Training this week + Meal Planning

Happy Easter!

We spent the last few days catching up with both sides of the family and lots of cousins and are home again today for church and dinner with friends.  The girls had their share of treats so I’m keeping their Easter baskets low on the candy this year, with books and other fun goodies.

My training is focused on the next half marathon, April 30, so here’s how this week looked:

Sunday:  11 miles (up over a big hill, tempo on the flat and back up over the big hill- splits: 9:55, 8:24, then flat 7:13, 7:02, 6:57, 6:59, 7:45, 6:53, back up the hill 10:28, 9:09, 8:16) with 545 ft elevation gain

Monday:  4 or 5 mile walk + short strength circuit

Tuesday: 7 easy (8:40 ave)

Wednesday: 9 with  2×2, 1 @tempo: warm up (8:40, 8:03), set one (6:56, 6:58), set two (7:10, 7:00), last mile (6:56) with 2 minute jogs between, cool down (8:16, 7:50)

This paces felt so hard compared to Sunday, when I felt great at similar paces! It’s funny how each run can be so different.  But I’m glad I stuck it out and finished and for the most part I stayed within the goal range of 6:50-7:00.

Also, at the risk of TMI, I learned I shouldn’t have both sauerkraut and kombucha the day before a hard workout.  Thank goodness the path was relatively empty and there were trees nearby, ha!

Thursday: off and traveling to family

Friday: 6 easy, with hubs joining me for 5 of it! He’s not much of a runner and we rarely get to run together, so that was a treat.

Saturday:  15 miles of rolling hills (8:19 ave) with 8 x 30 second pick ups (about 6:10 pace)


Meal planning:

Sunday: Dinner with friends

Monday: Easy Spaghetti Squash Pizza Bake

Tuesday:  Roasted Salmon + Brussel Sprouts + wild rice

Wednesday: Pulled Chicken BBQ + garlic broccoli

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Homemade pizza + a cauliflower crust option

Saturday: Out


Have you learned not to eat certain foods before a hard workout?!

Do you find it hard to stick it out when paces feel hard? I have an internal dialogue about quitting and trying again another day but typically make myself finish.

I’m linking up with Fitness and Food with Ilka and Angela, and Tricia and HoHo from The Weekly Wrap!

14 thoughts on “Training this week + Meal Planning

  1. Wow that Wow that pizza looks good and I wouldn’t guess it was a cauliflour crust pizza. My husband and I attempted to make one of those once and it honestly, it didn’t turn out well LOL. Yours looks awesome and we might have to try again.

  2. That spaghetti squash sounds awesome. I am so boring and just bake it and put marina sauce and cheese on it. Today I went for a run and I wanted to throw in the towel the first mile but stuck it out and did five. And yesterday 9 miles felt effortless. I wonder why?

  3. Every run is different! I think that is the most frustrating thing as we can’t often quantify the difference (or identify the problem). If I’m struggling, I usually don’t push the paces and try again another day. It’s great you were able to run with your hubs. Thanks for linking, Laura!
    HoHo Runs recently posted..How Speed Training Has Changed My Running GameMy Profile

  4. Awesome weeks of workouts, especially those tempo runs! I rearranged my workouts this week for worry of all the rich foods of Easter (including pie with whipped cream) haunting my stomach during a hard workout.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..Friday ThriveMy Profile

  5. You had some awesome mileage this week again Laura. I’m sure running with your husband was a treat. I kept my kids’ Easter baskets low on sugar this year, too. It’s just not fun when they overindulge on sugar and food dyes…just like us, too:)
    That pizza bake looks fantastic like all your meals!
    Have a great (Running) week Laura!
    Ilka recently posted..My weekly Running Wrap – It was Shark Week!My Profile

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