Training picks up + Meal planning

Happy Sunday! We are dropping my older daughter off at her first overnight camp today, eek! She’s old enough to try it for a half week, and it’s through our church so she knows a number of kids going.  I know she’ll love it.  My only concern is how exhausted she’ll be after staying up late every night.  Her internal alarm clock gets her up around 6/6:30 no matter what time she goes to bed!

Training is picking up and going well! Here’s the rundown:

Monday:  35 minute full body strength circuit + 30 easy spin

Tuesday: 6 miles with intervals (800m at 6:22 pace, 400m at 5:38, 800m at 6:10, 400m at 5:40, 1 mile at 6:32) all with 400m recoveries

Wednesday: 40 minute pool run, 15 minute swim

Thursday: 6 miles (8:04 ave) + squats, lunges, TRX push ups and pull ups

Friday: 45 minute pool run

Saturday: 11.2 miles- longest since May! This was a fun one with a variety of paces: warm up: 8:46, 7:58; 2 @ 10k-half: 7:00, 6:50, 1 @ hmp-marathon pace: 7:17, 3 easy: 8:51, 8:25, 8:07, 45 seconds hard with 45 seconds easy x 10: hard paces ranged from 6:33 –> 5:44)

Half or full? This is the big question for the next month.  I’m going to try a few more long runs and see how everything is feeling before I make a decision. I’ve definitely lost speed endurance (it feels harder to hold challenging paces over several miles) but my shorter speeds seem to be back to normal.

Meal planning will be a bit easier for the first 3 days while the picky eater in the family is away!

For lunches this week, we have leftover Jamaican food that my husband made this weekend: jerk pork and chicken, rice and peas, plantain and grilled eggplant and zucchini.

Monday:  Pesto pasta and chicken with all the basil from our garden

Tuesday: Cilantro Lime Fish Tacos

Wednesday: I want to try these Miso Mango Chicken and Cabbage Wraps from Lindsay

Thursday: Veggie Omelets

Friday: Probably eating at the pool, as we spend most afternoons there and try to limit food to once/week

Saturday: Girls night out


Do you spend a lot of time at the pool in the summer? It’s so much easier this year, as my older daughter can go off on her own.

Is anyone else debating between a fall half and full marathon?


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10 thoughts on “Training picks up + Meal planning

  1. Are your 30 min easy spin workouts, just a relaxing pace the entire time? I struggle with trying to overtrain and after a 30 min relaxing spin, I honestly feel like I’ve done nothing?? Sorry for the crazy question.

  2. OH my! How’s mama holding up with her girl going away overnight? I think I’d be more nervous than my kids. Lol! Have a great week and good luck making a decision. I’m sure it will be the right one!

  3. The boys and I used to spend our entire summer poolside. Now that they are teens, they don’t want to go as much anymore. Enjoy these times while they last!

  4. Nice week of training! I can’t believe you’re debating between a half and a full – that’s crazy to me! (I’ve run a few half marathons but never a full.)
    How do you wrap your head around 26.2 miles? I’m intimidated just thinking about it…

  5. There is a pool in my gym but I don’t go as often as I would like to.

    As for a half or full, well, I will always pick a half. 🙂 But a marathon is also challenging and hard but at the same time twice as rewarding.
    Zenaida recently posted..July 2017 in ReviewMy Profile

  6. My son recently stayed overnight for 5 days in FL for a camp! He had a blast and actually came back in a good mood!! Praise God. 🙂 your training paces are so speedy. I hope to return to speed one day next year 😉 I tried swimming once or twice. Wasn’t my strong suit for sure! If I were you I’d opt for the half…only because I would want to run my best full and if I knew it would be subpar I don’t think I’d enjoy it. Make sense??
    Jess recently posted..Thinking Out Loud & Killer Plank Combo Belated #WorkoutWednesday!My Profile

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