Running at 29 weeks Pregnant

I’m happy to see Friday this week.  Maybe this little one is having a growth spurt? For some reason, I’ve been extra tired and squeezing in cat naps most days while L watches “Peep and the Big Wide World.”  (We just discovered this show, have you seen it? It makes her laugh out loud!)

I’m still running but this week has been particularly challenging.  Today marks 29 weeks, so that might have something to do with it!

29 weeks pregnant belly

Third Trimester Running Challenges:

* The hills in our neighborhood are kicking my butt!

* I’m getting slower by the week.  My legs just don’t want to go any faster.

* My legs feel the fatigue from the previous day’s workout more than they used to.  If I spin or do a weight circuit one day, I know I’m going to have a more sluggish run the following day.

* The bladder! This actually got a lot better for most of the second trimester but I’m back to looking for pee breaks 2-3 miles into a run.

* Sleep is more challenging, so I’m waking up less rested and less motivated to run.


I was reading my journal from my first pregnancy, and I was still happily running at this stage.  But I’m bigger this time around, and I feel like my energy is lower (likely from caring for a 4yo!)

So I’m wondering if my running days are numbered.  For now, I’m going to keep trucking along.  The tricks that have helped are to drive to the track (to avoid hills) and to tell myself I’m going to “walk/run” to get myself out the door.  This worked yesterday. Once I’m going, I end up running most of it.

Track pregnant running

Of course, it is the third trimester now so I’m giving myself the flexibility to take extra days off, too.

What tricks do you use when you don’t feel like working out?

Running moms, how long did you run through your pregnancy?


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  1. I’m sure the bladder doesn’t help at all! Way to soldier through great workouts still girlie!

  2. Kudos to you running momma! There’s people who aren’t preggers and never run. So give yourself a HUGE pat on the back for trucking along. The trick I use is to tell myself I’ll only run a mile or I’ll only workout 5 mins. I can squeeze out 5 mins. But then I usually end up doing more because after the 5 mins you’re generally pumped up.
    Jess@ Flying Feet in Faith recently posted..Feeling Free Friday + IH8 Alzheimer’s 8kMy Profile

  3. I ran through both pregnancies, but I definitely gave myself permission to take more complete rest days, especially in last trimester. Sometimes a nap was the best thing for me & my bump! And pregnancy #2 was definitely harder. Chasing after a 2 y/o is a workout in itself! I feel ya, mama. Sore muscles, constant pee breaks & a big ol belly made even 3 miles feel like a marathon in those last weeks!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Spring Cleaning To-Do ListMy Profile

  4. It sounds like it is getting harder and harder to run. The walking/running is a good idea, you can run if you feel the energy, but walking keeps you active. Don’t give up! I wish you well!

  5. Your bump is looking so great! I gave up running in my first trimester due to the nausea. Wish I had motivated myself to pick up the running after the nausea went away (2nd trimester) but I got pretty big pretty fast, so I stuck to low-impact workouts.
    Marnie @ SuperSmartMama recently posted..ChicagoMy Profile

  6. If I’m not feeling a workout, I’ll first figure out why. If I’m tired or sore and hit it pretty hard the day(s) before, I’ll typically opt for a rest day. If I’m not those things but just feeling lazy, I’ll go to the gym, planning to do something a little less-intense. But typically once I’m there, my energy picks up, and I always feel better afterwards. That’s a big thing I have to remind myself of, that it might be hard to get going, but my energy’s always better at the end.
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  7. I made the switch from running to swimming early on this pregnancy. Running felt weird and running on the beach in high winds was unappealing.

    Swimming has been a blessing, especially as we’re having two. I don’t feel pregnant in the pool, and am able to work my core and push harder than I would on land. (Smartly push… respectfully push… no 1:20 100s here right now!)
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  8. You are doing so great!! I hit 31 weeks this past Tuesday and ran my last 4 miler “race” on Mother’s Day. I was ready to hang my running shoes up, it was feeling more like a chore I was checking off my to-do list than an outlet or source of happiness.

  9. With my first pregnancy I ran to 37 weeks (and delivered at 41 weeks) and with my second, I ran up to 34 weeks (and delivered at 40 weeks on the dot). And getting back to running was actually easier the SECOND time.
    My rule is always to run as long as it feels good. I was having some pretty bad back pain and cramping the second time around, so it made sense to quit.
    You’re doing great!
    Amanda K. recently posted..SpringMy Profile

  10. I was on bed rest in my third tri with both pregnancies, so I have no words of wisdom to offer–Sometimes taking breaks and listening to your body is good too. My kids loved Peep! They’ve out grown it, but I always thought it was such a nice wholesome show for kids!
    Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted..Running is my Abundant PunditMy Profile

  11. I think even if you have to go to more of a run/walk for the last little bit you are doing awesome!! Not surprising that you are tired – last trimester, running, running a business and a little one to keep you busy! Rest when you need to!
    Kim recently posted..Friday Deserves Some Laughs!My Profile

  12. Way to go! I ran until 30 weeks with baby #3, then just walked with hand weights doing bicep curls, lateral arm raises, presses and tricep kick backs to keep myself interested in the walk. I just couldn’t run after 30 weeks because of all of the BH contractions. My 1st was preemie so my midwife was worried that the powerful BH contractions would cause my water to rupture early again. (As it turned out she was right and my water ruptured at 38.5 weeks and baby #3 was born 67 min later).
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  13. At 29 weeks I was put on modified bed rest so running was definitely out of the question. Walking up the stairs was barely allowed. Kudos to you for listening to your body. The run/walk approach is good!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..High Five FridayMy Profile

  14. I use the ‘walk/run’ thing to lure myself out the door now sometimes and I’m not even preggo. Ha! Happy weekend!
    Marcia recently posted..Friday 5My Profile

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