Fitbloggin Recap part two + Drink Chia sampling

Time for part two! If you missed it, check out part one of my Fitbloggin recap first.

Our alarm got us up bright and early Saturday and we headed down to check out the JumpSport Trampoline BOUNCE camp.  I overlooked this play on words until afterwards, but it was most definitely boot camp style.  I had no idea I was going to sweat that much!  Mr. Gumby-Spider-Man led a Tabata-style workout.  It was much more intense than I expected, and really well done.

Afterwards, I set up the Drink Chia sampling table and had a blast sharing this deliciousness.  It was a huge hit!

What’s not to love? Superfood chia seeds contain omega 3, protein, antioxidants, iron, calcium, and fiber, providing endurance and energy in fresh flavors and natural ingredients, all for 40 calories.

In between the Drink Chia sampling fun, I had another packed afternoon with sessions including Turn Your Post into an Article with Susan Ito, Taking Your Online Community Offline with Alicia Hansen, Drive More Traffic through SEO with Brandi Koskie and Monetizing through the Pitch with Kelly Olexa (Fitfluential founder!)

After another lovely dinner break and evening reception, I was wiped out!

Sunday was the 5k “fun run” and a final breakfast.  It was a beautiful morning, even a little chilly (I won’t feel those temps again until November!) I ran with Lindsay, Meg, Amanda, Ericka, and Lauren.  Loved getting to know these awesome ladies better!

After breakfast and goodbyes, I spent a few hours in the DC area with one of my best friends from childhood before catching my plane home. Such a treat!

While I intended to crash, I spent the flight home replaying the weekend and processing what I learned…. what I enjoy, where I want to go, who I am and who I am not.  I’ll share more of my reflections soon.

Roni did an incredible job organizing this conference.  On top of the stellar presentations, delicious food, wonderful sponsors and socializing festivities, it was one of the most supportive environments I’ve ever experienced in a conference setting.  Everyone was welcome, whether they were a fitness professional or had 100 pounds to lose, whether they were a “professional” blogger or brand new on the scene.  Such a warm atmosphere is extremely hard to capture. Well done, Roni!

I arrived home to a happy husband and sleeping toddler, and this lovely hand made sign, with a welcome home bar of fair trade dark chocolate:

It’s good to be home! Now it’s time to get unpacked and organize all my goodies…

A HUGE thank you to my friends at Drink Chia for the opportunity to attend this conference and represent their brilliant drinks! I hope to do it all over again next year in Portland!

Weekend Workouts

Thanks for supporting Sarah in her purposeful running story yesterday, and for the interest in the series overall… I’m really enjoying sharing these stories and learning more about you all, and the power of a good run!

On Friday, I mentioned I would be seeing the doctor and would ask him about my sore ankle… I was shocked that he gave me good news!  Because none of the three key ligaments around my ankle are sore, he said I am fine to continue running because the forward-back motion won’t affect my ankle’s healing process.  It is sometimes still a bit tender to the touch on the outer edge of my ankle, but he isn’t worried about that affecting my running.  Hooray!

So I celebrated this weekend with a couple walking/running outings. Saturday morning, I did an easy 6.2 mile run.  It was a HOT and humid morning, so I was especially thankful to have water along.  I finished the run in 54:24, feeling good.

Later that morning, I got to meet up with Holly for a 3 mile walk.  We had a great time catching up and commiserating with our injured status.  I hope we can run together sometimes when we’re both back at it!

On Sunday, I was itching to run again, and had planned to go to a spinning class at 4pm.  I decided to run the 2.5 miles over and back.

After the spin class, my legs were warmed up and itching to just GO.  So I let them, and ran home a bit faster than the way over.

Avg Pace
Summary 38:36.0 5.01 7:42
1 8:31.8 1.00 8:31
2 7:56.8 1.00 7:56
3 7:43.7 1.00 7:43
4 7:16.9 1.00 7:16
5 7:02.1 1.00 7:02

It’s amazing how good it felt to run fast! I’m bummed that I most likely won’t be trained and ready for the April marathon as I planned, but am looking forward to squeezing in a few more short races before the heat overtakes us down here.  I signed up for a 4 mile race on April 7th, and a local 5k on April 14th.  It’s nice to have something on the schedule to look forward to!

Finally, I am featured on FitBlogger today, feel free to pop over there and check it out.

How was your weekend?


Tagged- a few more questions

Before I get to the tag, I wanted to make a quick announcement that if anyone will be in the greater Houston area and would like to run together on Saturday in honor of Sherry Arnold, please send me a private message or email for details.  Thanks!

I was tagged a few times for the 11 Things post, and since you’ve all heard plenty of random things about me lately (21 Things, Versatile Blogger), I’ll skip the 11 random facts and answer a few questions from each of you…

Questions from Corey at Schnoodles of Fun

1) Since everyone I tagged is a runner, what is your favorite running memory? It could be a race, a long run,  a great workout, a breakthrough, or even spectating someone else’s race…  completing my first marathon, and proving to myself that I could do it!
2) What is your favorite thing about your spouse/significant other? Great question! I love that we share the same values, and tackle life together, including simple chores like laundry and dishes.
3) What is your ideal way to spend a Saturday? Long run; long, hot shower; big breakfast; a break from parenting duties for another hour or two to enjoy peace and quiet; then family activities and a nap in the afternoon.  Movie and homemade popcorn with my husband after L goes to bed.
4) When was the last time you cried? Driving through the Texas floods a few weeks ago with L in the back seat, trying to figure out how to get home!

Questions from Nicole at Running While Mommy

1. What is your favorite book? Anything about racial disparity/ reconciliation tugs at me… Roots, Uncle Tom’s Cabin and To Kill a Mockingbird would be toward the top
2. What is your best childhood memory? Playing outside, jumping on the trampoline, running around with neighbors… the simple, carefree life of a child
3.  Do you have any regrets? Nothing that I can pinpoint, other than caring too much about what other people thought when I was younger
4. What movie can you watch over and over again? Sound of Music or Fiddler on the Roof, or any musical, really  🙂

Questions from Mandy at No Standing Still

1.  What is your favorite dessert? Anything chocolate, the darker the better
2.  What time do you wake up in the morning? When my daughter wakes up, between 6:30 and 7:30 am
3.  When you run – music or no? No, I never got in the habit and now I really like the quiet time to think.
4.  What’s the hardest thing physically that you’ve accomplished? Marathon or natural childbirth, hard to choose…
5.  Have you ever been to a country other than the one you live in?  Where? Canada, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Argentina, Italy and France

Q&A from Texas Runner Mom

1. What is your favorite meal to make?
I prefer baking to cooking… oatmeal raisin cookies or anything with chocolate or peanut butter so I can lick the bowl as I go along.  🙂
2. If money was no issue how many races would you try to do in a year?
Probably about one a month, with 3-4 half marathons, a few 10k’s and 5k’s and maybe one marathon per year.
3. Have Pets? What kind?
No, my husband and I both grew up with lots of pets, but I’m not interested in the extra responsibility right now.  Maybe someday.
4. Last movie you went to a theater to see?  The Help… I cried.

From Running, Loving, Living:

1) Where would you love to live?  Closer to grandparents on the East Coast… Philly, DC or NY area
2) Hot or Cold? I am always cold, so I prefer the heat!
3) What is your favorite food? Peanut butter and chocolate, it’s a tie.
4) What is your favorite exercise? Definitely running! 🙂

And since I’ve been neglecting to tag people, I’ll tag a few this time.  If you’re up for it, list eleven random things about you, pick eleven of the questions above to answer, and then ask 11 new questions for your choice of bloggers to answer.  If you’re not up for it, no worries!

If I didn’t tag you, I’d love to hear your answer in the comments to one or two of the questions above!

Bloggers meet up and Olympic Trials!

I’ll get a race report up soon, but I made my goal! Thanks so much for the supportive comments! Chip time was 1:41:03, with a minute to spare. 🙂

This weekend was a blast.  I was a little nervous that my legs would be tired from all the standing, but it was well worth it!

Friday morning I got to meet my blogging friend Andrea, who was here to watch the Olympic Trials Saturday morning.  We met up at the Children’s Museum where our kids could run around and play while we got to know each other better.  She was really sweet, and we realized we have a lot more in common than running!

I got up bright and early Saturday morning to meet some other bloggers downtown to watch the Olympic Trials.  It wasn’t nearly as packed as I expected it to be, so we snatched a great spot at mile 2, at the start of the 8 mile loop, so we caught them three more times as they ran by, at miles 10, 18 and 26.  Because the women started 15 minutes after the men, there was never much of a break before one of the groups would come running through.  What a blast! I knew it would be exciting, but I felt like a like a giddy little kid.

Blogger buddies: Me, Kellie, Terzah, Holly, Amanda & Corey

Girls coming at mile 2

Desi up close

Top four guys, mile 10

Guys mile 18

Abdi at mile 26

Shalane, clearly the winner, at mile 26

After the race, Corey and I headed over to the Expo to get our packets and wonder around.  Apparently, everyone else had the same idea –watch the Trials and hit the Expo afterwards, so it was difficult to maneuver through.  But it was great to have extra time to chat with her!

We split ways, and I met up with other blogging buddies, Kathy, and Terzah for a talk by Run Like a Mother authors, and lunch before heading home to rest my legs a bit.  They both lucked out with some special volunteer opportunities this weekend– Kathy as a volunteer medic for the Trials this morning, and Terzah with a press pass!  I loved hearing the inside scoop on the elite athletes. It was great fun to hang out in person, after following one another’s blogs throughout this training season.

They had plans to meet Dimity and Sarah (from Run Like a Mother) for dinner, and were sweet enough to invite me along! Great running-mama talk and delicious pasta was the perfect way to prep for the morning. I’ve been reading articles by Sarah and Dimity for years, and it was somewhat surreal to meet them and realize that yes, they do exist in the real world.  🙂

All of these women were so sweet and supportive.  Runners are such a special community! These girls all ran strong, impressive races this morning, too.