Trail race recap

Saturday’s trail race was a really fun experience and also a reminder of why I should probably stick to the roads.  🙂

It was a 3.1 mile loop and the goal was to see how many loops you could do in 3 or 6 hours.  I chose 3 hours as a way to get my long run in with company and more hills than usual.

I ran most of the race with my friend Nerissa.  We kept a pretty easy pace, as most people did.  We stopped at the end of each loop to check off our loop on the poster, grab some water and a snack and chat a bit.  It was casual but the hills and rocks definitely made it more challenging than a typical long run.

I had to really focus on my steps during that first lap- paying close attention to the rocks and where I was placing my feet.  I think of trail running as a great way to lose yourself out in nature, but I found it required so much more focus than my usual runs! I guess that focus prevents your mind from stressing or wandering – it’s a kind of mindfulness with the dirt and rocks and trail.

By the second lap, I learned I’m not great at picking up my feet as I tripped.  I got a little too confident in lap 3 and wiped out a bit harder, nailing my knee on a rock! It took a few minutes to walk it off and then I was able to finish the run, but I ended up with a nasty bruise.

We hit our goal of 5 laps for about 16 total miles in under 3 hours.  It was only 100 people or so and I learned I was first woman for the 3 hour group and got this fun prize:

I felt like I could have done another lap or two, but later in the day I was hobbling around with a lot of pain where I hit my knee.  I iced it Sunday and thankfully it’s feeling better.  I also had some delayed muscle soreness in my quads Sunday from the hills! So it’s a good thing it’s a cut back week.

I did some pool running Monday and the elliptical yesterday as I let my knee heal. A trail race when I am in the middle of marathon training (and a bit clutsy) was probably not the smartest move!

But it was a great way to get in some good hills (about 1400 total elevation) and a long run with lots of company.

Do you find you have to really focus when trail running?

Have you ever wiped out running?

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    • Yes! The friends I was running with reminded me I am used to being as efficient as possible on the roads, but on the trails you have to constantly pick your feet up. Once I started focusing on picking my feet up, it felt better.
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  1. OOMPH. Well it sounds like you enjoyed yourself. I wiped out a few times. Once I was hit by a cyclist and broke my arm. I’ve slipped and fallen on ice walking. When I first moved to my house, I took a nasty fall and cut my shin down to the bone…so yes I guess I’ve wiped out LOL.

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