Speedwork and WIAW

Speed work! I mentioned earlier in the week that I’m putting together a training schedule, and one of the key components will be Tuesday night speed-work, which I kicked off tonight.  Races and virtual races are the only “speed work” I’ve done in the last few months, largely because I don’t want to do too much too soon and re-injure myself.

I’ll share the plan soon, but it called for 6×800’s at a little slower than 5k pace.  I was excited about this workout, but halfway through remembered why I so often skip the speed part of any training plan… I hate being uncomfortable! I made it through five of the 800’s and decided that my legs were done for the day. My stomach was also a little off, as I probably ate more than I needed to, in my attempt not to be feel hungry or weak during the run. I hit them at 3:28, 3:33, 3:35, 3:35 and 3:38, with a warm up and cool down for 6.5 total miles.  I was obviously getting tired by the end… but I felt great afterwards and am hoping it will get “easier”!

WIAW! It was a weird eating day because I didn’t know if I would get my run in before or after dinner, and was trying to determine the best way to fuel for an evening run.  I did a lot of snacking, and ate a small amount of dinner before leaving.  Here’s how it looked through about 5pm:

Breakfast: Oatmeal & blueberries and coffee; Snack: banana and pb; Lunch: salad with mushrooms, avocado & goddess dressing; leftover bulghur chili (the picture was from Monday night’s dinner, I didn’t have quesadillas today); Snack#1: apple & trail mix & dark chocolate chips; Snack #2: 2 small “luna” bars

I made ChocolateCoveredKatie’s Homemade Luna Bars (print recipe) after reading about Natalie’s successful experimenting.  They were a huge hit! I’m storing them in the freezer in an attempt to make them last as long as possible, but the unintended consequence is that my husband forgets about them, and I end up eating them all.  🙂 Here’s Katie’s tempting photo:

For dinner, we made Thai red curry, which I forgot to take a picture of, but below is a similar curry from Eat, Run, Live:

Her picture is gorgeous, so it all worked out!  We do a similar version, basically by following the directions on the jar of the Thai red curry paste!  For a lighter version, I sometimes use half the can of coconut milk and save or freeze half for another use, and then add an additional 1/2- 1 cup of water or broth.  We used broccoli, kale, mushroom and chicken in ours, with brown rice.  It’s really fast and easy for a weeknight dinner…  L wanted to drink the “juice”, it’s that good.

Unfortunately, my husband was sick, so I didn’t head right out the door to run.  I hung around until closer to L’s bedtime, and ate a small amount of dinner with them.  After running, I had plain yogurt and kashi cereal for an evening snack, and lounged in my favorite neon green recovery socks.


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  1. That curry looks so good – I get recipes from that site all the time – I don’t know how I missed it!

    I actually like speed training – yes, it’s uncomfortable, but I get such a great satisfaction in hitting my pace and it’s all over relatively quickly! I can’t wait to be healed up to get some speedwork in as well. Good job!

    • Thanks, Kathy! Yes- it was an older post, but I still look it up occasionally. Hope you’re back to speed work soon, too! How long do you think you’ll wait to try it?

  2. Homemade Luna Bars and Curry. You are so up my alley!! Haha!!!

    Great job on the speedwork lady! Hope your legs feel normal today – just reading your times made my calves tighten, lol!

    • Thanks! Yes- anything with pb and chocolate, and I’m soo motivated to bake. Actually, these are no bake, so even better. 🙂 My legs feel surprisingly good today, those compression socks work wonders!

  3. Oh yum, I have made a larabars but never luna might have to try that. great job on your speed work and I totally get the getting out of the comfort zone!

    • Thanks, Courtney! Yes- I think I’ll be making them regularly… they are especially fast b/c they don’t have to be baked.

  4. Awesome job on the speedwork! I have 800’s next week and I’m kind of excited!
    I love your WIAW – you definitely inspire me to try and eat healthier. That curry looks amazing!

    • Thanks! I was thinking of your 1600’s while I was running, and was seriously so impressed. I was not feeling it last night, but pushed through knowing that I’d be reporting on it today. 🙂

    • I never buy them, but this recipe was really fast and easy (no-bake!). I think there’s only one left, so maybe I shouldn’t make them on a regular basis. 🙂

    • Thanks! I hope so, too… I was most nervous that I would re-injure myself, but so far I’m feeling good, although i was a little sluggish on the inclines in spin today. Love those compression socks!

    • I love baking homemade “healthy” treats… I think this one is a keeper! Although we’re still pretty strict with sugar for our daughter (she’s 2) so these were just for my husband and I. 🙂

    • Thanks, me too! I wish I had bought them sooner…. they really seem to make a huge difference. Are you a compression fan?

  5. Great Job with the speedwork! I totally agree with you – I hate being uncomfortable too. Speedwork hurts and it certainly is not that fun. I did hill repeats on Monday and half mile repeats yesterday and thought I was going to die. But you certainly get a great feeling of accomplishment afterwards =) Looks like you ate some delicious food too! Yummy!!

    Good luck with the intervals and just be glad they are fairly short =) Love the socks!

    • Thanks, Tracie! It’s funny, I get so excited about interval workouts and then I’m dying in the middle of them! But you’re so right… an awesome feeling of accomplishment. 🙂

    • Right?! 🙂 Thanks… I think it will, too… I’m spinning hard on Mondays, so my legs need to learn to run fast with a bit of fatigue!

  6. Great times on those 800’s… nice work… I love compression socks…my family thinks I am a nerd because I wear them all of the time… the green are awesome.

    • Thanks! I was hoping they would be slightly faster, but nope! That was everything I had. 🙂 I wear them constantly too… and I definitely notice a difference! Plus, they just feel good.

  7. Homemade Luna bars sounds fun, but then again that is something I eat when I’m in a rush…so making it at home seems silly for me. Then again, I am very lazy. 🙂

    • Good point… they are one of those grab-on-the-go snacks. They do freeze well, so they can keep for awhile. I go back and forth between spurts of laziness and crazy baking motivation. Anything with pb and chocolate that I can eat as I go is motivating!

  8. I’ve made Larabars before but never Luna. It’s been years since I had one so I might have to give it a whirl. They look yummy!

    Great job on the speed work!

    • I haven’t had them in years either… but pb and chocolate are probably my two favorite foods, so I had to try them out!

  9. Looks good! I really want to try Chocolate Covered Katie’s luna bars! I have them saved on pinterest when (if) the mood strikes me to make them.

    Great job on your speedwork! That’s something that Mike and I really need to seriously focus on during our next training plan.

    • Yes- I have never made it a regular (weekly) part of my plan, and often when I did I got injured, so it’s definitely something to be careful with. I think it’s wise to build mileage or speed separately, not all at once, so sounds like you’re doing exactly what you should be!

    • Yes- ours are now gone, and I really want to make more, but think I’ll give my belly a break for a few days. 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better!

  10. wow! homemade luna bars! I am making those for sure and you are fast!!! so fast….that speedwork pace for 800s would have me on my butt!

    • Yes- they were really yummy. I was much slower my first several years of running, it’s only been recently that I’ve started testing my speed a bit more, and am having fun with it!

  11. Good for you for doing the 800’s! 6x800m is HARD! Probably my least favorite but most fulfilling workout (when its over!). Your eats look divine–lots of great ideas here for me. : )
    I am coveting your green socks. I’ve been wanting green ones for a looong time but can’t justify because I have black, white…oh and pink…but I love the green! wah!

    • It’s really encouraging to hear you say the 800’s are some of the hardest… I was dying! But yes, definitely satisfying to complete it.
      Maybe you can win some green socks one of these days… 🙂

  12. Okay I’m in awe of your speed work and healthy eating habits! Homemade Luna bars and bulghur chili-yumm! What Thai red curry paste do you use? I love Thai food but I’m the only one in my family so it would have to be more of a lunch dish for me. I know you signed up for the Austin half in February. You know Austin is considered a very family friendly place so hopefully that will work for you and your little one well. We have been to Austin a few times although I have not run there I have a friend who has and she said it can be hilly. Check the course map and see. It’s hard to find anything hilly here in Houston. I can recommend a few places that would be safe for you to train that are considered rolling. Looks like a great week for you Laura.

    • Thanks, Terri! We use Thai Kitchen for the curry paste… I’m lucky that my husband is very easy going with all my experimenting, and my daughter is not picky. 🙂 Thanks for the Austin tips! I’ve also heard it could be hilly… I’m thinking it won’t be a course to really push hard on, but it will be fun to be there, especially b/c they have bands set up along the course and at the finish, so it will be nice to experience that side of Austin without paying to hear them… well, I guess I am paying in the registration fee, but you know what I mean. 🙂

  13. Never congratulated you on FitFluential…yay! I am an Ambassador too 🙂 We’ll possibly be working side by side when things start happening in our area!! Woohoo!

    yay for your great eats and can’t wait for you to share the plan…I’m interested since I’ve never done speedwork! help?!

    • Thanks, Marissa! It would be really fun to work together… I’m still figuring out what this all means, but am excited to be a part of it!
      Yes, speed work is tricky because I’ve found it’s so easy to overdue it and get injured! Generally, it’s recommended not to increase speed and overall mileage at the same time, and then start with one speed session a week, usually short bursts of speed, then official intervals (400’s, 800’s, etc) on a track. Or you can alternate intervals and tempos… where you hold a faster pace for several miles, but not as fast as sprints… sorry this is so long… happy to answer more in an email, and we should really try to meet sometime! 🙂

  14. I can’t wait to try this Curry recipe. I just got turned on to red curry!! Yum!! i really have to just bite the bullet and try this 🙂

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