The magic workout is…

…the one you’ve been ignoring or never tried.

Did you read the Seven Pillars of Running Wisdom?  So much goodness in this post, but this quote is my favorite.

The magic workout, shoe, or superfood is whichever one you’ve been ignoring lately or have never tried.

The bottom line is that we need to challenge our bodies in new ways to continue to improve.  That does not mean randomly throwing in a different workout each week, but instead adding a new stimulus that you build on week after week for a training cycle and then mixing it up for another training cycle.

This paid off for me in last year’s marathon pr at Steamtown.  I finally embraced the tempo workouts that I hated.  I would much rather spend each Wednesday hammering out repeats at the track! But I knew that would have limited pay off on race day, and I finally stuck out an entire cycle of tempo runs.  On race morning, my race pace felt comfortable and I shaved nearly ten minutes off, from my 3:32 to a 3:23.

I think this worked for two reasons.  1) Tempo runs are a much better stimulus for marathon training than short repeats, and 2) my lactate threshold was under developed from often neglecting to include these workouts.

Begin with your goal.  What are you training for?

What workouts are going to best prepare you for that goal?

What types of workouts have you neglected in the past that might help you take it to a new level?

This is such a simple “secret” but can have a huge payoff.

Have you had success when you attempted training in a new way?

What workouts do you gravitate toward and which do you tend to avoid?

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12 thoughts on “The magic workout is…

  1. I love short intervals because they don’t feel so taxing and recovery feels easier, but I think 800’s and tempo runs benefit me more 🙂

  2. I don’t love speed work, but i do it on occasion…but I desperately avoid tempo runs. I’m not especially fast, and with my tall stature (long legs) and natural klutzy mannerisms….well, it’s very awkward.
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted..Just Breathe…My Profile

  3. So true! You need to vary the stimuli to get stronger. My dreaded workout has changed over the years. I used to hate tempo runs and track workouts and love the weekend long run. Now it’s reverse. I guess I most dread the long run with a fast finish, but it’s a great feeling when you nail it.

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