Two weeks to half (training recap) + meal planning

Happy Sunday! It’s crazy how drastically the weather can change in a week.  Last weekend, I tossed off layers until I was down to a tank.  Yesterday, I had on 2 long sleeved shirts and a jacket, running socks and compression socks, tights and my wigwam, hat and gloves.  With the wind, the feel like temp was in the teens. So cold!

I’m crossing my fingers that race day is a mild 40 degrees.  And toes.

The recap:

Sunday:  5 recovery with the MRTT ladies (probably 10 ave)

Monday:  am Barre; pm 10 mile tempo in 1:15 (8:38, 7:29, 7:16, 7:13, 7:11, 7:16, 7:15, 7:08, 7:04, 9:15 cool down) – this was the confidence boosting run I said I needed last week! I was planning to do my tempo on Wednesday, but my legs were ready to go so I went with it and did my 8 at near half marathon pace.  I felt amazing! Those runs don’t come very often.  I hope it’s a good sign for race day!

Tuesday: 30 minute easy walk + 30 minute easy spin

Wednesday: 7.5 easy am (8:45 ave) + 3 easy pm (9:00 ave)

Thursday: Boot camp – I am loving this class!

Friday: 15 long run with 3 at tempo (7:13, 6:59, 6:45) and 2 at tempo (7:11, 6:53) … I ran a hilly 3.5 miles to start and did the tempo portion on a flat stretch, then finished with more hills.  I was spent at the end of this, but surprised with my tempo paces and feeling strong.

Saturday:  8 slow and easy with a running client in Central Park (12ish pace)…. She has run the NYC half a few times and showed me the first half of the course.  It’s a bit hillier than I expected… eek! But the second half is mostly flat.  I’m glad I got to see (and run) the hills so I can better mentally prepare myself.

For today, I’m hoping to get in a short strength workout and maybe a few easy miles later.

Meal planning:

Sunday: Roast chicken and veggies with brown rice

Monday: Leftover chicken in Broccoli Curry Rice Noodle Soup

Tuesday:  Tempeh and veggie stir fry

Wednesday: Veggie Frittata with hub’s sourdough bread

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Grilled Tuna Tostadas with Black Bean Mango Salsa <– how amazing do these sound?

Saturday: Out!

I’m loving the runner’s reset … I feel back in control of prepping foods, choosing good balanced meals and fueling my workouts well, which is sometimes hard in peak training.  One week down, two to go!

Have you run (or raced) in Central Park?

When’s the last time you had a surprisingly good run?

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16 thoughts on “Two weeks to half (training recap) + meal planning

  1. It was so much colder this weekend! That warmer weather was such a tease, and now I really dont feel like I can handle the winter weather anymore. Looks like you had a great week and are ready for your race!

  2. Winter has been so weird! We’ve had the coldest and snowiest winter in about 32 years in Seattle. Your training is going awesome! Your 10 mile tempo run is so fast and strong and I know you’ll do the same on race day!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..Friday ThriveMy Profile

  3. That’s great you got to see the course. Running in Central Park would be so awesome!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!

  4. I do love running in Central Park! I just hope that hill doesn’t trash my legs for the rest of the race! 40s would be awesome – I agree!

  5. haha – have i run/raced in central park? that’s all I did for 7 years 😉 i miss it SOOOOOOO much. I will warm you that the hills are deceiving, but you are a strong runner and well prepared.

    wanted to ask a question about the idea of doing a tempo with 3 or 2 mile chunks mixed in.(like your 15 mile long run) I’m considering doing something like this for an upcoming ten miler race (not racing – just playing ;)) do you find this to be a good race strategy? what is most beneficial about this type of workout? do you think it’s a good idea or not to do a race like this?

    • Hey Angela! Yes, Central park is such a great place to run. I’m definitely nervous about those hills though! Thankfully I have a flat NJ race in April as a fall back if this does not go well!

      Yes, I love adding the 2 or 3 mile tempos into my long run… I’ve been doing that lately as a way to teach my body to find that pace in a longer run, on tired legs. If you’re not ‘racing’ and want to run it for fun, I think this is a great way to get in a really good workout and keep it interesting. With the adrenaline of the race and crowds, you’ll likely run strong tempo splits too. The big advantage of this style of a workout is it’s helping to improve your lactate threshold, so it’s getting you prepared and faster for the ten mile to half marathon (or beyond). Good luck!

  6. Well done on that 15 miler with tempo miles! A confidence builder for sure. I don’t think I’ve run in CP since NYCM 14 but before that I’d run there several times. I’d love to go back and spectate NYCM one of these years.
    Marcia recently posted..Balancing Training and LifeMy Profile

  7. I have run in Central Park! And, it’s one of my fondest memories. My sister and I ran while visiting NYC in October of 2008! I think it’s time for another visit. It’s great you got to practice for your race. I wish you the best of luck! Thanks for linking, Laura!

  8. The weather and the drastic changes in it seems to be the common factor in most of the blogs I’ve read this week.
    We too are cold one day hot the next.
    I guess I shouldn’t complain before long it will only be hot!

  9. Sounds like a GREAT week! Oh my, you are one speedy lady too!! Great job on that 10 miler!! Thanks so much for linking up at Sunday Fitness & Food 🙂

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