Two words for a healthier holiday season

One of the themes that continues to come up in my health coaching are variations of the following quote from Geneen Roth:

It’s not about the food.

But it’s not NOT about the food.

So true, isn’t it?

Our relationship to food and our body is connected to so many other aspects of our life.

It can tell us about our emotional state, about our stress, about our goals and dreams, about our fears, about our self image.

In a session yesterday, a client started talking about how she’s been learning to nourish herself and be kinder to herself.  To really listen to her body and honor it and give it what it needs.  To focus less on the goals of weight loss or fitness.

The two key words to thrive in the holiday season?

Nourish yourself!

nourish yourself

This is the root of all healing and health in the body, in my opinion.  I love utilizing positive psychology exercises to help clients learn to love themselves… to let go of unrealistic expectations…to honor the need to (fill in the blank).  Sleep more? Connect with their spouse more often? Exercise less? Exercise more? It’s different for all of us.

When we learn to nourish ourselves, we will have a much easier time eating well and exercising well and finding the proper balance we need.  We will care for ourselves because we WANT TO, not because we think we HAVE TO.

We will focus on all the good things we can GIVE our body, rather than the “bad foods” to take away or restrictive patterns that will only tear us down.

It’s a powerful concept.  In January, I’m going to host a RESET challenge for body, mind and spirit… more on this next week, but it will be a great opportunity to learn how to better nourish yourself and I’m really excited about it!

Do you struggle to give kind messages to yourself?

What are some easy ways you can nourish yourself this month?

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37 thoughts on “Two words for a healthier holiday season

  1. YES! If I spent as much time and though to nourish myself they way I actually nourish my meals, well I would probably be healthier and happier. I’m going to scrap the negative talk during my run or swim today (I many just swim!) and think about nourishing my mental game. Thanks Laura!
    Allie recently posted..Running Video – Hill Repeats!My Profile

  2. I do struggle with negative self talk, especially during challenging times. I tend to blame myself for many of the issues that family and I face. It’s so important to keep our inner voice in check and speak to ourselves the way we would speak to our children, friends and loved ones. Why are we so mean to ourselves?

  3. Great post! Just this morning I was thinking that it is time to do something for myself (just not sure when to fit it in!). Maybe I need to start small and give myself an hour to do absolutely nothing – I think that would help more than anything.
    Kim recently posted..Names – How do you Choose Them?My Profile

  4. Feeding your body is pretty important to make it work properly! I have been trying to get plenty of protein, in the form of home made jerky 😉
    I really like the advice you are giving your clients. Sounds like you are doing an awesome job as coach, Laura!
    Raina recently posted..All courses are NOT created equal.My Profile

  5. totally agree with the positive concept of nourishing and gratitude. yesterday i was (half) reading a shape magazine during a mani/pedi and it had all this stuff about negating the calories you take in during the holiday season. it’s sending a message that you have to “negate” or undo the “damage”. enjoying treats during the holidays should NOT be seen as damage, as long as it’s mindful and done so in moderation. but that seems to be the message we continually wonder so many people can’t be kind to themselves 🙁 thanks for working to “undo” all these negatives we encounter!
    runner26 recently posted..Menu planning – December 1My Profile

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