Week in review + Meal Plan

Umm… how is Christmas two weeks away?!

I have all the girl’s gifts done but need to get my act together for the rest of my list.  At least the snow is making it feel like December this year.

I am still in lazy mode… it’s hard to get out of bed on these cold, dark mornings but when I get out there, the running is starting to feel really good again.  I think I am ready to kick things up a notch and added my first speed workout on Sunday!

Monday : 6 mile progression run (8:48, 8:24, 7:55, 7:49, 7:39, 7:30)

Tuesday: upper body ST + 15 minute easy spin

Wednesday: 5 miles at 8:01 ave with 5 x 1 minute strides + 40 minute pool run

Thursday: 35 minute elliptical with 7 x 1 minute “sprints” + upper body ST

Friday: 6 miles easy run

Saturday: rest

Sunday:  7.5 run with intervals

(2 mile warm up, 400m x 5 at 6:00 pace, 500m x 2 @ 6:08, 600m @ 6:13, 800m @ 6:27, 1.5 cool down)

I kept recoveries short (60-90 seconds) so by the final 800m rep I was feeling it, but it was so fun to push the pace again! It’s been months since I did a VO2 max workout.

I’m considering the same January 1 5k I did last year… we’ll see!

There is also a new trail run in January where you see how many laps (about a 5k) you can do in 3 or 6 hours! I’m considering the 3 hour challenge but wondering if I’ll be up for it by then… 8 miles feels like a long run right now, ha! It’s funny how it’s all relative.

What I’m making this week…

I had my first flop in awhile yesterday… I made our usual favorite crock pot jambalaya but made the mistake of adding the rice in the middle instead of at the end.  I had no idea rice could fall apart and crumble so much! It still tasted okay, but the texture was so weird.

Other ideas for this week:

  • meatloaf (my husband has the best recipe! hoping he can make it) + roasted potatoes
  • spaghetti squash + rotisserie chicken (let’s see how many meals I can NOT cook this week!)
  • egg burritos
  • go out?

There is so much to do this time of year, my time to plan meals and prep food and cook is not a priority although it should be.  We’ll see how this week goes!


Have you ever done a race where you see how many laps you can do in a set time?

Do you maintain your usual food prep and cooking during the busy holiday season?

I’m linking up with Tricia and HoHo from The Weekly Wrap, with Jess Runs ATL and The Right Fits.

18 thoughts on “Week in review + Meal Plan

    • I don’t think it would have appealed to me in the past… I sense a shift in the way I approach running these days. For the better, I think!

  1. I have never done a time race challenge like that but it seems like it would be fun! Love the fast workout on the track – you’re going to PR that 5K mama!! And no, I barely cook during non-holiday season so it’s almost completely gone this time of year!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Happy PillsMy Profile

  2. Oh yeah that’s a great feeling to bust it out fast on the track! I’ve heard of those times races but so far I’m really into finish lines so I don’t know if I’d be up for it. Maybe you should do it and convince us 🙂

  3. YouYour lazy is my full on race training! LOL! I don’t think I could do that 5k loop challenge. After one loop, I’d be done…

    And yes, I do still meal plan during the holidays. It’s more important to me to stay on track when everything else feels so overwhelming!
    Wendy recently posted..A Runner in Real Life: Jury DutyMy Profile

  4. I have never done a race to see how many laps I could do. I think that would make the race very boring seeing the same thing around and around. I have nothing planned for January yet, which is perfectly fine with me because it is usually so cold here and all my runs usually take place on the Treadmill by then. I am a wimp in cold weather running.
    Lacey@fairytalesandfitness recently posted..Weekly Wrap…Dec 10My Profile

  5. I think the 5K loop race sounds fun! I have done two similar events …one was a 6-hour ultra challenge and the other was a 12-hour ultra challenge. We had a 1-mile loop for both of them (same event, just different “races” in different years). Oh, and both of these started at midnight LOL I thought they were fun because they were so different from what I know to be “racing.” They were more about endurance (with a little bit of racing involved).
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted..Baby it’s Cold OutsideMy Profile

  6. You’re so speedy! I enjoy reading about your workouts 🙂 Thanks for linking up with Jess and me!

    I feel like there were a lot of those “timed/how far can you go races” for awhile around here, but I have never done one…maybe some day!

    It’s SO funny how distance is all relative…my long run this past weekend was “just 10” but I know in a few weeks when I’m taking it easy post Arkansas, 10 will be a lot!
    Jessie recently posted..Holiday Celebrations & 1 Week Until the 3 Bridges MarathonMy Profile

  7. I really don’t like looped races — I get bored! My trail half was 3 loops and that was one loop too many. 🙂

    Seriously, trail races need to be on longer courses!

    Good luck if you decide to do it.

  8. I haven’t participated in a How Many Laps Can You Do type of event. It sounds interesting. Shamefully, I haven’t been cooking much. I find it hard when the kids aren’t home. Tonight I picked up salads. Maybe I’ll get inspired when everyone is home for Christmas. Thanks for linking!

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