Sunday tidbits…

1) Long Run: What a gorgeous day for a run yesterday! Sunny and 60’s here… I must say, living in Texas is growing on me.  🙂  It was one of the first runs in a long time that I felt really strong the whole way through, and wanted to keep going.  I ran 12 miles at an even 9:00 min/mile pace.  I’ve always resonated with the advice that says give your body one day of recovery for each mile you race before you can expect to feel “normal” again… yesterday was day 13 after racing 13 miles, and I could tell my legs were back.

2) Race Updates:  I was debating racing the Houston Fit 5k this morning, but in my delay to register, I missed the deadline.  So I’m obviously not running it.  But I did officially register for the Austin half in February… yay! This is also our first visit to Austin, so any tips for activities or sights with a toddler in tow?

3) Blogging Schedule: Lately, I’ve been falling into a pretty consistent blogging pattern… Monday, Wednesday, Friday and once over the weekend.  I like having a schedule, and a day on/day off is much more manageable with computer time management.  It’s flexible, of course, (I plan to break it this week with a January recap on Tuesday), but I enjoy connecting with Wednesday’s WIAW posts, and the Fitness Friday group most weeks.

4) Training: I’m mapping out a training schedule for the next few months that I’ll share later this week.

5) New shoes:  It’s time for an update!  I love Brooks, and have spent the last several cycles in Glycerins.  For some reason the latest model (9, I believe?) was irritating my Achilles, so I might venture out and try something new.  I’ve heard so many good things about the Brooks Cadence and Brooks PureFlow, so I’m going to look into these, (thanks Robin for the vlog!) Any other suggestions, especially along the lines of transitioning to a slightly more minimalist shoe?

Forward and back

Last Saturday I ventured out on my longest run yet, since my running break.  I went a little over 8 miles, and was feeling good.  With the 5k Turkey trot around the corner, I overrode my better judgement and wanted to add a little speed work toward the end.  I did two 400’s and held a 10k pace for the last mile.  It felt great to run fast again, until I stopped and felt a twinge of achilles soreness … this is what started the shin pain last time.  Argh!  I was so determined to come back slowly, but it was just too tempting to push myself, and I know it’s my fault.  So I’m backing off running again this week, and am thankful that I’ve come to enjoy the spinning classes at our Y!  They’ve been keeping my sane and giving me a much-needed endorphin rush while I slowly get back to running.