Use Positive Language to Motivate Change

You know what one of the biggest challenges of health coaching is?

Trying to determine what motivates someone to make a change.

I can teach all the health and nutrition info, I can list fat-burning strategies, I can provide endless recipes, and we can even set up a plan for the week.  But I cannot make anyone make a change.

Many times we don’t necessarily know what motivates us either! Sometimes it just clicks and we’re ready to try something new.  Sometimes a little accountability with a health coach is the final push to go for it.  Sometimes having a plan to follow makes it clear and doable.

A positive mantra, vision board or quote can be very powerful.  However, many “motivational” quotes have a negative tone and can actually discourage you from taking action.

a year from now

A health coach client and I were discussing this quote this week… “A year from now you’ll wish you had started today.”

Although it sounds good, it’s really another one of those negative thoughts that is telling you you’re not where you want to be and not doing what you wish you wee doing … again.

But a simple word switch can turn it around.  Instead, saying “A year from now you’ll BE GLAD you started today” sets you up for success!

A year from now you will be glad you started today

It tells you that you are making changes, beginning today and that you can continue to have a fresh start with each day.  It’s positive- sparking action, building momentum, and boosting your confidence that you can do this and you ARE doing this.

What every your goals, let’s do this.  It’s a new day, and a year from now you’ll be glad you started today!

What motivates you?

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra?

24 thoughts on “Use Positive Language to Motivate Change

  1. SO TRUE.
    when I was a coach Id spend one full session framing my client’s Language of Encouragement so Id nail it and not “cheer” them on in the entirely wrong manner.
    which I did
    a lot
    until I realized.
    Carla recently posted..Losing weight is simple.My Profile

  2. While I’m not a health coach, I think this is an extremely relatable post. People want to change when they do if that makes sense. You can give someone all the tools to change but if they don’t physically and mentally want to change it doesn’t matter.
    Hollie recently posted..The Racing Flat.My Profile

  3. So true! I was in the midst of a steamy fitmob workout and considered quitting. the trainer told us to push, but what really kept me going was when he complimented my form — “that’s a good looking push up!” Made all the difference!

  4. Ugh, I was just having this discussion about changing in order to change with a client. I have been really frustrated, feeling like I’m failing somehow. But I cannot make her change and am trying now to figure out what will motivated that change, that desire to change from within.

  5. I respond so much better to positive inspiration! I was never the athlete growing up that could have the coach stereotypically yelling in my face to pump me up. I would have cried. 🙂

  6. Motivation is a very deep challenge, and I agree it does have to come from within. Coaches, trainers, mantras, and other things in the environment can be just the ticket though, for someone who is on the edge of reconciling her (ahem, I mean “my”) internal motivation with the external one. Addiction is a slightly different matter, where the biological need and the emotional want also need to be aligned.

  7. That’s so so true Laura! I love your perspective on this. It’s amazing what changing one word can do. I’m working on trying to find my motivation lately – it seems to have disappeared lol.

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