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Ahhh, finally a Saturday with the hope of spring! It was gorgeous yesterday.  The neighborhood kids were all outside, and we got out our first family walk in months.  I think a few days of sun will get me through these last few weeks of winter.

Yesterday, I got up early to meet the Saturday running group at 7am.  I just missed them so I ended up running ten miles solo.  It worked out for the best, as I had to make two pit stops and could barely break the ten minute mile pace.  By the last few miles, I started feeling stronger and finished with a few miles at 9:15.

It was a little sad to realize that I am probably too slow now to run with them until post baby!  The Sunday running group is a slower crowd, so I guess I’ll be hanging out with them instead.

This week’s workouts:

Sunday: 7 mile run with the running group

Monday: 30 minute elliptical + Jess’s prenatal strength workout (this was a great workout!)

Tuesday: 6.2 treadmill run (with my 5k virtual race)

Wednesday: Another prenatal strength workout from Jess (am) plus a 30 minute walk (pm)

Thursday: 6 mile treadmill run (9:15 pace)

Friday: Off

Saturday: 10 mile run

Ten miles 20 weeks

At 20 weeks pregnant with L, I ran in a ten mile race so I was determined to hit double digits yesterday.  Everything felt good- my hips, knees, back…whatever might start acting up in a few more weeks is still happy for now.

I love reading all your meal plan ideas in the link up.  I wasn’t feeling meal planning this week, so I was going back through the many yummy recipe ideas and got stuck at Barr and Table.  I’m borrowing three of her yummy meal ideas this week!


Sunday: Leftover frittata and roast potatoes (we hosted another brunch yesterday- it’s the best timing for families with napping kiddos!)



Monday: Chipotle Mango BBQ Chicken Salad (this dish screams summer- we can pretend, right?)



Tuesday: Quinoa Minestrone




Wednesday:  Crispy Quinoa Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries


Thursday:  Leftovers


Friday: Spicy BBQ Chickpea Polenta Bowls



 Saturday: Out for something yummy… Vietnamese, maybe?

Do you run with a group? Does it work for runners of all paces?

Any summer or spring inspired recipes making their way into your house yet?

24 thoughts on “Weekly workouts and Menu Planning Link up

  1. Way to go on the double digits! I never made it past a few miles while pregnant and I stopped running quite early on. It just didn’t feel right to me. I’m kind of in a meal planning funk so thanks for linking to Half Baked Harvest. Everything looks really good!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..What’s for Dinner This Week?My Profile

  2. That Spicy BBQ Chickpea bowl looks so amazing. I may be adding that to my “to-make” list.

    Also, I’m so jealous of all of your outdoor time yesterday. 🙂 Although it’s been sunny in Buffalo, and the temps are definitely warmer, it’s still not quite warm enough for lots of outside time w/o being bundled up. Enjoy it!
    Jillian @ Baby Doodah! recently posted..Sunday Meal Plan Link Up – Week 6My Profile

  3. Your running is going amazing! So glad you feel well enough to keep your milage up. Spring recipes? hmmm, I am craving bread–this is the time of year we make Irish Soda Bread for St. Pat’s and Hot Cross Buns for Easter–I’ll have to look for some good gluten free recipes. Have a great week Laura!

  4. Great job on that 10 mile run!!!
    And, I think that I must be hungry because I want to make everything right now.

  5. Sorry to hear you missed your group on Saturday. I missed the start of a half marathon once, and had to run the first two miles of the course while they were dismantling all the barricades and other race “accoutrements”. Totally embarassing. Suffice it to say I did not PR that race. The weather was very springlike here in Denver too (it got up to 70F today!) but we’re going to get more snow on Tuesday, so I know winter is not over yet.
    Marnie @ SuperSmartMama recently posted..Weekend Recap and Meal Planning – March 9My Profile

  6. Those fritattas look terrific! My MRTT seems to be big enough to span a wide ranges of paces and distances, but one reason I took so long to try group running was worrying about pace.
    Coco recently posted..Ashes To Ashes, God To GodMy Profile

  7. Hi! Found you on bloglovin! I really enjoy reading your posts since we are both moms, runners, and healthy eaters =) Will stop by again for another link-up! Thanks!

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  9. Love running with my running club. I used to be a loner, and I still like running alone sometimes, but I have definitely learned the value of running with others. You’re doing great, and it’s good that you have the option of going with a different group on Sunday : )
    Michelle recently posted..Ocean’s Run Half – I’m BACK, Baby!My Profile

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