Sprint for Life 5k Recap

Saturday was the Sprint for Life 5k… the last race on my schedule with a time goal, as Houston’s temps are steadily climbing.  My previous 5k pr was 20:22, and I ran a 5k 6 weeks ago in 20:25.  Since then, I’ve been training for a sub-20 5k.  Six weeks is not as long as I would have liked, but it is certainly enough to make a difference.  I was even starting to look forward to the track workouts with my running group!

We lucked out this week with a bit of a cool front and conditions were ideal for racing this weekend- in the low 50s with just a bit of wind.

This race is only 2 miles from our house, so I jogged there as a warm up and my husband and daughter biked over to watch.

The warm up miles felt good.  I stashed my long sleeved shirt behind a tree, and lined up near the front.  I chatted with a few other runners and learned the girl in front of me was hoping for 19:xx as well so I decided to try to keep her in sight!

The warm up miles felt good.  I stashed my long sleeved shirt behind a tree, and lined up near the front.  I chatted with a few other runners and learned the girl in front of me was hoping for 19:xx as well so I decided to try to keep her in sight!

We took off right on time, and started a little too fast, as usual.

I lost the girl in front of me almost immediately, but knew I had to settle into my own race.  The first mile was the fastest I’ve clocked in a 5k.  Mile one- 6:18

To break 20 minutes, I had to average 6:26 per mile, so I was encouraged to have a few seconds in the bank.  I knew I couldn’t hold that pace but tried to keep my legs moving quickly.  Mile two- 6:29

Time was flying by and I was feeling good! The pep talk began when I began to feel tired in the 3rd mile.  I was still amazed at how much better I was feeling than my last 5k (thank you, cool weather!) and focused on staying as consistent as possible and not letting the pace slip away.  Mile 3- 6:29

We made the final turn and I picked up the pace.  I could see a 19 on the clock and knew it was going to be close.  Final .1- 6:12 pace

The clock turned to 20 just a few seconds before I crossed the line!

It took me a few seconds to remember to stop my Garmin, so I wasn’t sure what my final chip would be.

I met up with my cheering squad and we headed over to the food and kids area.  I snatched extra egg tacos for the family.  🙂

After some snacking, results were posted and I found my final time: 20:01!!

Two seconds from my goal, but I’m happy with it.  What’s two seconds, anyway?  🙂 It was a small race, so I managed to finish fourth female and 1st in my age group.  I stayed to get my award before jogging the 2.5 miles to spin class.

There was no time to change, so I wore my running clothes and Virratas to teach spin, and forgot to pull the timing chip off my shoe.  At least I remembered to take my bib off!

I cooled down with another 2.5 mile jog home, for an even ten miles for the day.  It was a good morning!! Now I guess I need to set some new goals…

Are you working on speed? Here are two great articles I enjoyed (and recommend) on pacing and running faster than you think you can:

And these are most of the workouts I was incorporating in the last six weeks.

Did you race this weekend? Is there a time goal you’re working toward?


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  1. Wow wow wow! What an inspiration you are! When you told me I am (how sweet are you) it was very motivating 🙂 I’ve been pushing myself just a tad harder, keeping in mind to breathe of course, so that I can try to not limit myself 🙂
    Kat recently posted..I’ve learned a lot in a year!My Profile

  2. Great job Laura, so close that sub 20 will be there before you know! I ran a half this weekend (no racing!). After my marathon next week I plan to actually try training for a 5K 🙂
    Jen recently posted..Marathon Week 16!My Profile

  3. This is awesome! Dang 2 seconds…it’s nothing, but sometimes we would just like to see that 19:xx on there 🙂 You have dropped so much time in the 5k in the last year or so! I love that as it gets warmer you focus on this distance and getting your time down. I think that is something I should do too!! Great job!!
    Corey recently posted..Eugene Marathon: The HeartbreakerMy Profile

  4. Great job Laura and congrats!!! You totally smashed your previous PR. Are you kidding? And that’s the best cheering squad there is. I’m pretty sure that you will see sub-20 in no time.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Run MommyMy Profile

  5. Smoking pace! Congrats on nailing such a great one. Two seconds is nothing and I have no doubt you’ll nail it next time. Way to go!

    I am working on my half marathon speed right now–had the hardest workout I’ve ever done yesterday. So happy when it was over!
    misszippy recently posted..Out of the mouths of babesMy Profile

  6. Congrats on such a speedy race though and I know you will get that sub 20. I have had multiple races that the clock strikes 20 as I pass…20 minutes is such a big deal but 6:26 pace….that shouldn’t mean anything you know?
    Hollie recently posted..Blueberry Cobbler PancakesMy Profile

  7. Wow-that is a great time! Congrats on your PR! I’ve only recently come back from an ITB injury, so I’m slowly incorporating some power walking with little bursts of jogging. Still nervous about re-injury. So no races yet, but hopefully soon!

  8. You will hit that sub 20:00 next time! Congrats on a great race and an age group award! It is always fun to get a little prize! Today I did my speedwork on the treadmill due to rain, not exciting but necessary to gain speed!
    Pam recently posted..10 Tips for Surviving a Mud RunMy Profile

  9. Way to go! Love your recap and pics… and I see that you are rocking those Tommie Copper sleeves too!

  10. I am so proud of you! You are so speedy! I remember when I was on my quest to go sub 20 a few summers ago…. I kept getting closer and closer… my last race before I went sub 20… was 20:00 (so I know how you feel….so close!) But the next one I did was 19:48. You’ve so got this!!
    Laura recently posted..Good, Bad & Yummy 5/3-5/5My Profile

  11. Many congrats on another speedy 5k Miss Speedy Momma! I will have to check out your article links you posted. You are one of my favorite inspirations to follow 🙂 By the way, I managed a tempo run today since my marathon and it *felt good to go faster*. Maybe my sweet spot is more short and faster rather than slow and longer? Things to stew on. Best wishes!
    Christina recently posted..Race training plans, birthday party, and more kitty loveMy Profile

    • Aww, thanks so much for the sweet words, Christina. It’s definitely fun to mix it up and work on speed for a change. I’m not missing the long runs, so it had the desired effect… I feel recharged to tackle a fall marathon!
      Laura recently posted..A day of eats on the sugar detoxMy Profile

  12. Congrats again on your PR! That’s amazing. Glad the weather was cooperative — it makes such a huge difference!

    I ran a 5K on Saturday. I had signed up for a 10K (with the intention of going for a PR), but I just strained my ankle last week so I thought I’d take it easier. I was bummed all week, but then Saturday came around and it was really hot. Plus the course was 6.3 not 6.2, which would have made it harder to PR. So, in the end, I was happy to run the 5K, where I got to run with a friend for the first half and speed it up for the 2nd to finish 4th in my age group. 🙂
    Jen recently posted..Weekly training recap: SF2HM Week 5My Profile

  13. Congrats on an awesome race!!! Two seconds is nothing. And first in your age group??? Amazing!!

  14. its so amazing how much time you can whittle away from a 5k with practicing speed work. I’m wondering when your move becomes official and the weather is more cooperative if you’ll try for that 19 again maybe in the fall? I can’t imagine running that race then having to run 2.5 to teach spin, and another 2+ miles back home… your workout kicked my workout’s butt this weekend- huge congrats
    Lisa J recently posted..Country Music 1/2 round 3.My Profile

  15. Question! I was at the race but forgot to check my results. Will they post them online by any chance?

    Congrats on the 20:01, that’s amazing!

  16. That’s excellent Laura, well done! And such a huge improvement, especially when you are a speedster already! Thank you for the links, I will be sure to check them out. I hope to do a 5k soon because I know I’ve improved a lot and can get it well under the 30 mins it is currently!
    Sherry recently posted..Come, Run With Me To The Fairy Falls…My Profile

  17. Congrats on the PR! I knew I wasn’t ready for the Broad Street on Sunday so I did a local 5k and got a PR for myself, plus got first in my age group. Now I’m really excited about doing some speed training. I think because I’m running at 5:15 in the morning, I’m not pushing myself as hard as I could with the pace. I may try hitting the local track later in the day for a faster run one day a week.
    Barb @ A Life in Balance recently posted..motivation monday: switch to cloth bags for shoppingMy Profile

  18. You are so freaking fast and I love your positivity. You didn’t hit your goal, but ran a great race. And to think you ran there, raced, then ran to the gym, then taught spin. YOU ARE AWESOME!
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted..Diving InMy Profile

  19. Wow…that is crazy, wicked fast! Congrats on the awesome time and awesome PR! You are right; what is 2 seconds when you are running at that kind of speedy-awesomeness?!? Thanks for the article on pacing…a skill I need to seriously work on.
    Beth @ ReadHardRunHarder recently posted..The Weekly Chase #1My Profile

  20. Awesome recap and an awesome time. I did a 5k today, but was much slower I averaged a 17’30” mile!! But i guess we have to start somewhere.
    Well done 🙂
    Sarah Scott recently posted..Weekly Weigh InMy Profile

  21. Congrats on yet another amazing race!!!!! Going to keep those workouts bookmarked for when I get back to the track in a few weeks. I’ve about had enough of the ‘easy’ running, and actually already starting to look forward to doing speedwork again!
    Michelle recently posted..Races, Soccer, Baseball, and BatmanMy Profile

  22. Congrats, Laura! Just reading your recap of running to the race, running to teach spin and then running home is inspiring! You rock! Hearing all about running has made me think about doing it more and setting some goals with improving my pace and increasing my speed. I’ve never been much of a runner, but when running is in CrossFit WODs, it always slows me down. What do you suggest doing for improving your speed and pace? I just pulled up the articles that you included in your post, so I look forward to reading them for some tips!
    Melissa @ Fit ‘n’ Well Mommy recently posted..A Marvelous Weekend and Progress With Bedtime!My Profile

    • Hmm, good question. For runners, generally the best way is more miles… but for non-runners, it’s harder to say. If you start incorporating a few 2-3 miles runs a week, it would help give you the base and endurance for the sprints. And you can also do more sprints- but it depends how often you’re doing them in Crossfit. You don’t want to sprint more than 2 times a week generally to avoid injury. But you can work harder paces into other runs to help you build speed as well. Not sure if this is all making sense or not…!!
      Laura recently posted..A day of eats on the sugar detoxMy Profile

  23. Great job, Laura! You’re such an inspiration! You’ll blast those last 2 seconds before long.

    I have a hilly half marathon this Saturday and my goal is just to finish, not looking for any kind of PR there. I did set a new 5K goal for myself – to beat my 14 year old self, who finished a 5K in 22:02 back in 1999. Guess I better follow your lead and hit the track!
    Nikki @ run+breathe+be recently posted..It’s taper time!My Profile

  24. Great job! That is so fast. You really are killing it with the 5k times! I have never had an egg taco at a race before. It sounds interesting.
    Travel Spot recently posted..Miwok 100kMy Profile

  25. *Shake a pom pom* Way to go! Can’t wait to see what your next goals are! I am still amazed at how you bust out a super hard race then go do 2-3 more (run to/from class and teach spin) – such a badass lol. I’m a little bit behind on my blog reading 🙂
    beka recently posted..#GoalGetter2013 April Recap and May GoalsMy Profile

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