Surviving the Treadmill

Has anyone else run more on the treadmill this last week or two than all of last winter?!

I can’t remember the last time we’ve had this many days of single digit temps in a row.  I am not a big fan of the treadmill but 20-25 degrees is about my limit to outdoor running.  I will occasionally run in colder temps, but I run because I enjoy it and honestly, there is not much I enjoy about a cold run.

So I’ve run the last 6 or so runs on the treadmill, with a long treadmill run coming up this weekend when the high is supposed to be 5!

Here are a few tips for surviving the treadmill:

Incline: To ensure that your workout is imitating an outdoor run, set the incline to 1%.  On easy runs, I like to throw in a few quarter mile repeats at 2 or 2.5% incline now and then for some gentle rolling hills, at a nice slow pace.

Music: I never use music outside, so music is one of the ‘treats’ of treadmill running for me.  I use playlists from fitness classes I teach so the music is high energy and motivating.

Cover the dashboard: I go crazy if I see the mileage creeping up slowly so it works best for me to throw a towel or running jacket over the top of the treadmill and only check in occasionally so I’m not thinking about how much further I have to go.

Interval runs: My favorite! I love how fast time flies by when I do interval workouts on the treadmill.  For a fartlek workout, this can be short bursts of speed on the chorus of a song with easy running between.  Or it can include a ‘track’ or tempo workout that would normally be done outside.  With the pace changing frequently, these runs pass quickly.

I shared a few treadmill workouts I like here.

Netflix: Like music, the distraction of catching up on a show is a perk to the treadmill.  This works best for easy runs.

What other tips do you have?

Are you more likely to brave the cold or head to the treadmill?

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8 thoughts on “Surviving the Treadmill

  1. I love to hate the treadmill but I’m so glad I have one on days that it’s beyond my comfort zone. I usually will get out in most everything but when it’s below zero, it’s not my favorite. Running with friends makes it easier…in a way. Thankfully, right now my mileage is still low so I don’t have to worry about logging super long miles outside. I can gut it out for less than 10! 🙂
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  2. Since I help care for a feral cat colony near the path where I run, I have a little more motivation to run outside. But I did ladder intervals on the mill today, which I love, and will definitely hit the mill tomorrow and Saturday instead of suffering though extremely frigid conditions. I think headphones are my biggest mill tip. Without them, it is simply a torture device 😉

    Re: incline, I thought the 1% rule was true too, until I read about a study that showed raising the incline at 1% only really simulated outdoor conditions if your pace is 7:09 or faster (which yours is, obv, speedy lady). But hey, even if that’s not your pace, it still gives you an edge! Here’s the article: Happy New Year!
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  3. I have never been a fan of the treadmill. I used to own one and ended up selling it because I preferred to walk and run outdoors. I do like my Bowflex Max Trainer though. I find music or turning on a television show helps me to get my mind off how hard the workout is.

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