20 minute Vacation Resistance Band Workout

When we got away for our babymoon, I knew it would be easy to get out for walks and runs but also threw my resistance band in our bag in case I’d have time for a short strength workout.

I often forget about my resistance band at home, but it makes a great workout! And it’s one of the easiest pieces of equipment to travel with- smaller, lighter and much more compact than my sneakers.

Here’s the workout I came up with, focused mostly on upper body with some legs and higher intensity cardio thrown in:

Vacation Resistance Band Workout

If you’re unfamiliar with any of these moves, check out the video tutorial links:


Upright Rows

Overhead Shoulder Press

Bicep Concentration Curl

Rear Delt Fly (I stand in chair pose)

Lawn Mower Pull

Overhead Tricep Extension

Ideally, you want to use a high quality resistance band with rubber or padded handles for comfort, something like this, which you should be able to find for $12-$20:

Do you incorporate resistance bands into your strength routine?

How do you stay active on vacation?


36 thoughts on “20 minute Vacation Resistance Band Workout

  1. Nice job.

    With vacations I often find just running in the early am is good for me. I run before people wake up and then I’m done by 8 when most people are starting their day.
    Hollie recently posted..Mental RutsMy Profile

  2. Great workout! Right now I’m using a resistance band exclusively and it’s quite the workout. I’m seeing a difference in my arms that I didn’t think I would. I love the Lawn Mower move. It’s great for the core as well.
    Carla recently posted..Don’t Pour Some Sugar On MeMy Profile

  3. I have a figure 8 resistance band right now and have no clue what to do with it. I am not a fan in general cause I never know hwo to hold them for the correct resistance. I would LIKE to though!

  4. Great workout for a vacation! I just got back from vacation and last minute had to come up with strength stuff I could do without a gym or anything. I always forget that resistance bands provide such a good workout too. It’s one of those forgotten pieces of equiptment!
    Melissa recently posted..Back from Paradise!My Profile

  5. I really need to get a resistance band. I’m going away for three weeks in 2 weeks and I really want to stay active while I’m on vacation. I’m thinking I should get a resistance band and a jump rope. Not sure if I will be able to run yet (safety reasons). Thanks for sharing!
    Patty @ Reach Your Peak recently posted..Daily Social Media ChecklistMy Profile

  6. Being a runner resistance workouts are really important to build strength and stamina. Using resistance bands is a great way to accomplish my workouts. Also on vacation it’s easy to forget to run each morning because after all, you’re on vacation (LOL) but I really push myself to workout early in the morning that way it’s done before anyone else wakes up. Great post, thanks a lot!
    Dana recently posted..RUSHFIT Work Out!My Profile

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