I was first introduced to Shaklee almost two years ago by a few colleagues of mine (nutritionists and holistic health coaches). Being skeptical by nature, I heard them out but was happy with the natural food store vitamins and probiotics I was using.

Fast forward a year.

My clients were asking for recommendations for natural vitamins, fish oil or Omega 3s, probiotics or good protein powder. I was recommending the ones that “looked good”- their packages say all the right things.

But then I learned about a whole foods prenatal that was recalled. And two very popular and ‘hip’ protein powders that had traces of heavy metals in them. And I began to dig a little more to understand what brands were truly trustworthy. And what I found was really interesting.

Shaklee was the oldest and (by far) most well researched, well tested, pure, safe company on the market. It has a 100 year history tracing back to Dr. Shaklee, who discovered the vitalized mineral that became our multi vitamin. And in 60 years of business, they have never had one product recall, FDA issue or other complaint.

In fact, they set the standard for the industry and are considered beyond organic.

The Shaklee Difference

NASA approached them to develop nutritional support for their astronauts.

Over 100 Olympian athletes use Shaklee for top performance as they cannot risk having anything show up in their blood or drug tests.

The White House and Oprah love and use their green cleaning products.

They were the first company to be climate neutral, leaving no carbon footprint. <– I love this!

The more I learned, the more impressed I became. The USP standard is to perform 80+ tests for purity on supplements. Most companies have ingredients tested but don’t test the final product.
Shaklee does over 350 tests on each product, including raw materials and each final product.

Even more amazing are the health results of those who used Shaklee for over 20 years in a Landmark study done by UC Berkely.  What good are pure vitamins if they don’t work?!

They published a peer reviewed article showing that Shaklee users had remarkably better health outcomes and indicators than other supplement users or non-supplement users in every marker. That blew my mind.


The Shaklee Difference is real.  No other company out there goes above and beyond what the FDA requires to test their products.  Back in the 90’s, ginseng was a popular ingredient in supplements from every company.  Shaklee received their usual batch from China, tested it like usual (even though the suppliers said it was uncontaminated) and found it was in fact tainted.  So Shaklee stopped production of their #4 selling product for almost 2 years until they were sure the contaminants were gone from their supplier.  It’s hard to find another company out there with this kind of integrity.

So I began trying a few things… vitamins for me, my husband, my girls… switching out my natural green cleaning products for ones that are more concentrated and more affordable… getting hooked on the protein smoothies… and even using the skin care, shampoo and deodorant.

And I’m now hooked. Shaklee is the best natural health option I’ve found for long term prevention, stronger hair and nails, better digestion, energy and weight loss… all from a long-term, proven safe and effective source.



I already considered myself healthy but two cool things happened when I started taking the Vitalizer:


1) I no longer break out right before my period and

2) the little red bumps on the back of my arms (keratosis pilaris) are gone!

I also found that the extra nutrients combined with smoothies helped me lose the final 5 pounds of baby weight.

My clients are loving the vitamins (and smoothies) too.

“I am a regular pooper now (sorry to be so direct about that), my headaches are almost gone – I get them every so often due to either my hormones changing or if I didn’t drink enough water, my skin looks awesome – I hardly ever have a break out, and my cysts in my breasts haven’t had a flare up since I started taking the vitalizer. And I hardly ever need naps like I was needing!” – Rachel


“I’m loving the smoothies in the morning.  In the past 3 weeks I’ve lost 8 pounds without even trying!  I’m just eating clean and incorporating 1 smoothie a day.  I’m amazed at how I’m not hungry (nor do I feel deprived) and my sugar cravings are very minimal.  After a summer off with way too many frozen yogurt dates with my boys I’m glad to be taking care of myself again!” – Lesley


“What’s special about them that’s making my skin so awesome? I had this weird rough patch on my cheek ever since I was pregnant. Gone. Got my period without a single pimple. Unheard of for me.” – Ashley


What’s different? Supplements are not regulated by the FDA.  Shaklee has a patented delivery system and guarantees the potency and absorption, that it actually reaches where it needs to go in your body.

Curious to learn more?   Contact me and I can do a short nutritional consult to help you determine what would be most beneficial for you! (You have nothing to lose- there is a 100% guarantee or your money back.)

If you’re a mom looking to work from home, Shaklee is also a great opportunity to earn an income while transforming the health of those around you.  If you want to join my team of Shaklee moms, I would work very closely with you and train you with all the tools needed to succeed.  I was not looking for a business when I began using Shaklee, but now Shaklee pays for my car, has sent me to Mexico and contributes more income each month than my coaching business! I’d love to help you do the same.



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