Under Armour Hoodie Review and Giveaway

If you follow my facebook page, you may have noticed the string of giveaways this week that I’ve been sharing.  My friend Amanda suggested linking up our giveaways this week, and there are ten of us sharing goodies this week.  You can see the complete list of giveaways in her post.

Today is my turn! I was contacted by Under Armour recently, and asked to review a hoodie and share one with you as well.  I fell in love with Under Armour tights when living in upstate NY, and didn’t realize they offer so many other products, including running shoes!

This fleece divide hoodie arrived on the chilliest day Houston has seen so far, and I put it on immediately.  It’s extremely soft and comfortable.  And I love that it is more fitted than the average sweatshirt.

It’s also much thinner than it looks, yet kept me toasty and warm.

Here’s a little more about the hoodie:

  • Lightweight and stretchy material for full range of motion
  • Wicking ability to dry quickly
  • Inner layer traps heat for warmth and comfort
  • Side hand pockets

I haven’t needed it for a run yet down here, but it is designed for winter physical activity.  However, it also makes a comfy, cozy layer for hanging around the house.  With the holidays coming, it could also make a great gift for someone on your list!

You can find all of Under Armour’s sweatshirts and hoodies here.

The Fleece Divide Hoodie sells for $49.99 on the UA website, and they would love to send a hoodie to one of you!

To Enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me how you layer for cold runs

Optional Entry:

  • Tweet and leave a comment telling me you did, you could use something like this:  Stay warm! Enter to win an Under Armour Fleece Hoodie from @mommyrunfaster http://wp.me/p2fC61-16D #giveaway #holidays

This giveaway will close Tuesday, December 11, 2012.  Winners will be announced Wednesday, December 13, 2012.  I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.


300 thoughts on “Under Armour Hoodie Review and Giveaway

  1. In Ohio we have some colds temps. I lay by base layer with long sleeve shirt then jacket or sweatshirt. Definately gloves and hat…also a gaiter for face coverage.

  2. Very cute hoodie! I layer usually with a long sleeve tech shirt and light zip up jacket that I can get rid of once I warm up.

  3. Layers, layers…I am usually best with an inside layer that is wicking. I’m in Western NY, so when it’s very cold (mid 20’s or lower) I have to do tights underneath leggings, two layers of shirts, and a windbreaker. I learned early on that the most important ingredient is a hat and gloves! 🙂

  4. I do a wicking tee or tank and then a heavy fleece, which isn’t a great option because it starts out not warm enough and ends up too warm, but I don’t want to run in just a tee… so I run with it unzipped. This would be awesome

  5. Haven’t done much cold weather running, but the few I have done I’ve worn a camisole, then a long-sleeve top and then a jacket, and will wear an earwarmer too on cold days. Yay for Healthy Christmas Giveaways! 🙂
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  6. I usually don’y have to layer much up here in Northern California, but I use a pair of sleeves when it gets below 48 degrees (random temp chosen by me). I may be moving back to the Northeast though, where a hoodie would be used much more frequently!

  7. I’m a cold wuss, so I wear knee-high wool socks under my running tights, three layers on top, plus hat and gloves.

  8. Living in Wisconsin layering is a must if I want to get outside in the winter. I usually start with running tights with wind pants over them. on top i do a long sleeve tech t with a long sleeve t-shirt and either a sweatshirt or running jacket in top. if it is really cold I will do wool socks. I also add a stocking hat and gloves. I have a face mask too if needed for winter races.

  9. I live in central Texas so laying usually isn’t necessary, but when I do it’s just a light jacket (usually the Champion from Target with thumb holes) and some long tights.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m enjoying finding new blogs just from giveaways I’ve seen on Twitter this week!

  10. Looks cute on you!! Love those colors.
    FOr winter running I wear fleece lined tights(for colder temps) and a short sleeve tee with some kind of half zip or long sleeve over it. If it’s really really cold I will bundle up a bit more with gloves, headband, etc.
    Kimert recently posted..Autumnfest 8k – race recapMy Profile

  11. Love the hoodie! I’ve been wearing 4 layers lately – one tshirt, one light longsleeve shirt, one sweatshirt, and a windbreaker. The nice thing with layers is that if you’re too hot, you can always take one off
    Ali recently posted..December GoalsMy Profile

  12. I tend to sweat pretty heavy and get hot easily, so I wear a thin long sleeve in any weather under 40 degrees, and then add a top layer to that in anything under 30 degrees. I love under armour gear – I have about 5 pairs of their long legging pants.
    Sarah @ Blonde Bostonian recently posted..10 Running TidbitsMy Profile

  13. it never gets so cold in richmond that you need lots of layers. the most i wear on the coldest day is a tank top under a long-sleeve shirt with some sort of neck protection. SOMETIMES i’ll add a long sleeve shirt to the mix. the key here is keeping your ears and hands warm.
    i grew up just 3 hours away in the mountains and it was much colder — on the coldest days i’d start out with a fleece vest and always leave it somewhere once i warmed up.
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  14. Lightweight wicking shirt to start (preferably a mock turtleneck to keep my neck warmer), long tights, and a fleece. Depending on the temp, it’s a fleece vest or a full fleece jacket. Gloves for anything 45 or below, and earwarmers for 40ish and lower. My biggest trick, though: plastic-post earrings. I never remember to take earrings out, and the metal ones will get colder faster and make my ears so cold they hurt. Plastic posts = problem solved!

  15. UA ColdGear was the brand of my very first running tights and turtle neck base layer. I’ve had them 6 years now and they’re still my go to! I run outside down to zero degrees (not counting wind chill). I go with the UA base, fleece pants and a half zip, then a wind proof jacket. Hat AND headband’ balaclava and gloves, finished off with trail shoes because they are more wind resisitant.
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  16. I’m just starting my cold weather outdoor running (1st WINTER 5K in MI Jan 26th) All these comments will help me build a nice layering system. Thank you for this giveaway & all the tips Laura!
    I tweeted from @StaciBerenyi. Thanks again for helping this runner wanna be get started with some gear help!

  17. For cold weather runs below 30 I’ll do a fleeced lined long sleeve base shirt, long sleeve tech shirt, vest and then Skirt Sports Ice Princess Jacket with hat, gloves and gator. For my legs I wear fleece lined running tights and/or Athleta running pants, two pairs socks, running shoes and Yax Trax if it’s icie.

  18. I layer with a long sleeve tech shirt and a lightweight tech jacket (cheapie from Burlington Coat Factory). On super cold days, I throw a cheap Old Navy fleece over that. I NEED this UA hoodie!!!!!!!! Love the colors too!
    I tweeted also (Sami91680)

  19. I layer with a tank. I must start with a tank. Then a wicking long sleeve from a recent 5K then either a sports jacket (OldNavy) or a fleece. I hate to run with a hat, but I think it’s time for a new headband.
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  20. Love this hoodie!

    I layer. I usually wear capris or tights and on top I always start with a Handful bra or a tank with a built in bra, and then a long sleeved tee and a light jacket. I wear an ear band and gloves too, that can be removed if I get warm.
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  21. I usually just throw on one of my husbands big sweatshirts over my regular workout gear for cold runs. It would be nice to have a hoodie that actually fits me!

  22. Long sleeve tech tee under a hoodie with leggings under running pants, along with gloves and ear warmers and compression socks. I hate to be cold! And I live in Michigan, so…
    Lori recently posted..BusMy Profile

  23. I went for a 6 mile run this morning and the thermometer read 28.9 degrees when I left! I find that layering is key to having a successful run in these temperatures. Here’s what I do:

    I wear a headband on my head. I found that hats get soaked with sweat and don’t let off enough heat once I start to warm up.

    I wear a wicking shirt under a warm fleece (like the one you’re giving away!). None of my fleeces are wicking, though, that would be great. I wear thin gloves on my hands.

    I wear warm running tights, and if it’s really cold (like it was today) I will put a pair of yoga pants over those tights.

    This was a perfect set up for my cold run today. As I got warmer I unzipped my fleece and put the headband and gloves in my pocket. I was shocked to see that it was only 30 when I returned home; I was sweaty and toasty warm.
    Amy recently posted..Wednesday Weigh In Frustration EditionMy Profile

  24. This is my first winter running season and thankfully it hasn’t dropped below about 35… Yet. When it does get chilly, I wear my thermal running tights, a wicking tank/sports bra and a lightweight wicking long sleeve shirt. As it gets colder ill switch the top layer out for a fleece brushed thermal hoodie an may have to suffer through wearing gloves & ear warmers- I don’t like having those parts covered 🙂 the UA sweatshirt would be great to keep me nice and toasty!

  25. It depends on how cold it is. I’ll go with a wicking tee or tank and a thicker long sleeve for mild weather. wicking tank, long sleeve, and light jack or pull over for a little colder. Colder than that I opt for wicking tee, thicker long sleeve, and a heavier hoodie or jacket. Gloves and a hat or ear band always accompany me on cold runs, sometimes I end up shedding them sometimes I don’t.

  26. I am a huge wimp when it comes to cold. I wear ear warmers, gloves, long running tights and a long sleeve shirt when it is in the 40’s. I just run on the treadmill when it dips below the 30’s:)
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  27. I don’t wear too many layers when I run. When it’s cold out, I will wear a short sleeve dry fit shirt and then a pullover long sleeve light weight item also dry fit; gloves and a hat that covers my ears. We’ve only had a few cold days, so I haven’t’ had to test myself too much, when it gets colder i may have to put on more layers.

  28. I wear lots of light layers. I’m always cold walking out the door and right when I come home, but warm up quickly! And there’s nothing I hate more than being hot when I’m running. So lots of layers it is.

  29. Sadly, I live in sunny California, so I hardly have to layer, but when I do, it is a tank, long sleeve and maybe a running jacket. Gloves every once in a while. I know, spoiled.

  30. I wear a tank top and a pull over hoodie that has either thumb holes or hand garages. I also wear a head band to cover my ears. I find if my hands and ears are warm the rest will follow. I love the UA hoodies for running.

  31. I layer when I run in cold weather, long sleeved cold weather UA shirt, long sleeved shirt over that, warm weather pants, and a UA pink skull cap to keep my head warm. I gotta get gloves tho, I have been using $3 throwaways, and they aren’t the best, lol

  32. What a great looking hoodie! For cold runs, it all depends on HOW cold. Today it was 25, feels like 20*F. I wore a Nike Hyperwarm mock turtleneck, neck wind/cold running tights and a short sleeve race shirt. I also wore some running gloves and a running jacket.
    Mandy recently posted..Three Things ThursdayMy Profile

  33. I layer by keeping my ears warm first then my head and hands and I have a wicking shirt under a long sleeve with thumb holes!
    Carie Vercelli

  34. I live in Northern CA so it doesn’t get THAT cold here. I usually just wear capris, a short sleeved shirt and arm warmers, that way I can pull the arm warmers down when I get hot (which typically happens in about 5 minutes).

  35. I usually wear running leggings and a short-sleeved tee with a light jacket. I live in Southern Cali, so even the early mornings aren’t that cold. But a jacket make it easier to get out of bed!
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  36. In Kansas we have to prepare for sudden temperature changes either direction. We usually start with a moisture wicking base layer and add a light weight jacket on top. Sometimes arm warming sleeves are nice because they can be pulled off when your body temp rises.

  37. I layer with a long sleeve tech shirt, then tech t-shirt, -OR- i wear a tech t-shirt with arm sleeves, depending on how cold it is out. And a bondi band!! can’t forget to cover the ears.

  38. I always overdress… but I am getting better. I wear two long sleeve layers and an outer jacket typically when its very cold. Hat and gloves are a must!

  39. I am not in an area where it gets horribly cold, so I will just want a compression top under my normal running shirts and within a short period of time, I am nice and warm anyways!

  40. I love this hoodie! I am also from Houston, and I am a huge baby when it comes to the cold. Anything under 60 degrees and I have at least two layers on. I normally start out with a short sleeve shirt under an UA half zip pull over. I would love to win this hoodie as well!

  41. I layer lightly for cold weather runs. If I start off too warm, then I’ll be on fire by the end of my long run! Capris or running tights, long-sleeve top (with thumb holes), and a t-shirt over top. Ear warmers or a Bondi Band to cover my ears usually keeps me warm enough on top! Although, Being stationed in Southern Alabama, it’s been pretty warm!

  42. I would love the hoodie, I usually wear layers….it’s cold in Ohio. I have various Under Armour running gear, but not a hoodie!

  43. I love UA and actually use it to layer for colder runs. I’ve got a cold 2.0 shirt that goes under a tech shirt or sweatshirt. Would love a UA hoodie!

  44. I live in Florida, so don’t really have to layer most of the year. And I don’t really run when it’s cold, but I cycle. For cycling, I wear a thermal long sleeve shirt, long fingered cycling gloves, long cycling pants, and a jacket. As I warm up, I get HOT with my jacket. This sweatshirt looks perfect for Florida winter cycling!!

    I tweated, too :P)
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  45. I live in Cleveland – so layering in winter is KEY! I usually layer a tank, long sleeve, and a vest or fleece. Would love a hoodie like this to keep warm this winter!
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  46. Would love this sweatshirt! Right now for my runs I wear a pair of leggings, two pairs of long warm songs, a pair of fleece sweatpants, my sports bra, a tank top, a tshirt, a long sleeved shirt, a sweatshirt, and a hat and mittens! I love in upstate ny and it gets SO cold here!

  47. Coldgear by Underarmour w thermal tights. Hat and gloves of course. The brighter the colors the better. Most of runs done in am,early! Hubs starts at 6am.
    Headlamp and blinkies are a must.

  48. Texas winters are up and down crazy, usually if it’s cold I start with a long sleeve shirt or short sleeve with my arm sleeves. I can push those down when I warm up. Pants or Capris with knee socks or compression sleeves.

    I also tweeted about the giveaway @howmyworldruns
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  49. Living in North Dakota, layers are essential! My base layer is winter weight leggings and long-sleeved, high-neck shirt with dry wicking. Depending on temps, a t-shirt, long-sleeved t, or a turtle neck and then a jacket with thumb holes, and heavier tech pants with some wind resistance to them. Double socks, gloves, and beanie.

  50. Love the layers. It doesn’t get uber cold in SoCal, so I’m usually good with sleeves, a tank, and a long sleeve layer I can strip off when it warms up. In this last year and a half since I started running, I did spend most of the cold months sick, so I’m hoping to have some chilly fun this year! 🙂
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  51. tech tee, long sleeve tech top, jacket (wind resistant). tights on the bottom – and sometimes compression socks over them. gloves and headband if necessary.
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  52. Tweeted about giveaway @lovemyboys24: Stay warm! Enter to win an Under Armour Fleece Hoodie from @mommyrunfaster http://t.co/Larmim6w #giveaway #holidays
    I bundle up with long warm climate leggings. Normally a running long sleeve shirt and jacket. With my bondi band to cover my ears!!

  53. When it’s 20-30 degrees, I layer with two long sleeve shirts and a hat – all wicking. When it’s below 20 I often throw on tights under my pants and a jacket or fleece on top. I hardly ever wear gloves because my hands warm up quickly, I just tuck my hands in my sleeves and love shirts with thumbholes!
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  54. I wear running tights and shorts on top of that. If it is really cold I will wear a thin pair of tights underneath or compression socks. Then a running shirt and jacket. Gloves, running beanie, wool socks and a often a bandanna over my face.
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  55. I always make sure to have something tight/close to my body during for my winter runs! I prefer to use something that will wicker the sweat away from my body, which is then caught by something that has cotton in it. The wind or lack of wind determines my outermost layer though. Wind breakers make a huge difference even if they are thin!

  56. I layer starting with a bra top built in, a long sleeve thermal wicking shirt and some sort of hoodie or sweatshirt! Always need running rights and wool socks and my running beanie as well!

  57. Laura, in all my years of living in TX I have had to layer about 5 times. Basically a long-sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt will do it! But I’d love this underarmour sweatshirt! I have some running tights by them and the few times the weather has called for running tights, I really loved wearing them!
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  58. I love running in cold weather because I layer with a tank top and shorts, then compression sleeves and knee length socks.

  59. I wear an undershirt, a thermal a lighter shirt, and then a jacket. i don’t currently own a real running jacket because they are just so pricey 🙁 Thanks for the giveaway! :)hyperactive0gal@gmail.com

  60. I have a tight fitting sweat wicking layer I put on first and then an “older than the hills” favorite sweatshirt that I wear over that. Would love to try an UA sweatshirt. Thank you.

  61. Living in the desert of So. Cal., I don’t have to worry much about layering. At most, I will wear a long sleeve fleece over a t-shirt and tights under shorts. Love the Under Armour Hoodie!!!
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  62. I live in New Orleans so it does not get too cold. For days that its not 70 I wear my Gap Fit capris & a half zip Champion top from Target. I just got one that is bright yellow! Perfect for running safely!

  63. long sleeve race shirt followed by my running jacket. Any more than that and I feel weighed down. gloves and a hat are key too!

  64. It stays pretty mild here year round, so I don’t have to change my outfits too much. Maybe just a beanie, gloves, and long sleeve shirt

  65. I really haven’t had to layer too much lately, but I like to wear running tights with compression socks underneath, a long sleeve shirt with thumbholes, and a headband ear warmer thingy.

  66. Four years of college rowing and four years of serious running have taught me a lot about layering! In Alabama, it can start out cool and warm up quickly, so I’ve devised a system for what to wear based on temperature, wind, rain, and cloudiness. My current favorite layers are arm sleeves and compression socks – they’re just warm enough, but not too warm to wear in a race!

  67. Not much need for layering here in warm, sunny Florida. But when a chill hits the air, I admit, I am a big wimp! So I usually put on my compression pants, a supportive sports bra, a tank top, a nice warm sweatshirt, gloves and something to cover my ears. Then I lace up my running shoes and head out the door to meet my besties at Starbucks. It’s easier to run in the cold if I know a hot cup of tea or coffee will be waiting for me when I return.

  68. I love under armour. I don’t really layer for winter because I live in Florida. If it’s cold outside I normally make sure my ears are covered and I wear a long sleeve shirt or jacket with shorts.

  69. In the winter I have a pair of UA cold gear pants that I wear. I normally wear a long sleeved tshirt, but I also have a cold gear UA heavier top with long sleeves I wear as well.

  70. I wear some cold wear pants and then heavier sweats over the top on really cold days. On top, I wear a wicking shirt, cold wear jacket and a running jacket on top. Then, of course, a hat and gloves. I don’t run as often in the winter since everything has to be washed before wearing again 🙂

  71. Great hoodie! I usually wear a moisture wicking layer underneath a fitted fleece jacket.

  72. Depending on the temperature, I wear a long sleeve tech shirt as my base, then either a short-sleeve shirt and vest, or a running jacket if it’s below 30*. I saw these hoodies at the store today, and they look awesome! I’d love to try one.
    Anne recently posted..Parenting Outside the BoxMy Profile

  73. I love wearing my brooks pants & zip up thermal with a dry fit shirt underneath. Gloves and a hat is a must too!

  74. I never leave the house without a hat or ear warmers. I hate cold ears. Would love to have this hoodie.

  75. I always make sure that I start with a tank top and then some kind of wicking layer and then a jacket! I also make sure to wear a hat!!
    Love the hoodie!!

  76. This would be fabulous. I live in Alaska where it has recently been in the negatives. When running outside I have to have at least 3 layers on. I don’t have much outside gear so this would be awesome to add to my gear!

  77. San Francisco is blessed with pretty moderate temperatures all year, so a Christmas Day run in Virginia–no snow, but some melting ice–I thought I was overcompensating. I got to try out my compression leggings under shorts and put a Brooks running jacket over the top of a long sleeve and shirt sleeve shirt. It was all fine while I was moving; took a too-long break at 7-11 and I realized how *heavy* with sweat it all was…and how quickly I was losing heat when I wasn’t moving!

  78. I usually begin a 2 mile jog around the neighborhood with a jacket or vest over a long sleeved running shirt and a t-shirt. Usually I am warmed up by then to take the top layer off and then I stop at home and throw it inside (though of course this routine depends on the temp + the length of the run that day)
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  79. Here in Utah, I have to bundle up quite a bit 😉 I usually put running tights with long sleeve shirts & a jacket. But if I don’t have a hat & gloves it’s tortuous! lol!

  80. To be honest, I’m not yet totally sure how I’ll be layering for the Boston cold! I’m still a relatively new runner: so far when necessary I’ve been wearing a long sleeve (quarter zip) top and (too-light weight) running pants that my husband (an actual runner!) gifted me last Christmas (yes, I think in the hope that I’d actually start running). I’m wearing some of his very light weight gloves (that have holes in them) and an ear-cover thing that I think I got back in high school (90s). The weather here is a wee bit unpredictable right now: shorts and short sleeve shirt for Tuesday at 6am….and all of the above listed items this morning at 7am! Lots of room for improvement on many fronts!

  81. I have this weird thing where I like something tight-fitting over my mommy tummy, so I like to wear a sports bra, tank top and then (if it’s cooler) a t-shirt. I usually run on the treadmill plus it’s been really warm here (KS) so I haven’t had to worry too much about running in the cold… yet. 🙂
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  82. I like a short sleeve base layer and a long sleeve layer topped by a wind proof layer – its cold in MN

  83. Ohio weather is all over the place – 50’s one day, 30’s the next! I layer according to the weather of the moment! I start with a long sleeved wicking tee, then fleece if it’s really cold or a short sleeved tee if it’s not too cold. On those days when it’s 20 and under, I top my fleece with a hooded windbreaker. And gloves always gloves!!

  84. I don’t layer too much when running because I’m not sure what would be too much. But this hoodie looks like it would do great and is soooo cute, 🙂

  85. I love my UA cold gear and living in MI I use it A LOT! On a typical outdoor run, I wear a UA mock turtle neck – compression, then some kind of t-shirt and then a jacket. If it’s really cold I change the t-shirt out for my UA pullover. Under Armor has some amazing cold gear!!

  86. I usually wear Smartwool socks, fleece lined tights, tank top under a half zip, fleece gloves, and either a hat or winter headband. If it’s really cold, I add a long-sleeve tee before the half zip on top and a neck gaiter. It makes breathing a little easier when the wind chill is below 0. Makes for a lot of laundry. When it gets too cold, though, sometimes I just hop on the treadmill instead!

  87. I usually start with a cold gear layer closest to my skin, top and bottom. Then a sweatshirt and vest and wind pants, depending on how cold it is. A hat, with out without face mask and light gloves. I love love LOVE running in the cold!!

  88. On cold runs I’d wear a hoodie like this Under Armour hoodie, then a long sleeve underneath, and a windbreaker on top. And I’d probably just wear one pair of tights, with wool socks. And a headband with brushed fleece on the inside.

  89. I like to wear a tech t-shirt under a running jacket, headband to cover my ears and gloves to keep my fingers warm.

  90. I layer a long sleeve wicking shirt with a fleece I picked up at Old Navy.I would love a nice running layer to be stylish AND warm!

  91. I wear a long sleeve shirt with my hoodie on cold rainy days. I wear a long sleeve shirt with a t-shirt on top for cold but dry days.

  92. As a new runner I’m just figuring this out. It hasn’t gotten too cold yet but so far wearing base layer with light fleece when under 30f or vest between 30-40. Gloves are a must but sometimes hat makes me too warm.

  93. Such a great hoodie–would love to be wrapped up in that right now.

    I layer with think layers, usually, in the cold. It has to be really, really cold before I will go to a shell, though. I get hot easily, which I suppose comes in handy in the winter months!
    misszippy recently posted..So, so tiredMy Profile

  94. I will usually wear a short sleeve shirt under a long sleeved one and under some sort of hoodie pull over that is thicker. All of course is sweat wicking materials, this girl NEVER runs in cotton!!!!!

  95. I layer with a long sleeve quick Dry T under a quick dry jacket. Running tights under shorts.

  96. I live in Montana where even on some july and august mornings i have to layer!!! This would be an awesome top for runs and cross country skiing since you said it was thinner than it looks. I usually layer with a workout tank, a long sleeved top and a vest and if precipitating then some sort of shell.

  97. I always wear long running tights, long sleeve tech shirt, and usually another running jacket that I can take off if I get too hot. Also my hat and gloves!

  98. I like to layer a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve shirt. If its really cold, then I throw a light fleece over everything 🙂

  99. When it’s super cold–on bottom: tights and pants over. on top: underarmour cold gear, fleece and running jacket. and always my ears are covered and gloves.
    Renee recently posted..3 Things TuesdayMy Profile

  100. It takes a while for me to warm up while running, so depending on how cold it is outside I may wear underarmor or just layer tshirts. I definitely keep my ears and hands warm also!

  101. love underarmour! this looks like a great sweatshirt. i layer up with a long sleeved dri fit shirt (usually one with a turtleneck), either underarmour or nike running tights, gloves, a hat, and sometimes an extra layer of wind-breaker pants and a fleece sweatshirt if it’s really cold
    Heather recently posted..Running while SnowingMy Profile

  102. I layer with ls hooded UA shirt and UA tights. Got them both on extreme clearance at different places and lately been wearing them every run! Lol think I need new stuff

  103. Aloha from Hawaii! It’s kind of a given that Hawaii doesn’t really get “cold” to visitors, but once you live here awhile anything in the 60’s is pretty chilly. I like to wear supportive, breathable and waterproof clothing (you never know when you’ll get a nice Hawaii rain shower). Because the weather here is so unpredictable and can dramatically change in a mere 10 minutes, I like wearing light layers so I can take some off if it gets too warm for my liking and tie around my waist, or keep it on and still feel comfortable. I don’t have fashion as too much of a priority when running, but like to dress presentable; most important though is comfort and flexibility. I think no matter where you’re from, running clothes is an essential addition to any wardrobe.

  104. Depending on how cold it is, I like to wear a light-ish tank or tee and then a light-ish jacket or hoodie on top that is easy to move in. Also something to keep my ears warm. My hands and wrists get hot quickly so something that is easy to pull up the sleeves! I’m doing some giveaways’ on my blog this week and I would be honored if you would come and check them out! 😉
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  105. We get some chilly mornings in Northern California my hoodie is my best friend, not to hot and keeps me warm. And I love pink! I tweeted on my page @holisticavenues oxoxox

  106. Tank top. Run skirt. Thick jacket. Sprint inside gym to dreadmill. Shed coat. Run… 😉 But if outside in nippy, wet NW: UnderArmour mockturtleneck under LS tech shirt under rainjacket. Lululemon cap w/ ponytail hole. And gloves.

  107. I love hoodies!! When running on cold days, I usually layer with a tshirt under a long sleeve tech shirt. I can always tie the long sleeve around my waist. I will wear gloves too…my hands are always cold! Great giveaway!

  108. I am a new runner and new to your blog. I have not found a good way to protect from the winter cold in Ohio, but have tried many things. First I tried running tight, so not my thing! Then I tried a long sleeve green runners shirt by asics and so far so god thought it hasn’t been super cold here yet.
    Felicia Hall recently posted..Somehting to look forward to!My Profile

  109. I layer for cold runs by making sure every critical part of my body is covered (to avoid getting SICK!). I also make sure I have at least one layer I can take off if I get too hot!

  110. I’ll wear a lightweight hoodie or zip-up jacket … although, it doesn’t get too cold here in Florida.

  111. It doesn’t get too cold here in Florida, but I love wearing Under Armor and have layered with their moisture wicking shirts


  112. I just wear a cheap zip up hoody over my tank, i’d LOVE to try the UA hoody-looks awesome!!!

  113. Great giveaway! For colder winter runs I typically wear a base tank (lululemon), a thin base layer, a pullover and a jacket. My pullover & jacket usually both have hoods to double up, but I will also sometimes use a thin beanie and Nike running gloves.

  114. I like to wear a dryfit wicking long sleeve shirt, then another wicking jacket of some sort on top. I have a neck warmer and hat that is reflective, double gloves, asperis shorts with winter running tights on top and Merino wool socks. Keeps me toasty and warm!

  115. I hate running in the cold. Luckily it doesn’t get too terribly cold in eastern NC! If I have to run in the cold I just wear a tight fiting wicking shirt, capri compression pants (no long pants for me!) and a headwrap that fits over my ears. 🙂

  116. It can get very cold here in Pennsylvania, so I usually wear a short sleeve shirt, then an Under Armor cold weather long sleeve mock turtle neck, then a sweatshirt. Always gloves and a hat and of course some running tights. I like to layer because as I warm up, I can take off layers.

  117. I always wear my under armour long sleeve shirt with a basic hoodie over it.
    Once I get hot, I shed the hoodie and wrap it around my waist!

  118. I am new to running, actually still learning, so I have not quite gotten the layering down. This looks like it would be a great start!

  119. I like to layer using a long sleeve and a jacket. To be honest everyone I’ve seen this hoodie on looks like they have no shape. I don’t know why they didn’t give it a more feminine shape…..am I wrong?

    cool looking though and I’d obviously love a free hoodie 😉
    Ali Mc recently posted..10 Things: None of which relate.My Profile

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