What do you do to #optimizehealth?

How do you measure your health? Do you know your cholesterol, glucose or calcium levels?

I’m always curious about the actual numbers related to my health, especially as my family is not void of health issues.  I have grandparents who dealt with heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke, and blood clots.  I do my best to take care of myself, but didn’t know if I had any risk factors or nutrient deficiencies.

So when I was given the opportunity recently to have bloodwork done and a health consult through WellnessFX, I jumped on it!

The process was actually very simple and straight-forward.  I started by completing a health survey online including family history and basic personal information.

The next step was to set up a blood test at a local lab.  The website provides you with the local options, and makes it easy to set it up online.  Because it is a fasting test, I set mine up for first thing in the morning.  The closest one was less than two miles away, so I biked over and was in and out quickly.

After the blood work was tested, I received an email outlining all of my results, and was told to set up my consult.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the consult takes place over the phone- I don’t have time to run all around for doctor appointments.  I was able to chat with the doctor from home, and we reviewed the online results together.

I couldn’t have said what my cholesterol levels are, but was glad to see everything in the normal range.  Despite having a family history of heart disease, the doctor pointed out that I had no risk factors.  My results actually would have given me a (-)1 in terms of risk.  I was reminded how powerful changes in our diet and exercise can be.

My diet isn’t perfect…but I eat a mostly plant-based diets, and focus on getting quality fat everyday (avocado, nuts, coconut oil, etc).

The one area I am going to pay more attention to is calcium intake.  My levels were good, as was my Vitamin D level (thank you, Texas sun!) but since I’ve cut back on dairy, I know I need to be intentional about calcium, especially with osteoporosis in the family.

The blood test covered Cardiovascular health, Metabolic, Liver, Kidney, Electrolytes, Bone and Vitamins & Minerals.  Surprisingly enough, all of my results were in the green. That was a relief! I really didn’t know what to expect.

Besides diet, I know I have running to thank as well.  I found this article that links running to lower cholesterol, less fat, and higher HDL (good) cholesterol.

If you caught the Wellness FX twitter chat earlier this week, it was packed with helpful information. I found this fact fascinating:

It is encouraging to remember that it is never to late to make changes to our health, and it doesn’t take long to see results.  Small changes to diet and exercise can really add up!

I was really pleased with this whole experience, and would definitely recommend it to anyone curious about the numbers related to their health.  The entire process costs $199 and is currently only in select states, but is spreading.  You can find more information at Wellness FX.  FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own.

What test results would you be most curious about? What steps do you take to optimize your health?

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  1. Nice cholesterol levels!!! 68 for HDL is awesome! I think it’s so important for everyone to know their numbers. I also think diet and exercise are the way to achieve great numbers rather than taking meds. So many of my patients think that’s a better way than putting in the work and making a lifestyle change.
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Rise & Sweat Treadmill WorkoutMy Profile

  2. Your numbers look good. I don’t know what the normal ranges are, but the little green dots seem to be in the right place! I have been tested, but it was soooo long ago; it would be interesting to see the differences now, especially since I was only a casual runner before. Also, back then, I didn’t get much sleep at night. In order to keep myself healthy, I run and I try not to eat too many sugary or high fat things, and I TRY (!) to get a good night’s sleep (this one is probably the hardest).
    Travel Spot recently posted..Nike Women’s MarathonMy Profile

  3. how nice that you could do this! i love knowing this kind of stuff about myself. sadly, i’ve had enough trips to various doctors lately and pretty much know my numbers (they are good ;))

    just a question, you mentioned your diet isn’t perfect – i’m wondering what a perfect diet would look like. from your posts (esp WIAW and the recipes), i think you do a near-perfect job with nutrition for you and your family. i just wonder how much more you could tweak it to end up with a perfect diet (or is that something you wouldn’t want to do anyway?) hope that question made sense! i’m just curious b/c i think you do as perfect a job as one can re: nutrition.
    runner26 recently posted..Like Those Before HerMy Profile

    • Thanks, Angela- I do eat well most of the time. But there are those phases where I down a whole bag of chocolate chips in a week, or eat all of the bunny grahams I bought for L. 🙂 I am not worried about tweaking my diet anymore. It was good to see that what I’m doing is fine, and those treats now and then won’t hurt anything!
      Laura recently posted..What do you do to #optimizehealth?My Profile

  4. What a great service! And your levels are a true testament to what a healthy lifestyle does for a body–nice work! I was just talking with my hairstylist about how I need to get my thyroid checked (a symptom of low levels can be thinning hair!) and I’ve been wanting to get my cholesterol checked too.
    Candy @ Healthy In Candy Land recently posted..Apple Pie GranolaMy Profile

  5. Great numbers and thanks for sharing. I’m sure you motivated some people to go out and get their blood work, so important. I recently got my blood work done too, it was so relieving to see my numbers be in the normal healthy range. All the eating healthy and exercising pays off!

  6. That is great info to know. I have done something similar at my Naturopath. She checks everything and I live to know what I need to work on to keep my body in tip top health. It’s pretty spendy, but worth it!
    Hiker mom recently posted..Free Rant FridayMy Profile

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