Transitions + help with a new name

Hi friends!

I started this nearly blog 6 (!) years ago.  For several years, I wrote on a very consistent schedule 4 times a week, and I’ve slowly shifted to once or twice a week.  I am not ready to bring it to an end, but I do feel like it’s time to make some shifts and I wanted to share them:

  1. I’m struggling to feel like “mommyrunfast” defines me any longer. I actually really enjoyed my running break this summer, but felt like I was “supposed” to be running because that’s what I do.  Now I’m back to training for a half, but I want the flexibility to be whatever I need to be month to month, regardless of whether or not I’m running.
  2. I’m going to keep this blog but write when I can- no pressure to maintain any kind of regular routine.  I do still see myself running and racing and I want to have a place to chronicle races and training, so this will likely become that- back to what I started with, training logs and race recaps and occasionally maybe a few other random posts.
  3. I’m shifting more attention to my site, although I only blog there about 1-2 x per month, feel free to follow along!

I’m also going to be changing my instagram, twitter and Facebook pages to line up with Laura Peifer Wellness rather than Mommy Run Fast.

In my business, I’m focusing on programs to support athletes in their nutrition to determine how to best reach their goals.  My most recent post answers the question, which is more important? Fitness or nutrition?

As I said, I’m not going anywhere… this space will remain the “mommy run fast blog” and I’ll still be coaching runners and putting together running plans.  THANK YOU for reading and sticking with me over the years and for your comments and emails!

For the new name, I want to use my name yet feel like Laura Peifer is hard to spell! Any suggestions? LauraPeiferWellness? LauraPWellness? LauraP?

Or go with the name and not sweat it?




12 thoughts on “Transitions + help with a new name

  1. I remember when you first started! You were one of the first comments on my blog…back when i used to blog about running, ha!

    Perhaps a name change is in order. I remember I used to also follow the girl who had Run Fast Mommy or Run Faster Mommy (I can’t find it anymore…) and she wasn’t really running much anymore.

    I think between the three I like LauraPWellness. I’ll always think of you as MommyRunFast!
    Amanda recently posted..Guess who’s super pumped to hear we’re expecting another babyMy Profile

  2. I feel you on slowing down with blogging as I’m in the same boat! I HAVE to read your latest article about fitness vs nutrition since I just interviewed Jamie Sheahan about that same topic!
    As for the handle I would go with LauraPWellness since your last name is definitely hard to spell :-)))
    It’s exciting to be making these changes and taking your online presence here in a new (laid back) direction. I love it! Good for you.
    Allie recently posted..3 Times Mental Strength Meant Not Racing #RunItWednesdayMy Profile

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