Time for a Spring Reset Challenge!

Hi friends,

I hinted last week that the reset details were coming this week… so here they are! I’ll do my best to join you again but cannot promise to be perfect while I focus on growing this baby.  But I can’t wait to see all of YOUR amazing results again!

Spring is the ideal time for a Reset because there are so many naturally detoxifying foods that grow this time of year.  We’ll discuss which ones to focus on so you clean out the winter blahs and feel your best.

Your body wants to burn fat in the spring, but needs to decongest the liver to do so efficiently.  This reset is designed to shift your body into fat-burning mode while you also reset your eating habits and cravings.

If you missed the January Reset, check out some of the awesome results here!Spring-3

What is it?


* A whole foods detox to cleanse your body, mind and spirit


* Meal plans to energize and lighten you, while releasing stored toxins from winter indulgences


* Guidance to rebuild your healthy gut and attack the yeast overgrowth


* Group support and tips to keep you motivated and committed


* Opportunities to share our challenges and work on more positive messages to ourselves


 Who is it for?


Anyone who wants to replenish their body with good things and break bad habits that may have crept back in (while burning fat and cleansing the liver!)


When is it?


The group detox will run together from Monday, April 21st through Sunday, May 11, 2014 – that’s the day after Easter through Mother’s Day -and yes, you may absolutely break it on Mother’s day.  🙂




There are three levels so that anyone who is interested can participate. If you want to do it on your own, great! If you want more support and would love additional details and information, there are two coaching options to choose from.


 Solo Detox (Free)


Sign up and join the challenge.  You will receive the detox details (but not the recipes, menu plans, daily emails or FB group support).


Group Coaching Detox

Join the challenge and receive the detox details PLUS full 21 day sample meal plan plus grocery lists with LOTS of new recipes, including 18 amazing salads from holistic nutritionists! You will also receive:


  •  group Facebook page for support and accountability
  •  daily emails with bonus tips and advice
  •  recommended supplements for a more effective detox (especially to target cleaning out sugar or yeast overgrowth)
  •  access to a KICK OFF detox group phone call for Q & A

(The group coaching will focus on A Happier gut (a reset is a great way to decrease bloating, digestive issues, or kick start spring weight loss) and Boosting our Self Image (I’ll include exercises for letting go of the negativity and learning to appreciate ourselves wherever we are in our journey).

Group Coaching + Private Session

This includes all of the above plus a one hour “Breakthrough” session with me so we can piece together a specific plan for you and the best steps forward.


PROMO: For this week only (through Sunday, April 6), the first 20 to sign up can use the promo code “Earlybird” for $10 off.


Discount: (Current clients can participate for free, and previous clients at 50% off.  Email me for the promo code.)


I’m so excited to get this going! The January Reset Challenge was incredibly fun and it’s so rewarding to hear all your successes and “aha” moments. Each reset I’ve done has helped me to feel better, sleep better, and come away energized and proud of myself for doing the hard work to take care of my body.

Ready to join us? Register here!


Why Detoxify?


Our bodies work hard to detoxify themselves every day through our liver, kidneys, colon and skin.  But toxins from poor food choices, skin care and environment can overwhelm our system.

Everyone can benefit from a seasonal cleanse to remove the most offensive foods and allow the body time to play catch up.  You will feel the difference within days.

Many women suffer from yeast or sugar overgrowth in their gut without realizing it.  There are simple steps you can take to boost the healthy gut bacteria and clean out your system so you are less bloated and can eliminate digestive issues.

Register here!

PS- I should add that this is not about limiting calories or restriction. It’s not about perfection for all 21 days.  We’ll eliminate the most inflammatory foods but have plenty of options so you feel satisfied every day. You choose how much you can do.  Make it work for you!

How does your diet change with the spring?

Are you up for the reset again? Or maybe for the first time?

25 thoughts on “Time for a Spring Reset Challenge!

  1. Did someone say, “Anti-Inflammatory”? I was told that I dun, dun, dun… arthritis! Can’t believe it, but it runs in my family so I guess I can’t be too shocked. I’m in pain a lot, especially in my jaw (I clench my teeth) An ant-inflammatory diet would be so good for me-not sure if this is the right timing, but very interested.

  2. Great challenge Laura! I am already pretty fine tuned when it comes to this, but after my race this weekend, I am making the final knuckle down to perfect my eating for my upcoming half marathon. I will then be using you as great inspiration! Cant wait to get back to my farmers market around here to pick up fresh local foods!
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