Sustainability and #thewholeyou

This post is sponsored by Stonyfield.  All opinions, as always, are my own.

Stonyfield first introduced me to Prana a few years ago, and this month we’re linking up with them again to celebrate #thewholeyou.

Since connecting with Prana and their sustainability movement, I’ve added their jeans, a dress, shorts, a tee, a swimsuit and jeans for my husband to our wardrobe.  And probably more that I’m forgetting.

And thanks to this month’s partnership, another pair of super cute, comfy shorts!

These are the Tess short, color Koi.

Most of you know sustainability is important to me.  We do what we can, which right now means buying more local foods (CSA) and fair trade coffee and chocolate, composting our food scraps and using them in our soil, growing some of our own food in the little garden space that we have, and making as much as we can from scratch.

I wish we could afford all organic cotton and bamboo clothing, mattresses, and household goods but it gets a little crazy.  Setting aside some of my clothing budget for high quality, sustainable clothing makes me feel like I’m giving back in a small way.

This is why we’ve always used Stonyfield too, as they focus on sustainable farming, organic dairy farming, and surviving against the big name yogurt brands that don’t carry the same values. (And they can now proudly claim to be a B Corp organization, too!)

Of course, #thewholeyou concept for me also includes running, parenting, getting ourdoors when we can, good food, good reads, being my own boss, and always learning.

My go to snack lately is Stonyfield’s whole fat Greek yogurt with muesli… I love to see this switch in the dairy industry back to full fat.  Why mess with what nature produces?

If you haven’t tried any of Prana’s organic cotton, recycled and sustainable clothes, you can get 15% off an entire purchase through May 31st with code WHOLES17MRF.

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Have you tried any of Prana’s clothing line?

What’s your go to snack lately?

7 thoughts on “Sustainability and #thewholeyou

  1. Those shorts are super cute! I’ve not tried anything from PrAna. I do strongly believe in sustainability, but it’s just not in our budget right now. I should try to make it more of a priority, but it’s hard to resist the cheaper options.

    I’m glad to hear that Stoneyfield focuses on sustainability as well. I try to buy only organic dairy because I feel that it’s a more likely to be from animals that were treated humanely. I actually have some Stoneyfield’s Organic yogurt in my fridge right now.
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