Trying to make a change? Why Knowledge isn’t enough

Good morning! (And nope- no baby yet.) 🙂

Instead, I’m sharing a post I wrote for my monthly newsletter.  I don’t usually share those articles here, but I received a lot of emails and feedback and thought some of you may benefit from this discussion as well.

Have you ever felt like you know what you need to change but can’t make it happen on your own?

If only change were easier.  Since most of us have a general idea of what we should do to be healthier, why do we struggle so much to make it happen?

5 Reasons why knowledge is not enough to make a lifestyle change


Sometimes we spend so much time thinking about what we should do or obsessing over our food or exercise choices that it begins to feel impossible.  We deliberately go after the ice cream (or couch) instead.  Because why bother? Change is never going to happen.


It’s normal to struggle with weekends.  You can feel on track all week but as soon as Friday night hits, forget it.  Then some women spend all of Sunday night and Monday beating themselves up for losing control.

The weekends aren’t necessarily the problem.  It’s the negative self talk that is.  If you think you failed, you have.


Instead, if you see your indulgences or “failures” as normal and even as a healthy part of an overall balanced diet, you can continue to move forward.  Telling yourself that you’re on the right track encourages you to behave like you are.

Check in with your self-talk… are you hurting or helping your healthy living journey? I’ve found that this is one of the most important components of health coaching that can move you toward a change that lasts.

What you think about, you bring about.



You may be able to hold together the perfect plan for the short term, but it’s rarely sustainable.  Let go of perfection and find a balance that you can live with (unless there are severe gut issues or food intolerances, of course.)


When sustainable change is not happening for you, consider additional accountability through a workout group, healthy living buddy or a health coach.  The power of having someone in your corner providing guidance and encouragement can get you where you know you want to go.

Speaking of accountability, many of you have asked about the next Reset or Detox program.  I have another 21 day whole foods challenge set up for September with an emphasis on learning about metabolism (especially the worst offending foods). 

More info will be coming in a few weeks, and it will first be announced in my newsletter.  If you’re not yet receiving it, you can join us here.

Do you ever struggle with self-sabotage or negative self talk?

What are your tricks for staying motivated on your healthy living journey?

34 thoughts on “Trying to make a change? Why Knowledge isn’t enough

  1. I always say I’m my own worse enemy. My brain gets in the way of goals more than anything. It’s something I’m always working on. I’ve had success with finding one word to focus on, in running for instance, to get me through a rough spot. It shifts my attitude and for the most part, I get through it with success.
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Six03 SummerFest 10K Race RecapMy Profile

  2. I love the advice to say, “I’m right on track” no matter what is happening. I definitely feel myself falling into traps of thinking, “Well, I already messed up, sooo might as well do X.” This could be a really simple change to help me have more positive self talk and to make healthier choices on a more regular basis.
    Alexis @ Run Crush recently posted..Workout Recap 7.21 – 7.27My Profile

  3. I’m awful on myself! I’m working on it more and more. I once read something that talked about how you tai to others is how you should talk to yourself. I love building up and encouraging others but struggle to do it for myself! I think taking one day at a time has worked for me…not looking at all the weight that needs to drop but taking one day at a time to make good choices!

  4. I’m guilty of self sabotage sometimes. I feel like I’ve dug a hole too deep and now I don’t know how to get out. Therefore I just think…eh it’s never going to happen.

    Thanks for sharing this!
    Hollie recently posted..Marathon Training?My Profile

  5. Laura! You just used one of my favorite mantras ever! Have you watched the secret???? I keep that in mind at a llllll times (what you think about, you bring about). This is great, and so helpful. Another reason I wanted to do meatless mondays as the weekend is the day people often overindulge with their foods or fall off the healthy eating train. Time to get back on the horse and continue to make it a lifestyle!
    Tina Muir recently posted..Meatless Monday Linkup: Sesame Peanut Spaghetti SquashMy Profile

  6. I use mantras ALL THE TIME and constantly remind myself that I’m in charge and I can be miserable or happy – it’s up to me. Now that I’m not in an intense training cycle, I remind myself of when I was and all that I accomplished, and now is the time to ease back a bit and have that extra down time or rest day. A lot of times, just giving yourself permission, gives you the control you need.
    Thanks for sharing this today and good luck this week! I hope it brings a baby!!!!
    Allie recently posted..Born To Run For Love or Money? (Win the Book!)My Profile

  7. Approaching life with gratitude always helps my motivation.

    Right now it’s grey and foggy outside, and part of me thought about curling up and staying in bed… skipping a swim.

    Then I remembered that during my last pregnancy, I didn’t have pool access and I longed for it. In about 35 minutes, I’ll enter the water, grateful, and listen to my body.

    On each lap, I think “thank you” which also keeps the neg chatter away.
    Wendy recently posted..The Flavor Bible ImpactMy Profile

  8. I can totally relate to the self-sabotage. I believe setting goals and working towards them can be ultra-motivating, but sometimes my expectations end up being what discourage and, sometimes, defeat me.
    Jaclyn @ BumpSweat recently posted..36-Week BumpdateMy Profile

  9. Great article. I definitely have times where I get off track, and I struggle with feeling guilty, but I remind myself that I’m only human, and wallowing isn’t getting me anywhere. We’re all allowed some slip-ups, and as long as we get back on track as soon as possible, it’s fine. And the fact that I feel so awful physically when I eat crappy is all the motivation I need to get back to healthy eating.
    Michelle recently posted..Jamestown Half – Also Known As That Time I Got to the Race Start 20 Minutes LateMy Profile

  10. I know that no other person could be harder on me than I am on myself – I know that pretty much we are all like that and something we just have to work on. The perfection thing is one of the hardest to let go but the only way to stay sane!!!
    Kim recently posted..The Good and the Bad = LifeMy Profile

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  12. Oh you are spor on! I’m facing every single one right now. The self-sabotage is properly the one I’m struggling the most.. Aaand the perfectionism is the fire-starter!
    Though I keep reminding myself it will work out, I’m about to give up since I also know that I’m the only one to solve it! Does it make sense? I’ve written a blogpost myself on the troubles right now. Please feel free to check it out at 🙂

    Well written blog, I love your post! Xoxo
    Marie recently posted..A dash of PositoovityMy Profile

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