Sugar Detox Challenge- Round Two

Hi friends!

It’s good to be home again and back to a normal week.  Back to spin class tomorrow, track night, and a mini-taper for Saturday’s 5k.

I think I can hit my sub-20 goal, but I’m not stressing about it.  Paces felt much easier in PA and NJ last week, so if it’s a giant flop, I’ll try again when we’re living in a place with less humidity!

Part of getting back on track is eating well again.  I’ve continued to cut way back on my dark chocolate and sugar, although I fell off that wagon a bit while traveling.

The tricky thing with sugar is that you can retrain your body not to desire it, but when you start eating it again, the cycles can easily start all over.

Nearly 250 people participated in the first sugar detox and many of you asked for a second one.  So let’s do round two!

Edited to add: This challenge is complete.  I now offer a monthly Sugar Detox Jumpstart teleconference.  Find more information here!


Like the first one, it’s a 7-day detox with no added sugar.  Fruit and naturally sweet foods are fine.  You can add the additional challenge of avoiding processed foods as well.

The challenge will run from Monday, May 6 -Sunday, May 12, 2013.

If you’re new to the challenge, check out these posts from the first round:

Of course, it’s not all fun and games.  Many participants reported initial withdrawal symptoms, headaches and irritability.  If it happens to you, hold on for a few days and those symptoms will lessen.

But many others of you shared more energy, better sleep and no afternoon sugar crash.

Sign Up: If you’re in, add your name below.  I’ll email everyone an (optional) accountability form for tracking all week.  You can add any comments you’d like to each day’s notes. I’ll also host a teleconference for those interested in learning more about sugar addiction and cravings.

Prizes: There will be several prizes again, drawn at random.  Prizes include a no (or low) sugar box of snacks from Nature Box, Lock Laces, and Sambazon Smoothies.

And if you’re not at all interested and think I’m crazy, that’s fine, too.  🙂  I know it’s extremely challenging!

This month’s newsletter describes some of the primary causes of cravings.  If you’d like to subscribe, you can do so here.

Are you up for round two? What foods do you crave the most?

88 thoughts on “Sugar Detox Challenge- Round Two

  1. i’m sure pregnancy is a great time to do this, but i’m using it as an excuse 🙂 i’m already planning to jump on the sugar detox bandwagon this summer when i don’t have so many excuses!
    Amanda K. recently posted..34 weeks…and doneMy Profile

  2. You are so right…just a little bit and it’s easy to get right back into craving sugar again. I have been pretty solid since mid-February and i think one of the reasons is that I know that little bit is all it would take!

    I think you’re gonna nail that sub-20!
    misszippy recently posted..I ran a half marathon yesterdayMy Profile

  3. I’m in! After doing so well during the 1st challenge I got back into my chocolate ways a couple of weeks ago. Although I will admit that I have not been buying dark chocolate chips just because I know it’s too easy to go overboard on. My downfall is at work. We have a patient that is called “Candy Man.” He visits every floor of the hospital and gives out Hershey chocolate to all the staff. It’s a very nice thing to do but not if you are trying to nip your chocolate intake!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Marathon Monday Week 11My Profile

  4. Really enjoyed the challenge last time and was just saying yesterday that I needed another challenge to get myself back on track!! Great timing ! Thanks.

  5. I tried last time and didn’t make it very far – willing to give this another shot!

  6. Oh man, I really want to do this! But I’m visiting my family until May 8, then hosting a bridal shower 5/11, and it’s Mother’s Day 5/12. But I guess successfully doing #sugardetox during a busy week would be more satisfying. We shall see! 🙂
    Jen recently posted..New York, New YorkMy Profile

  7. I am SO up for round two! WHile I haven’t been totally sugar free since the last detox, I can say that I haven’t enjoyed the few sweets I’ve had as much. They aren’t hitting the ‘spot’ the way they once did. Yay!
    Marcia recently posted..Race Report: Loop the Lakes 5kMy Profile

  8. You totally got the sub 20!!!
    I still don’t know if I will be in the actual challenge – I do so much better if I don’t completely cut myself off (rarely crave sugar) but the minute I tell myself it’s off limits I NEED it!! (I know it’s mental!)
    I just recently read that probiotics (which I just started taking regularly) help control sugar cravings – do you know anything about that? (I can’t remember where I read it.)
    Kim recently posted..How do you Define Yourself?My Profile

    • Hey Kim! Yes- you are not alone in finding cravings getting worse when you tell yourself they are off limits. 🙂 As for probiotics, I haven’t written about it but they can definitely help… good bacteria helps eat the bad and clean up the gut. Curious to see if you notice a difference!
      Laura recently posted..April RecapMy Profile

  9. So in! I’ve been keeping up with the #sugardetox save for about one day a week. It’s definitely true that you can retrain the body (and how quickly you can untrain it). I found that I got queasy the morning after my birthday indulgence.

    Of course, this round means Mothers Day with no cinnamon rolls.
    Kimberly @ Healthy Strides recently posted..Avoiding the mommy trapMy Profile

    • I’ve been doing the same- usually giving in on the weekends. I as thinking I might have to let Mother’s day be optional, that’s gonna be tough for a lot of women! 🙂
      Laura recently posted..April RecapMy Profile

  10. Good luck in your sub 20! Running in TX gets challenging this time of year. I am running my last races til fall in May (I live in the Dallas area). You will enjoy the crisper air in e NE.

    Your sugar detox is coming at the perfect time for me (I just downed 4 Oreos). I was doing so well cutting sugary foods and the cycle restarted. 🙁 I have given up soda pretty much for good though! Baby steps….

    • Yes! May is usually my last race here, too. The summer’s are brutal! Glad you’re in for the challenge, and way to go on soda! Baby steps is definitely the way to go.
      Laura recently posted..April RecapMy Profile

  11. I think a round 2 of this would really help me, I need to be more on point with my eating habits! Although I had a good (but busy) race weekend, I know that if my nutrition was better I would have felt better during it.
    Laura recently posted..My First DuathlonMy Profile

  12. I have been 100% off sugar for 10 years. Feel phenomenal. That being said, if I ever do get a “sweets” craving, I adore BUTTERNUT squash, roasted up… Or I dig into Wink Frozen Desserts (sadly, not widely available – unless you live in the NY, CT, NJ area)! I have some other sweet alternatives coming tomorrow on my blog 🙂
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted..Giving Away a Bathing Suit BodyMy Profile

  13. I am in for Round 2! I did pretty well the first round, but the last couple of days of the challenge I wasn’t as great. Then it’s like starting all over again! I had already planned to start the detox this week, but I’ll stick around for next week as well. It will be good motivation for me to keep going!
    Alicia recently posted..It’s a (Half) Marathon, Not a SprintMy Profile

  14. I am thrilled that you are offering this again and so soon! I’ve almost decided to do another sugar detox on my own about three times now, but I really need the accountability to get me there. It worked so well for me last time!

    I’m going to be camping and on vacation for that week, so unfortunately, I don’t think it would be wise to participate. I need my dose of s’mores when I’m camping! I’ll still think about it, though… Maybe if I can convince the hubby…
    Melissa @ Freeing Imperfections recently posted..Weekend Snapshots: Spring is Here!My Profile

    • Yes, camping would be a really tough time to avoid it!! Have a fun time- I’m thinking we’ll do it again, maybe at the start of each season or something like that. Have a fun trip!
      Laura recently posted..April RecapMy Profile

  15. I have not gone back to my evil sugar ways after the first challenge. I eat “clean” during the weekdays and enjoy one or two treats over the weekend. However, I’ll have to pass this time. I’m leaving for a tropical beach vacation and I’m looking forward to a few pretty cocktails while enjoying the relaxation. Good luck to everyone! It’s the best thing I’ve done for my diet.

  16. I would like to try it. I don’t use sugar at all. I use Stevia on occasion.

    I have lost weight when not eating sugar. It also helps my joints.

  17. Welcome home! Although I rarely consume regular sugar (only Xylitol and raw honey) I like the idea of your challenge! I actually don’t have many sweet cravings. After I did the Paleo challenge, I have been consuming more healthy fats in my diet, which I think has helped to minimize cravings. Good luck with your upcoming race!
    Melissa @ Fit ‘n’ Well Mommy recently posted..A Marvelous Weekend!My Profile

  18. So glad for this! I did so well the first time… and then my husband came home from Guam and it was his birthday. Let’s just say the last 5 days haven’t been great. But I did dump a bunch of desserts in the trash this morning to make sure I couldn’t have them later.
    Oh boy, was I feeling the effects of the sugar and grains again. I have been sleepy, lethargic and dizzy since going back to them.
    We should do this at least once a month 🙂

    • Isn’t it amazing how much more you notice the affects of grain and sugar? I’ve been feeling it too when I indulge. Glad you’re in again!!
      Laura recently posted..April RecapMy Profile

  19. You are amazing. I’m not going to get all caught up in comparisons but if I could get a sub35 for a 5K I would be happy-LOL!!
    I’m in for Sugar Detox #2. Sugar is slowly creeping back into my daily eating habits. I need to nip it in the bud!

    • Sub 35 is an awesome goal, Monica! It’s hard not to compare- I battle it too, there is always someone faster and stronger. It should really just be a challenge to beat ourselves. 🙂 Glad you’re in for the detox again!
      Laura recently posted..April RecapMy Profile

  20. I will give it a try again. I did well the first time with no processed foods also, but will probably not be that strict this time I will definitely cheat on Mother’s day!!! I have been doing the vegetarian challenge with Life As I See It and find I don’t miss the meat at all but I do like my whole grains.

    • Yes- Mother’s day will be tricky. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll give up all processed foods this time, it does make it hard!!
      Laura recently posted..April RecapMy Profile

  21. I love your challenges. It’s more of a motivation to look at what we’re eating and fueling! that’s important!

  22. We eat very little sugar as it is. I think I’ve had the same small bag of sugar in my cabinet for months. But since we don’t buy cereals, crackers, etc already, it will be easy to keep track of. Its all the processed foods that’s its hidden in for sure, under 15 different names! Unless I add sugar to our foods, its not there. And when I sweeten our foods I used mashed banana, pineapple, dates, and sometimes a little honey or maple syrup on special occasion.
    lindsay @ fuel my family recently posted..Lemon Poppy Seed MuffinsMy Profile

    • You’re so right about the 15 different names!! And you’re such a great mom- way to go on all the alternatives you already use.
      Laura recently posted..April RecapMy Profile

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    • Yay, Laura! Glad you’re in! Ideally stevia is out, but I’ll let that up to you. Dates and dried fruit are fine!
      Laura recently posted..April RecapMy Profile

  24. This could not have come at a better time. It has been difficult around here to stay on the wagon. I could use the encouragement and accountability!! In addition to giving up added sugar and processed foods, I am going to be dairy free this time around. I had been doing so well in that area, but have allowed myself to indulge a few too many times. And I have been feeling the affects.
    Lauren recently posted..Right HereMy Profile

  25. I love that you’re doing this again. I’ve been looking hard at my sources of sugar and do see that I don’t go overboard. I do have treats, but it’s definitely not a daily thing. Now, please don’t ask me to give up coffee.
    Carrie @ recently posted..Healthy Ever AfterMy Profile

  26. Wow, what a fantastic job 🙂 I started a first round and I’m still eating sugar free since about 3 months (not sure if it’s the same challenge? I can’t explain it but I sleep less, but feel way better in the morning.
    Good luck to you,

    • I’m so glad you’re still going strong, Elma- that is fantastic! It makes such a difference in how we feel, doesn’t it?
      Laura recently posted..April RecapMy Profile

  27. I was planning on starting a new diet on Monday that requires me to give up both so I’m all in. We’ll see how I do. I think processed foods are the worst for me. But even if you don’t think it has sugar all processed foods seem to have some level of sugar.
    Carli recently posted..May Loves!My Profile

    • Oh, that’s perfect timing- glad you’re in! And you’re so right, sugar has many other names- it’s in almost everything processed!
      Laura recently posted..April RecapMy Profile

  28. When I read this post earlier in the week I thought, meh, I *could* join in but I don’t eat *that* much sugar…after a huge bowl of froyo today I decided a need a break from desserts…I’m joining in and am excited for it!
    Danica @ It’s Progression recently posted..workouts 4/28 – 5/4My Profile

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