The Boston experience

Boston… where to begin?!

It was a truly amazing weekend.

We drove up on Saturday morning after my parents arrived to watch the girls (a HUGE thank you to them!!) We were lucky that some of our good friends recently moved to Boston so we got to spend the weekend at their house, and we took Saturday evening to catch up with them at a delicious Mediterranean restaurant.

They live about 15 minutes outside of Boston, so we drove in on Sunday morning and I met the Stonyfield group at Athleta with a Girls on the Run event.  Stonyfield also provided a yummy breakfast!

Boston GOTR breakfastBoston Stonyfield GOTR eventMe, Angela, Aura, Janae, Rachel and Megan (our coach)

We were all meeting up again at 1pm for lunch, so we had a few hours to hit the Expo and explore on foot. Angela, her husband and Rachel came along with my husband and I.  After getting my bib number (the most efficient process ever!) we checked out a few other sites.

Boston getting my bib

I met blogging friend Nicole at the Skirt Sports booth…

Boston meeting Nicole

and met Brian at the finish line…

Boston blogger meet up

And of course, got the traditional finish line photo.

Boston at the finish line

We met at Sonsie’s at 1pm for lunch – so good! I had a spinach, feta, potato and tomato frittata.  It was ginormous and delicious.

I loved the time to chat with the Stonyfield staff as well as all the amazing blogging mother runners that I had never met in person before.  Everyone was so sweet, and we all chatted strategy for racing in the rain and our race day outfit plans.

Post lunch, we walked back to the EXPO for a Stonyfield booth photo.

Boston Team StonyfieldBloggers: Me, Tina, Rachel, Megan, Angela, Janae, Jill, Aura

Stonyfield gave us their protein smoothies and I had the chocolate one as I headed back to meet my husband at our car (he snuck off to a Red Sox game for the afternoon!) After a car pumping session, we had a date night dinner.  I was considering the Boston pasta dinner but my ticket was for 7:15 pm and I wanted to be home crashing by that point.  So instead, we found a great Thai restaurant and enjoyed a night out sans kiddos.

Boston pre marathon date


We also bought a last minute poncho at CVS (best decision ever!!) and picked up cannolis at an Italian restaurant to share with our friends, plus a peppermint patty for me… I needed to top off my carb stores with a little extra sugar.  🙂

Boston pre marathon favorite

I pumped again and tried to get to bed early.  In reality, it was nearly 10pm and I was awake a LOT throughout the night, but I knew the adrenaline would carry me through.

All the race day details are coming tomorrow.  But the short version is I thought I’d go for a 3:30- 3:45 and actually finished with a 3:58 but it was the most fantastic, slowest-to-date marathon for me ever!

Were you following the Boston coverage on Monday?

Do you have a favorite pre-marathon dinner or treat?


39 thoughts on “The Boston experience

    • It worked well! I focused on more carb loading two nights before at the Mediterranean restaurant with pita and bulghur salad- that’s supposedly what stocks your glycogen for race morning. And then I had rice and a tofu/veggie stir fry dish the night before, plus some sugar. 🙂 But I felt good!
      Laura recently posted..The Boston experienceMy Profile

  1. How fun! Can’t wait to read the race recap. I’m glad you had fun during the marathon. I thought your time was fantastic! Especially for what looked like miserable conditions! That whole day (and afterwards) I was so inspired by everyone participating! Glad it was such a positive experience for you!

  2. So happy you had a fantastic experience up there! How could you not, though, right? It’s the most amazing race on the planet. I was trying to find you in the tracking but had no luck–Biran actually filled me in via Twitter–he did a great job stalking everyone!

    Even though you ran slower than anticipated, I know what a fantastic runner you are and I know that you’ll be back at Boston via a qualifier, probably sooner rather than later!
    misszippy recently posted..Two half marathons/one week apartMy Profile

  3. I had to work during the race but I snuck online a few times to check the status of it! I’m so glad you had such a fabulous experience. If there’s anywhere to have a magical marathon, it’s Boston!
    jan recently posted..The Boston Winds are HereMy Profile

  4. i was glued to the coverage all morning and was following a bunch of my blogging friends, so I basically got nothing done Monday morning :). Being a home school mom was the perfect occupation for Monday. I got to watch the marathon and let my girls watch it some and teach :). It looks like SUCH an amazing weekend…it makes me really want to do Boston!
    Jen@milesandblessings recently posted..19:48!!!!!!!!!!! & Boston Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My Profile

  5. I was up super early to watch all the coverage and it was so fun!! I’m really glad you had a great race and it sounds like you really enjoyed the experience of it all.
    And that is still an awesome time!! Loved that you got a weekend away with your husband too 🙂
    Natalie recently posted..5 of my favorite recipesMy Profile

  6. ah! So cool! I’m looking at your pics like ‘I read her blog and her blog and her blog…’ Can’t wait to read your race recap!

  7. I was cheering all of y’all virtually on Monday! I had hoped to get to watch some but ended up only being able to catch the last 5 minutes of the men’s race.
    Glad you had a great weekend!!!
    Kim recently posted..Too Many Rewards?My Profile

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  9. You bet! I had runner tracking on, and the streaming video. On each report of the wind speed, I was wincing, but I’m so happy for you!

    (BTW – If you get a chance to see video of the last 800 yards of the women’s winning finish, it’s a nail-biter!)

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