Week in Training and What’s Next

Reading back over my training log the last 8-12 weeks, there is a consistent theme of tired legs.  My easy runs got slower and slower, which is normal when in training, but it was rare that I felt good or had that ‘pop’ in my legs.

After falling apart in Richmond and on several training runs, I’m realizing that my body is asking for a little break! I felt this way during one other training cycle and wrote about identifying signs of over training.

It can be tricky, since some general fatigue is normal, but when I gave myself permission to say ‘season over’ rather than finding that follow up half marathon, I felt relief.  That is a sign that I need a break! Normally I have the motivation to race but it just isn’t there right now.

So what’s next? Rest!

Of course, that could change, but for the next week or two I’m going to run if and when I feel like it but keep it easy and take extra rest days.  I may still jump into a December race for fun, but no big goals.

This last week after Saturday’s half marathon (12 miles of it):

Monday: rest

Tuesday:  9 miles with 2 easy, 4 x 800, 2 miles at 6:45, 2 x 800

I would normally rest after a half for a week, but since I didn’t actually “race” it, my legs were ready for a little workout.

Wednesday:  8 easy miles (8:55 ave)

Thursday:  6 easy miles (9:05 ave)

Friday:  short spin/strength

Saturday: 9 miles easy + Girls on the Run 5k with L!

Sunday: 5 easy with the MRTT crew

The highlight, by far, was running L’s first ever 5k with her! She had a great experience with the Girls on the Run program this fall, and despite it feeling pretty long in that last mile, she already said she wants to do it again.

I loved watching how proud she was of herself! And I’ve never run a race with so many girls- over 400 little girls running together with spectators and fans cheering them on was pretty special!

Have you ever felt over trained or in need of a running break?

Tell me about a time you saw your kid really proud of him/herself.

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8 thoughts on “Week in Training and What’s Next

  1. We are living parallel lives! My coach has ordered me (in the nicest possible way) to take a week off. Like completely off. Well, I lasted three days and then had to go for a run and during the run I realized my legs still needed more rest 🙂 It’s so funny that we can be so “tuned into” our bodies yet not know what we need at all. I guess it’s what also helps us run 26.2 miles over and over…
    LOVED the pictures of you running with your daughter!!! SO SO great!!! Have a great Thanksgiving and rest well my friend 🙂
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  2. RIght with you, my friend! I had a tough run on Saturday and I paid for it dearly. I’m going to shake out the legs this morning, do more yoga and that’s it for running this week until my race. I do have a bootcamp on Thursday. It’s funny how we can go and go and then our bodies just tell us ENOUGH!

  3. I have certainly found myself in over training situations over the years. It just kind of sneaks up on you. Sounds smart to take some rest. Happy Thanksgiving

  4. I had the same struggle and needed to end my season before my big goal race. The mental balance can sometimes be just as hard as the workouts. The sense of relief was a good indication you made the right choice and I think your spring goals will be better for it. Happy running

  5. That’s so great about your daughter’s first 5K! My youngest (just turned 19 LOL) ran a 20K with me last summer…it was her first-ever race, and I could not have been more proud of her for taking on that challenge. And I’m feeling like I need a brief break from running, too. I”m not really feeling burnt-out, but definitely tired.

  6. Don’t feel bad about the DNF. I think we all get over trained from time to time I usually don’t realize it until it’s too late. When I ran RnR Chicago this summer, I knew I was due for a break. I was miserable during that race. Running with your daughter and 400 other girls sounds like a wonderful memory. I know she has a great running role model. Thanks for linking!

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