Space City Ten Miler- Race recap

This report feels a bit anti-climatic after sharing the race results on Instagram and Facebook yesterday.  But for those of you who like the details, here we go…

After battling a sore throat and headache on Saturday, I actually went to bed at 8pm!  With my alarm set for 5am, I needed those full 9 hours.  I felt a bit better Sunday morning, and headed to the course to meet my friend Holly, her husband, and another blogger for  an easy two mile warm up.

Holly and I post-race

It was 76 degrees and humid, so we were sweating before we even started.  Bleck!

The first few miles felt easy, but I intentionally held myself back, knowing it was a warm day and would only get harder.  I settled into a 7:20-7:30 pace, and turned on my music.  This is the first time I’ve ever raced with music, and it definitely helped the first five miles fly by.

I had every intention of picking up my pace at the halfway mark, but with the sun shining down on us, my increased effort didn’t translate to speedier miles.  My splits stayed pretty consistent, although the last two miles felt much harder than they should have.

SPLITS: 7:22, 7:30, 7:21, 7:23, 7:29, 7:24, 7:23, 7:29, 7:20, 7:32, and final .1 at 6:01 pace.

FINAL TIME: 10.1 miles- 1:14:38

I was about a minute over my goal time, but am happy with it.  I met up with some of my running club folks at the finish for a quick photo.

After saying goodbye to Holly, I added on another slow four miles to hit 16 for the day.  I felt great, although there is one little spot on my shin that is still talking to me.  I wore my calf sleeve for extra support, and will probably cross train for a few extra days this week to ensure it has time to recover.

As I jogged back to the finish area, I saw results were posted, and was shocked to see I got second place in my age group! So I hung around a few extra minutes to receive the award.

It was a much too early morning for the rest of my family to join me, but I had a happy girl waiting for me at home.

I’m excited to be racing again. I have a Turkey Trot 5k Thanksgiving morning and recently decided to add the Tri Girl half marathon in December. I’d love to have some local runners join me at either one!

Unfortunately, yesterday’s nap time turned into a giant fight, and every time I was almost drifting off to sleep, L would start crying.  I had to go back into her room three times before she finally settled for a measly 45 minute nap.  This big girl bed transition has been much harder than we expected.  And a tired girl led to a few more melt downs before the night was up.  I think my toddler was more exhausting than the run yesterday!

An early bedtime for both of us helped, and let’s hope today is better.

How was your weekend?

102 thoughts on “Space City Ten Miler- Race recap

  1. Congrats congrats! 1:14 is an awesome time for a 10 mile especially in warm weather. I am so jealous of your pictures as I love running in cool temperatures but I am missing being warm.

    Stick with it on the naps and it will work out. Changing routine on toddlers is SO hard but they need routine and appreciate it.

    Congrats again! What an awesome race!
    Robin recently posted..It’s Cold OutsideMy Profile

    • Thanks, Robin… and I’m jealous of all the cool weather pics! Although I am not a big fan of cold weather running either, I guess I’m hard to please.

      Thanks for the nap encouragement. Today was SO much better. She has always had to test me and learn things the hard way. This weekend was the first time I got nervous about the pre-teen years… 🙂
      Laura recently posted..Space City Ten Miler- Race recapMy Profile

  2. Congratulations! I don’t ever warm up for a race for that long of a distance — maybe 1/2 mile. I guess I’m afraid of wearing myself out!
    Coco recently posted..Why I RaceMy Profile

  3. Yes..that is amazing..2nd place WooHOO!!

    So I don’t tweet or Instagram…so technologically behind its scary…how do I cope? Good thing hubs and my teenagers keep me up to date on what is “cool” and “happening” out there these days. Thanks for the details.

  4. Congratulations on a well earned AG win!!! The heat was rough out there this weekend and my times slowed about a min. also.

    Hang in there lil mama L will soon make the transition to her big girl bed.

    I’ve been looking at the Tri Girl 1/2 but want to see how I feel with 2 races already on the schedule before that one.
    Terri recently posted..FIRST AGE GROUP WINMy Profile

    • I think I’d take it over 30 as well, but it’s the humidity that really gets me.
      I was also dreading the big girl bed, and then the first week was easy. It’s only recently that she’s experimenting with her new freedom and power. Fun times. 🙂
      Laura recently posted..Space City Ten Miler- Race recapMy Profile

  5. Congratulations! Second place in your age group, that’s an amazing accomplishment.

    I got a new 10K PR time on Saturday, and it was the first time I’ve run a race at less than a 9 min/mile pace. I also got a free private yoga class at Athleta yesterday because no one else showed up to Sunday morning yoga, so the instructor tailored the class to my sore running muscles. Definitely made my day!
    Gabby @ Marathons and Macarons recently posted..Rock ‘n’ Roll New York 10KMy Profile

    • The bed transition seems to be closely tied to personality… laid back and easy going kids can transition smoothly, but L has always been one to test boundaries! Thankfully, nights are fine… it’s just naps that are rough this week.
      Laura recently posted..Space City Ten Miler- Race recapMy Profile

  6. Congrats On the AG swag! You knocked it out of the park in that heat! Love that last pic. Good luck with the big girl bed transition. No fun sometimes. Tell that shin to behave already as well. Nagging injuries stink!
    Marcia recently posted..RunfessionMy Profile

  7. Woohoo!!! congrats, way to go!! I’m still working on getting my running legs in general, and want to break it down to a 10 minute mile by January. I know I can do it, but reading blogs like yours really helps to motivate me. Other moms can do, SO CAN I, darn it!! 🙂
    Kristin recently posted..Monday MashupMy Profile

  8. What a wonderfully executed race! Awesome consistent splits! Congrats on the PR and win.
    I just realized, we have the same top! Maybe we can be twins next time we race 🙂

  9. Congrats Laura!! That’s awesome and those are pretty impressive splits there lady, especially given the conditions. I hope your shin stops talking to you soon. Maybe your shin and my knee can talk to each other instead? 😉
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..The Two of YouMy Profile

  10. Well done, nice time! The woodlands had more cloud cover this weekend by the sounds of it – phew (for me!) These 30 something mums are hauling in the hardware this weekend 😀

  11. Excellent race!!! Your daughter is such a cutie. I hear ya on the transition to a bed–that can be tough! Of course they never nap when WE really need a nap, why is that??
    Jan recently posted..10 Running TidbitsMy Profile

  12. Congrats on 2nd place in your age group!!! I remember the transition to the big girl bed, it was hard having 2 girls in the same room…they never stayed in bed. At 6, they are pretty good about it 🙂
    Karen recently posted..Move It Monday {18}My Profile

  13. Wow congratulations!! You are FaST!! The AG award rocks! And I don’t doubt for a second that the toddler is more exhausting than the race! But you rocked both 😉
    Runner26 recently posted..Ten SpotMy Profile

  14. I didn’t realize you signed up for the 5K for the Turkey Trot? I signed up for the 10k! Hopefully we can still get together before the race and warm-up and hang out for a little bit!
    Corey recently posted..It’s Race Week…My Profile

    • Oh, oops! I didn’t clarify that… and I wish I was doing the 10k, my last one was a bit of a disaster and I need to redeem myself. But this way we won’t be competing. Last year I was 4th in ag- I bet you’ll have a good chance of placing!
      Laura recently posted..Space City Ten Miler- Race recapMy Profile

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