TRX for Runners Workout

TRX has been popular for a while now… have you had a chance to try it?

I’ve only taken a random class here or there when I’ve been able to, and I’ve sometimes used the TRX bands in the gym to do my own mini workout.  But I’m excited to make this a more regular part of my strength routine as a package recently arrived…

TRX suspension straps combine gravity and body weight for an awesome alternative to free weights and machines.

It’s also relatively light to travel with.  One of my friends suggested tossing it under the stroller on walks or runs and hooking it up at the playground for a quick workout.

I really like the playground idea.  I’ve been checking out the best spots at our house and found one place in the basement and one tree outside that both work well- you can attach it to a door frame, pull up bar, strong tree branch, etc.

TRX is great for runners because it allows you to focus on the weak areas so you can strengthen, improve mobility and improve flexibility.

There’s a whole series of TRX workouts for running at I highly recommend checking them out!



Single leg and single arm exercises are much tougher but also ensure that you don’t “cheat” the exercise- you know immediately which side needs more work.

Single leg lunges are one of the best moves for runners: it helps you improve hip mobility, balance, core stability and overall strength.

Upper body pull and push movements improve your arm drive, making you a more efficient runner.

There are endless combinations of workouts you can do with TRX suspension.

I have been putting together some of my favorite combinations such as this one:

TRX for runners

Single leg squats: Face the straps, holding the handles to support yourself, and lift one leg out in front of you.  Squat 15 times on each side.

Push ups: Come into a straight arm plank with both feet in the TRX straps and complete 10 push ups.

Squat and row: Face the straps, holding the handles for support.  Squat with both legs and use your upper body and core to row back to standing position.

Mountain climbers: Come into a straight arm plank with both feet in the TRX straps and bring one knee at a time in toward the chest.

Whether or not you use TRX, it is important to identify and strengthen imbalances between legs as they can ultimately lead to injuries and unwanted time off running.


Do you use TRX suspension?

What cross training do you find helps with muscle imbalances and injury prevention?

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  1. My gym doesn’t have TRX, but I’ve been tempted before to buy it for at home and travel, since it can just bundle up in a suitcase so easily. I love single leg squats – so effective and I really notice the difference when I do them.

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