Running Goals for 2016

I sat down this weekend to start writing out some thoughts and goals for 2016 and between running goals, life, business, parenting and blogging, it was almost 1000 words!  So I’m splitting these into several parts over the next few weeks, posting when I have time between the holidays!
So much happened in 2015, much of which I was not anticipating at all. It makes me excited for what 2016 has in store!

I’ll start with the running piece, of course.

RW 5k 10k

My first goal is to use January and February to get stronger and fitter… with a special emphasis on nutrition, strength training and metabolic efficiency. These three things are the focus of my reset for runners… I’m so excited for this program!

By February, I’ll be back in training mode for an April half. Half marathon goal: Beat 1:35!

By the end of 2016, I want to inch as close to 1:30 as I can. I’d be thrilled with a 1:32-1:33 half.

I loved taking this past summer to focus on shorter distances so I plan to repeat that again and continue to chip away at my 5k time. Maybe THIS will be the year I’ll finally break 20 minutes?! 5k goal: 19:59!

DSC_3179One of many failed sub-20 2015 attempts!

For the fall, I’m considering throwing a full marathon back in the mix. I need to run that one by the family though. J We’ve all been enjoying the lazier Saturdays with a shorter “long run (it’s all relative, right?!)

But I also feel like I don’t want to be running marathons for the rest of my life, and these are the few years where I might still have potential to run better than I have in the past so I’d love to do one or two more.  But in the near future, I think I’ll be happy to hang up the marathon training and work with the half and shorter races.  Marathon goal: 3:20

Of course, race times are not everything.  I also want to continue to run because I love it!

Cleveland running by the water

My non race goals include:

  • stay strong and injury free
  • do more trail running
  • incorporate 1-2 running weekends with friends (like this past year- so fun!)
  • find a few kids races and/or family fun race events

Run Rise retreat pizza

What running goals are you setting for 2016?

If I go for a fall marathon, race suggestions?

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  1. I think you can beat your half-marathon time goal, no problem, and same for the 5K! The marathon is an entirely different beast (as you know) but I’m sure you will conquer whatever you set out to do there, should you decide to do it!
    Whatever happens I hope can have a repeat of last year with the Rise.Run.Retreat AND the Runner’s World Half and Festival weekend.
    Happy Holiday my friend!!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – End of the Year ClearanceMy Profile

    • You are so right about the marathon!! I’m not even sure yet if I really want to chase it, but if I do, I thought I’d put a big goal out there. 🙂 YES!! I hope we can repeat both of those amazing weekends!
      Laura recently posted..Running Goals for 2016My Profile

  2. I have a few trip to the midwest mid/late 2016, let’s see if we can do a half somewhere near the NE/Mid around that time. Would be super fun!

  3. These are great goals and I definitely believe you will achieve them, especially the PR in the 5K and breaking 1:35 in the half! I’m excited to read about your goals for blogging, business, and life as well – those are always as interesting, if not more, than running. Big running goals always seem to inspire big goals in other areas of life. Merry Christmas!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..Mile Markers: Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Training Week 1My Profile

  4. Oh my gosh my 2016 running goals are EXACTLY the same. I’m starting with an April half hoping to break 1:34 (but would be equally happy with breaking 1:35 because my PR is just under 1:36), then want to break 20 ideally in the 4th of July 5k I do every year, then under 3:20 in a fall marathon 🙂 I’m thinking I’ll do Columbus in October. Can’t wait to read about how you progress!!
    Colleen @ CSmith Run recently posted..How Can A “Lazy Saturday” Involve So Much?My Profile

  5. I think you are totally primed for all of your goals with the set up you’ve had this year. And I think the idea of going for a marathon PR now–if it’s an itch you need to scratch–is also smart. I’d suggest considering Richmond. It’s a fabulous PR course, the weather is always perfect, and it’s mid-Nov, so you can put off the serious marathon training until fall. Good luck with it all!
    misszippy recently posted..My podcast is live!My Profile

    • Thanks, Amanda! Yes- part of me wants to stick to shorter distances but another part of me knows that this is a good time to chase a few more prs, and then settle into running for fun/fitness at some point. 🙂 Thanks for the Richmond recommendation!
      Laura recently posted..Running Goals for 2016My Profile

  6. Great goals! I am thinking I may also want to take some time to focus on shorter distances this year, maybe in the spring/summer, but we’ll see. I feel like I need a break from “training”, but I still want to participate in races. You made so much progress with the 5k this year and I really think you can get that sub 20 soon!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted..Weekly Workout Recap 12/14-12/20My Profile

  7. Those are really great goals and you are setting yourself up for a wonderful year of running! I love how you also incorporated some non-race goals. I’d like to do more trail running as well! My main goal is a 5K PR and a 2:10 half marathon. I’d also like to try snowshoe running this winter.
    Sam @ See Sam Run recently posted..2015 Running RecapMy Profile

  8. How about opting for a Fall trail half instead of a fall full?

    VHTRC puts on an incredible all female Women’s Half Trail Marathon in September-

    It’s just south of DC on highly runable trails that keep any runner honest. The organization is tops and the aid stations are phenomenal. Bonus- you get serenaded by the male members before the start.

    Truly, it’s a beautiful course with great people. It might be enough of a challenge for you without putting the strain/stress on the family for a full.

  9. Love these goals Laura and you have set yourself up nicely to achieve them! You have been so smart with your training this year and it has been so fun (and super inspiring!!) to follow your progress!
    I also hear Wineglass is a great marathon and that wouldn’t be too far for you.
    Of course you could also come out west (yay!!) and run some great races – Malibu in November is gorgeous, Santa Barbara ( also Nov) is stunning and CIM (California International Marathon in Sacramento in early December) will def get you that PR!! I know those are far away, but you can always stay with us if you were to do anything in So Cal 🙂
    Merry Christmas!! xoxo
    Natalie recently posted..How To Recover From A Half MarathonMy Profile

  10. I definitely need to sit down and work out my 2016 goals, and most importantly, a PLAN of how I will reach them. I know a couple of them will be to PR at a 100k I am signed up for that I did last year, run a race in CO, run a 100 mile race and work on my speed work! I also need to get back into running shape, as I have let myself go over the last 6 months. In addition, I need to focus on my body and on running injury free!
    Travel Spot recently posted..Best of 2015: TravelMy Profile

  11. What awesome goals!

    A 1:35 half!! Get it girl! I am pushing for 2:00.

    So excited about the reset!

    I too want to find more family races.

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