November 23rd, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend Traditions

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Did you take some time to be thankful?My 5k recap will be coming soon! I hope everyone who was Turkey Trotting yesterday had a great run.

The day after Thanksgiving has special memories for me.  Growing up, it was the day we would pull out all of our Christmas decorations, play holiday music, bake cookies and start decorating.

I’ve been excited to recreate those memories with my own daughter, and this is the first year she’s old enough to enjoy the process.  Of course, this year we happen to be traveling, but a few days before we left, we pulled our decorations and made a huge mess started decorating.

I am not especially crafty, but I like attempting very simple holiday themed crafts that we can hold onto year after year. We have countless homemade ornaments, including these Gingerbread Ornaments from a couple of years ago:

So far, only one has broke! I used this gingerbread ornament recipe.  I’m considering making them again this year, and using a simple applesauce-cinnamon recipe.  L would have a blast helping, and we could give some away as gifts to her friends or teachers.

Last year, I attempted a simple wreath using up scraps of fabric that I had sitting around.  This is a no-sew project, inspired by this wreath.

These cranberry-popcorn garlands are three years old, and they held up great until this year. Storing them in a hot and humid Texas garage was probably not the best idea.  We’ll have to re-create these again soon.

I’m trying to decide what to make this year.  I was considering a banner, like this countdown one:

Or these Joy Blocks:

Or an advent calendar (it’s made from wrapping paper rolls!):

Do you have Black Friday traditions? Are there homemade decorations in your stash?



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