Lazy staycation

There is no ‘what I ate Wednesday’ post this week, although I wish I would have remembered to take pictures all day (or weekend)… it’s been one treat after another with meals out, rich foods, and too many desserts.

My sister and husband flew back to North Carolina on Monday, and my parents leave for PA today.

Entertaining family all weekend forced us to get out and do more than we usually do, trying to give them a bit of the Texas experience (as much as is possible in the city).  We got to the beach:

The local BBQ:

Walked around campus where daddy works, had some good Mexican food, walked around some shops and the Chocolate Bar, played games, had lots of L entertainment, and took L to an egg hunt at the local park:

It’s tricky to balance family time with training.  I’m prioritizing family time as it’s a relatively short visit.  I managed to get in a few short runs and a spin class yesterday, but have been pretty lazy.

I haven’t changed any diapers or touched the dirty dishes since my mom arrived, and we had a wonderful date night out last night.  We’re ready to get back to “normal” but I think we’ll all be going through some withdrawal tomorrow.

I’m really behind on blog reading, but I look forward to catching up and hearing what you are all up to.  Please let me know if I’m missing any race recaps, training updates, or new recipes!

Unconventional training and the Resolution run

The Houston half marathon is two weeks away, and I was planning to run 12-13 miles yesterday morning.  However, after over a week in PA with running as my only exercise option, I came home feeling slight twinges in my shin.  I’m technically supposed to be adding speed and distance very gradually (after taking time off running in Aug/Sept/Oct), and glancing over my last few weeks, I realized I’ve been pushing myself with a few races and not exactly taking it easy.  It’s hard to start back slowly when I’m feeling good and I always want to ramp my mileage up too quickly. So tricky!

My gut says my shin is fine, but I decided to be conservative, and replaced my 12 mile run with one hour on the arc trainer and one hour cycling.  This is by far the most unconventional training cycle I’ve ever had! I usually run a minimum of 4 days/week, with some easy cross training thrown in.  This cycle, I’m only running 3 relatively easy days, and using 2-3 spinning classes for speed/hill work and weights to stay strong.  I only got up to 10 miles on my long run, and will do a gradual taper now until the race.  Despite this, I’m hoping to shave a couple of minutes off my last half marathon’s time.  Who knows what will happen!

In my excitement to participate in so many great virtual races, I had also signed up for the Resolution run, hosted by Amanda, to be run January 1!  I recruited my husband and daughter for an easy 3.1 mile loop near our house.  What a treat to start the new year off with a family run, on a gorgeous sunny morning!

Finally, thank you for the many encouraging words on my 2011 year in review.  I’m excited to see what the new year will bring for all of you as well!  I’ll post my 2012 Goals tomorrow!

Home again, home again

It is nice to be home.  We got back this afternoon from our week+ visit in PA, and are slowly settling back in.  I am really behind in blog-reading, so I hope to soon be caught up on everything.

We had a really nice trip, and split the time evenly between my family and my husband’s family, as they only live an hour away from each other.  L got spoiled with grandparent time at my house (the only grandchild) and loved playing with all her cousins at daddy’s house.  We were all wiped out by the end, as she was waking up earlier and earlier each morning and naps got shorter and shorter, too.  Hopefully we will all sleep in tomorrow and get her back on track quickly.

I did get out for a number of runs, and had a blast participating in the Home for the Holidays Virtual 10k.  This morning, I took my camera along for one final run at my in-laws house.  The 5.5 mile loop is so peaceful, and includes a mix of woods, farmland and a few challenging hills in the countryside. I even had a chicken cross the road in front of me! Here’s what I enjoyed on my run:

Despite getting in fewer runs and missing my spinning classes, I do always find it refreshing to run new routes and to run for fun, rather than distance.

Are you feeling refreshed after the holidays? If you were traveling, did you get to run through new scenery?