Three Questions to Ask as You Wrap up the Year

We’re just ten days out from 2019 and I’m a big fan of writing out intentions for the new year.

But before I get a chance to think through those, I appreciate this reminder from Marie Forleo to look back and ask these three questions as you reflect on the past year.

1) What’s one thing you did this year that you’re proud of?

In running terms, it would have to be running the Boston marathon in miserable conditions.  Fighting through the wind, rain and cold was empowering and a powerful reminder that I can do hard things.  Although I finished a solid ten minutes off the goal time I had in mind with a 3:26, I couldn’t be upset about that when so many runners had to drop out or dealt with hypothermia.

2) What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you’ve learned?

After Boston, my second marathon in 6 months, I wanted to train for another fall marathon but my body didn’t agree.  I fought back for a few weeks until I realized the paces were getting harder, not easier. Reflecting on the fall and my failed half marathon attempt, I realize I was guilty of slight over training, pushing through when my body was giving me signs to pull back.

I’m honoring that lesson as I look ahead.  I know we can improve our fitness without miles and miles of hard workouts- sometimes the short and sweet workouts serve us better, so that’s where my focus is for the near future.

3) What’s one limiting story you’re ready to let go of before 2019?

Hmm.  This one took some thought.  I think fear of the ‘what if’ is something I need to drop in several areas in my life.  After watching my mom battle breast cancer this year and my dad having some of his own health issues, I realized I can’t guarantee good health.  But rather than let fear limit me, I can be proactive with healthy eating choices, sleep, reducing stress, and moving my body in order to do what I can to prevent health issues in the future.

I need to drop the fear in my business too.  I set big goals for myself and then struggle sometimes with the what if around reaching them- instead of being so hard on myself, I’m determined to focus on the successes I’ve had and keep moving forward with gratitude, not fear.

So how about you? I’d love to hear your answer to one, two or all three of these!



One thought on “Three Questions to Ask as You Wrap up the Year

  1. Great questions to think through!
    I can emphatically answer #3. I spent so much of my life identifying as a runner, and then I’ve spent the past few years sidelined by babies and postpartum injuries. I want to get back in the groove in 2019, address my lingering postpartum issues and get the runner in me back on the move.
    So I guess my story is, “I used to be a runner but I can’t now…”
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