Spring 5 by the 5th

Here’s the link to register for spring 2015!

In the fall, we focused on distance but for the spring, we’ll focus on speed by running a 5k or 5 mile virtual “race” each month by the 5th of the month, from February to May 2014.

The series of virtual runs provides an opportunity to win prizes every month, or to get competitive with yourself and track your speed or progress each month if you’d like to.  New runners and walkers are also welcome!     Details:

  • All of the races are free.
  • Record your time each month as evidence that you ran, and each run recorded will count toward monthly prizes.
  • Optional medals at the end of the series

Online Group Coaching (optional): We had an awesome coaching group for the 5 and 10 series, so I’m going to offer it again for this series!

  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Weekly running tips and a speed workout for new and experienced runners
  • Weekly strength routine suggestion
  • Group sharing and support

Note: This does not take the place of individualized coaching.  Group coaching is ideal if you are an experienced runner who wants to get faster, new to running and want support and accountability, or want to start incorporating strength and speed workouts on a regular basis.

Prizes! Prizes will be pulled each month, and include: Brady Band Headbands’ a box of Honey Stinger Energy Gels; Probar CORE protein bars; Roller Rumbler; Two Go Sport $25 gift cards; Nature box snacks; Three Runner’s World Subscriptions; Box of Larabars and more…

   Share the series on Twitter or Facebook for extra prize entries (and let me know you did in a comment!)

To Register: Sign up below.  I’ll be in touch with the spreadsheet and any other details before we begin.  Also, those interested in group coaching can use the promo code “earlybird” for $5 off if you register by Sunday, January 31!
Register for the 5 by the 5th Series


I won’t be breaking any records as I run for two this spring, but I look forward to (hopefully) running all the way to the end with you. Hope you can join us!

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