Track date

It’s been a sad morning.  We dropped grandma and grandpa off at the airport early this morning, and L is missing them today.  Goodbyes are hard! But we had a great time playing tourist in Texas.

I managed to squeeze in a few shorter runs, but have one special running highlight from the weekend:

A date at the track.  Even better than a personal date with the track (although I am in need of one of those soon.)

My in-laws happily babysat so we could get out for an evening, and my husband suggested catching the track and field meet at Rice University.  It was a blast! I think the last time I was at a track meet was when I ran in middle school, and in that setting my1:30  was good enough for second place in the 400m. Ha!

This meet was the real deal. Before each new distance, we would try to guess what the best finishing times would be for the men and women.  And they blew us away every time.  It was so inspiring!

(Women moving so fast, they’re just a blur.  Sorry for the poor pictures from my phone).

Here’s an example of their capabilities: the men’s 400 winner came in at 49.38 seconds, the 800 best time was 1:51.07 and the 5k was 14:27.

The women’s 100 dash winner came in at 11.74 seconds, the 400 in 55.56, and the 800 best time was 2:12.

The night before, one of Rice’s women broke the school’s 5k record with 16:03.  She had just broke the 10k record a few weeks earlier with a time of 32:40, which makes her eligible for the Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon. How cool would it be if she went all the way and I could say I saw her in a college track meet?

It was one of my favorite dates in a long time.

Have you ever gone to a track meet (or participated in one)? Unfortunately, this was the last one of the season, but I can’t wait to go back!

Bloggers meet up and Olympic Trials!

I’ll get a race report up soon, but I made my goal! Thanks so much for the supportive comments! Chip time was 1:41:03, with a minute to spare. 🙂

This weekend was a blast.  I was a little nervous that my legs would be tired from all the standing, but it was well worth it!

Friday morning I got to meet my blogging friend Andrea, who was here to watch the Olympic Trials Saturday morning.  We met up at the Children’s Museum where our kids could run around and play while we got to know each other better.  She was really sweet, and we realized we have a lot more in common than running!

I got up bright and early Saturday morning to meet some other bloggers downtown to watch the Olympic Trials.  It wasn’t nearly as packed as I expected it to be, so we snatched a great spot at mile 2, at the start of the 8 mile loop, so we caught them three more times as they ran by, at miles 10, 18 and 26.  Because the women started 15 minutes after the men, there was never much of a break before one of the groups would come running through.  What a blast! I knew it would be exciting, but I felt like a like a giddy little kid.

Blogger buddies: Me, Kellie, Terzah, Holly, Amanda & Corey

Girls coming at mile 2

Desi up close

Top four guys, mile 10

Guys mile 18

Abdi at mile 26

Shalane, clearly the winner, at mile 26

After the race, Corey and I headed over to the Expo to get our packets and wonder around.  Apparently, everyone else had the same idea –watch the Trials and hit the Expo afterwards, so it was difficult to maneuver through.  But it was great to have extra time to chat with her!

We split ways, and I met up with other blogging buddies, Kathy, and Terzah for a talk by Run Like a Mother authors, and lunch before heading home to rest my legs a bit.  They both lucked out with some special volunteer opportunities this weekend– Kathy as a volunteer medic for the Trials this morning, and Terzah with a press pass!  I loved hearing the inside scoop on the elite athletes. It was great fun to hang out in person, after following one another’s blogs throughout this training season.

They had plans to meet Dimity and Sarah (from Run Like a Mother) for dinner, and were sweet enough to invite me along! Great running-mama talk and delicious pasta was the perfect way to prep for the morning. I’ve been reading articles by Sarah and Dimity for years, and it was somewhat surreal to meet them and realize that yes, they do exist in the real world.  🙂

All of these women were so sweet and supportive.  Runners are such a special community! These girls all ran strong, impressive races this morning, too.