Veggies for kids WIAW

Happy Wednesday! It’s the last Wednesday in March, which means the last WIAW goes green and the last week of the Vegan Challenge.

The Vegan challenge wasn’t too bad, but the end came at the perfect time, as we will be hosting family over the next week.  We’re planning to cook foods that we know they like… my grocery cart yesterday was full of meat and cheese! I still plan to cook with lots of veggies, but they probably won’t take center stage the way the usually do.

Thanks to Jen, for hosting this link up! You can check out other What I ate Wednesday posts at Peas and Crayons.

What I ate Wednesday is almost always my eats, but I thought I’d use the last week of WIAW goes green to share some of my favorite ways to get greens into L’s belly.

She was lovin’ this fruit popsicle at her friend’s house yesterday (not green)!

Broccoli or Kale Frittata… (recipe for mini Spinach Frittatas here)

Smoothies with kale, spinach or lettuce

Tortilla hummus roll ups with shredded cucumber, carrots and zucchini

Zucchini Banana muffins (whole grain-vegan recipe)

Tomato sauce with shredded veggies (carrots, celery, zucchini and peppers)

I don’t usually follow a recipe for tomato sauce, I just throw everything in and hope for the best.  But here’s a veggie-packed pasta sauce that I’d like to try that also throws in butternut squash!

What are some other ways you get extra veggies into your little ones, or into yourself?

Do you change the way you cook when hosting family or friends with different preferences?


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    • Yes, we love frittatas… we just throw in whatever veggies we have, then add eggs and cheese and cook it on the stove a few minutes, then transfer to broil for the final 2-3 minutes (cast iron pan is great for this!) Sounds like you do pretty well with veggies!

    • Now that we live across the country, our family visits aren’t quite as frequent, but they tend to be longer (which is fun). I try to incorporate some of our normal cooking too, but it’s tricky to find the right balance!

    • Thanks, Carrie! Yes- those smoothies are perfect, the fruit is sweet enough to cover a number of vegetables. And L thinks it’s a treat!

    • Yes, they’re great for toddlers… L loves hummus, so the wraps are always a big hit, but it’s also our go-to dip for mushrooms, peppers, etc.

  1. That all looks so good! I kind of do the same thing you do, throw veggies into a frittata, or into quinoa for a quinoa salad, or into a smoothie. I also eat a salad each day, or something salad-like (burrito, maybe). I also stick veggies in where they are not wanted, like in a meat lasagne, or chili. And I make a ton of soups, mostly vegetarian with beans and, you guessed it, veggies!
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    • Yes, we do cook very similarly! I love that you said you put veggies where they are not wanted… 🙂 Those lasagna/chili dishes are what we’ll be making this weekend, and I will definitely be adding extra veggies in!

    • Hi Meagan- so glad to connect with you! Yes- smoothies are the way to go with a veggie hater. 🙂 Have you tried some without telling him there are veggies in it?! Maybe extra blueberries so it looks purple instead of green?

    • Hey Lisa! I’ve actually felt great– probably because I’m fueled with so many carbs!! I really feel like I’m missing out on some protein (especially craving yogurt and eggs) and I’m not a big fan of the soy yogurts I’ve tried. So I’m eating way more carbs than usual instead… but yes, feeling strong on my runs!

  2. I like how you also “openIy” serve your daughter vegetables. I just serve my 3 year old daughter veggies as I do myself. I don’t try and “sneak” them in because I think that makes it seem like are gross or something. And I don’t make a bigger deal about her “eating her veggies” more than any other food group. If I do that, she wants to rebel and not eat them. I’ve always had this attitude and she’s always loved veggies and been a great eater. I asked her what she wanted for dessert last night and she said “some veggies”. She picked raw broccoli! Not to say she doesnt ask for chocolate most of the time but hey, she’s 3!
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    • That’s awesome, Lindsey! Yes- we eat lots of veggies raw, or in soups, etc and usually she’ll ask for tomatoes and avocado for lunch. I agree– it’s important to serve them as they are (and model eating them). I also take her along to the market and to pick up our veggie share from the coop, so she loves helping to pick out and bag the produce, which I think also helps. She’s not picky either…except lately with green leafy things, so those are the things I tend to “hide” right now.

  3. My kids love smoothies too!! They ask for “lettuce” in them but they mean spinach. My kids are also big salad eaters – last week both girls had ginormous salads for dinner twice, at their request. I love that they are making healthy choices all on their own.
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    • That’s so great! Lettuce or spinach is the only veggie right now that L is not too interested in, but I hope she gets to the point where she enjoys salads. She sees us eat them a lot, so at least she’s aware that it’s something we enjoy!

  4. You have done a great job! Those tortilla roll ups look awesome. I am pretty fortunate that my kids like a good amount of veggies and fruit. They eat them at nearly every meal, and if I feel like they haven’t had the best eating day I often make them a smoothie filled with as many as possible. I’m pretty sure they have no idea that smoothies come in colors other than green! Love that photo of the kiddos and their popsicles!
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    • I love that your kids think all smoothies are green! 🙂 Yes- thankfully L isn’t picky either, she LOVES to eat, and has been happy with the options at our house, except lately she decided she doesn’t eat green leafy things, so I’m sneaking those in. It’s getting trickier now that she’s getting exposed to so many other kids’ foods (goldfish! cookies! popsicles!) but she knows what we have at home and will happily eat it.

  5. I’m the queen of sneaking spinach and kale into everything for my kids. I’ve done PB or Almond Butter and spinach sandwiches, Spinach Muffins, Kale and Hummus roll ups, Black Bean, Kale and Sweet Potato quesadilla. It’s endless. The best part is that they love ’em!
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    • I knew you would have some great ideas! L’s never been picky, but recently decided she doesn’t like green leafy things, cooked or raw (texture, maybe?) So you shred it up somehow? We do sw pot-black bean quesadillas, too! Great idea to add kale!

    • That’s great– I love the things that work so they can see that they are eating and enjoying veggies! L loves veggies in soup–carrots, celery, squash, tomatoes, whatever… it works in minestrone or other curries. Thankfully, she really isn’t too picky… except with leafy greens!

    • Mmm, sweet potato pancakes… is that one of the pancake recipes you posted when awhile ago? I don’t think I ever got around to trying it, but I need to!

  6. I try to cook healthy dinners when we have company staying with us, but I’m quite guilty of making baked goods (not so healthy) and desserts to serve company. I rarely get to make things like coffee cake when it’s just the husband and me – or we’d eat the entire thing and be the size of two houses.

    And I do the exact same thing when it comes to tomato sauce: a little of this and a little of that and let’s see how it tastes! 🙂
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    • Yes, the baked goods! I feel like I have to have lots of dessert options, so I started stashing some things in the freezer in preparation. But my husband was reminding me that they really won’t care if our house isn’t overflowing with baked goods, which is probably true. I just feel like it’s part of my hosting job!

    • That’s a great summer running treat! I’ve seen some fun and creative popsicle ideas I want to try, but our mold broke last year when it fell out of the freezer. I need a new one soon, it’s already in the 80’s here!

    • Yes, it’s tricky. I still plan to eat vegetarian, but feel like I need to have meals that have a bit of both available. I always want them to try some tasty vegetarian dishes and not think it has to be boring and bland, but nearly a week is a long time to ask my parents (dad in particular!) to skip meat. 🙂

  7. what awesome ideas! love the frittata, I might have to try it, since I’ve never made one before…

    i love making homemade sauces and adding pureed veggies to them. Like I have a somewhat-sloppy joe recipe using tomato sauce and paste, and i usually add sweet potato puree to add sweetness and it’s SO yummy! the boys love it!

    • Mmm, that sounds so good. I haven’t tried it tomato based sauces with sweet potato puree, genius! I don’t have a full frittata recipe on here, but we do a really simple version– saute whatever greens we have, add 6 scrambled eggs and a splash of milk and some cheese, let it start to set on the stove-top, than transfer to the oven and broil 2-3 minutes.(We use a cast iron pan) So fast, easy and good!
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