Week of workouts + Meal Planning

I’m back from Atlanta! It was a fantastic weekend of learning, running, nutrition, some of my favorite people and even board breaking (yes, again- I got to do this for the first time over the summer).

I feel incredibly lucky to get to work with these amazing ladies and came home refreshed and inspired.  I’m now in recovery mode (us introverts need a day to go inward before we resurface) and super happy to be home.

However, my now 3 year old decided turning 3 means no more napping, so my time suddenly feels much more limited, since she was my 3 hour napper! Eek! I’m trying to begin a quiet hour but she comes down about every 5 minutes with some sort of request.  I’m thankful we decided to start preschool this fall or I’d have zero time to get anything done!

So… the workouts and meal plan:



Monday : 45 pool run + at home Pilates

Tuesday: 9 mile trail run, easy pace

Wednesday: 40 minute pool run with intervals; 20 minute swim

Thursday: travel + 4 on the treadmill (ave 7:49)

Friday: off, with lots of walking

Saturday: 10 miles total, with a 5k in hilly, hot Atlanta – 21 something, but I managed to get first woman! It was pretty brutal conditions so I’ll take it.

Sunday: recovery 3-4 miles + kb squats, kb swings, TRX push ups and pull ups, core


My daughter was thumbing through the Runner’s World Meals on the Run Cookbook and earmarked several recipes that we’ll use this week:

Monday:  Hubs grilled Jerk Chicken, + eggplant, plantain and made rice and peas

Tuesday: Meals on the Run Shells with Bolognese sauce

Wednesday: Grilled salmon with Meals on the Run Protein Mashed Potatoes

Thursday: Leftovers or pool picnic

Friday:  travel to grandma’s

Saturday: grandma’s/ girls night out


Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Any tips for getting some quiet time during the nap strike? 


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9 thoughts on “Week of workouts + Meal Planning

  1. Congrats on getting first female in the race! Looks like a great week with a good mixture of everything. Im an introvert and being away with a group of people would definitely wear me out!

  2. Congrats on the great race!!
    Total introvert here 🙂 Sometimes even passing people in the morning is too much for me as i run lol

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