Runner’s Reset Round Two!

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I have learned a lot from you on this reset. I’ve lost 4 lbs total!  One thing I’ve learned about is changing the ratios I’m eating.  You told me that it isn’t all about the calories, but rather where they are coming from.  Also, a big change for me is to change up my workouts.  I am adding in resistance training and other workouts at least twice a week, and running the other days.  – Sarah


Being a part of this reset has been a fantastic experience!  I think the biggest thing I learned in the challenge is how I depend on sweets when I’m stressed out.  Not having that temptation around me the past 21 days has made a huge difference, and I know that I will have stronger willpower moving forward.  I’ve also really enjoyed getting back to strength training.  It makes me feel good and I do think it has already started to benefit my running.  Thanks so much for everything! – Janelle



After eating totally clean for 3 weeks this morning I measured my body fat % and from the first day of the reset to this morning my body fat % went down 2.3% over 21 days! -Tovah


Thanks to your requests, I’m bring the runner’s reset back for a round two!

I shared a few personal experiences from round one, and I’ll add my own- I lost two inches around my waist, a stubborn two inches that I had been wanting to see gone since baby J was born, so I am thrilled with that.  My weight stayed the same, and that is one of the big distinctions of this type of reset: it’s not about weight loss, but about getting stronger.

Strength progress

Muscle can replace the fat when you’re training and your weight may stay the same, but you can feel better and be fitter regardless.  Measurements or body fat testing (as Tovah did) tell much more of the story than the scale!

However, don’t let comments about eating “totally clean” scare you- there is room for chocolate or dessert when you know how to build it in.  Restriction is too hard – I’d rather see women eat their dessert in moderation than skip it, feel deprived and binge … or worse, give up on healthy eating because it’s too hard.

I want this to work for you!! So if you need specific numbers and tracking info, let’s talk specifics. If you need “eat this not that” guidelines, I have them.  If you need to have chocolate every day, we’ll talk about how to do that.

Round two kicks off in just a few weeks, beginning May 2nd.  This time personal trainer Kristen will cover the strength training piece and I’ll continue to cover the running and nutrition component.  We want this to be doable, so we are offering the 4 week program for $15/week.  If you want to break it into a weekly payment, we can do that too- just let me know!

If you’re new to the idea of a runner’s reset, find all of the details and what it includes here.

Ready to join us? Register here!

PS- All of my current clients can be added for free — just let me know if you want in!

Hope you can join us!

When you’re making a change, do you do well with an all-or-nothing approach or do you find you need to keep a little ‘fun’ junk food in your day?

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