Training + Finding Balance + Meal Planning

Hi friends!

I’m wrapping up a solo parenting weekend and hanging in there! We packed in a play date, trip to the pool, IKEA visit, park afternoon, Trader Joe’s trip, and a picnic.  I’m worn out!

As I mentioned in my runner’s identity crisis post, I’m wrestling with what is next for me in terms of fitness. I still love running and have many running goals but my body doesn’t seem up for the challenge of many more marathons.  And I’m honestly not even craving those long runs in the way I used to.  I like having more family time over the weekend and knowing I can get in a great HIIT workout and be done in less than half the time! So I’m looking for that balance.

I took a break from my coach while I really listen to my body and take it week by week in my running.  I’m trying to focus on alternating the hard/easy days.

Here’s the training rundown:

Monday (hard): 6 mile progression run, felt tough! (9:23, 8:32, 7:56, 7:50, 7:31, 7:25) + short pool run

Tuesday (easy): 35 minute pool run, 25 minute swim

Wednesday (hard): 7 miles with intervals (1.5 warm up, 1 @ 6:29, 800 x 3 @ 6:39, with 400m recoveries, 400 x 4 @ 6:44 with 30-45 second recoveries, cool down)

This was a backwards speed workout… getting shorter and slower, instead of shorter and faster to make those 6:44s feel easy, and it was really fun!

Thursday (easy): 40 minute easy pool run

Friday (hard): 5k run, 3 miles elliptical with 10 x 90 second sprints, strength (squats, lunges, assisted pull ups and push ups)

Saturday (easy): off – solo parenting

Sunday (hard): 45 minute spin with 2 sets of 8 tabatas (4 minutes each) + kb squats, kb swings, TRX push ups and pull ups, core


My meal prep isn’t happening this weekend, but last week was a good first week with the awesome reset ladies! For this week:

Monday:  BBQ chicken on the grill + veggies (I’m embarrassed to admit that this is the first summer I’ve learned to use the grill!)

Tuesday: Easy Chicken Masala + green salad

Wednesday: Gado Gado (peanut sauce over steamed veggies and rice)

Thursday: travel/ conference

Friday: conference

Saturday: conference

Sunday: Friends here- likely grilling!

Who handles the grill in your family?

Are you careful to follow the hard/easy principle?


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10 thoughts on “Training + Finding Balance + Meal Planning

  1. I gave up running marathons this year for the half marathon distance and I may never go back to the marathon! It’s really nice to only have medium distance long runs (especially with the weather this summer). Your food looks delish! I could eat peanut sauce on anything. It’s my fav!
    Sara recently posted..Great Race and UBHM Training Week 1My Profile

  2. Balance seems to be an ever-changing area of fitness – I feel like I’m constantly having to find what exactly is the best balance. My husband and I share grill duties, although I burnt the meat thermometer on the grill so I try to leave the meat part to him!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..Mile Markers: Down WeekMy Profile

  3. You had a great week!
    I tend to lean more in the easy category but I do take it a notch a few times a week, I try to limit it in small doses so I can stay healthy.

  4. In my case, our summer weather sucks the joy out of training and I definitely am not missing those long runs. Take comfort in the fact that marathons will always be there and you have the right to change your mind.

  5. I leaning towards cutting back in running – I feel like I jumped back in after taking time off and I’m just not where I was when I stopped. I need to start at the beginning again and build myself back up. It’s hard but it’ll be worth it, right?!
    Heather recently posted..NAFHALF Training: Week 12 & Weekly Wrap!My Profile

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