the way….best veggie stock I’ve come across yet!
    Jolene recently posted..Good GriefMy Profile

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