Richmond marathon training 2 weeks to go

It’s taper time! My last long-ish run is done and now it’s time to switch to recovery mode for the last two weeks. I do best when I taper with less mileage but a bit of intensity, so I plan to do some lactate threshold miles ten days out and a few short workouts the last week to keep my legs remembering how to turn over.

Training recap:

Monday : 55 minute pool run + 20 minutes strength training (lunges, pull up practice, push ups, kettle bell swings)

Tuesday: 6 easy (8:45’s)

Wednesday: 11 miles with 8 at marathon pace (8:36, 7:59, 7:34, 7:29, 7:22, 7:26, 7:30, 7:21, 7:28, 7:21 and c/d 8:59)

Thursday: 40 minutes easy spinning + all day Wild West Book fair!

Friday: 6 easy miles (no watch, 9ish?) with sprint finish + all day Book fair!

Saturday: 15.75 miles easy (8:31 ave) + Wild West Book fair!

Sunday: rest

I kept the book fair in there because I was on my feet all day and my legs were wiped out the last few days this week.  I definitely felt it in my running!

I’m looking forward to a quieter week next week (after packing everything up on Monday). My girls vote that I go as a cowgirl for Halloween.

On the meal plan…

A few recipes we plan to make this week:

  • Shrimp Jambalaya (adding shrimp at the end in place of sausage)
  • Mediterranean Turkey Burgers (from RW cookbook)
  • Split pea soup
  • Ground turkey and spaghetti squash and/or baked ziti


 What do you do with the extra time when tapering? I’m not sure that I’m going to notice much extra time as I mostly plan to sleep when I would otherwise be running!

Do you dress up for Halloween?

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22 thoughts on “Richmond marathon training 2 weeks to go

  1. You are ready for your marathon! Sleeping sounds like the perfect way to fill the extra time! Enjoy your taper. I used to dress up for Halloween because my office had a huge contest. Now, we just do a casual day with fun Halloween tops or sweaters; kind of like an Ugly Christmas Sweater day. Thanks for linking.

  2. YAY! I am SO excited to cheer for you!
    I’ll be at mile 22 (unless the baby has other plans!) and will look out for you. Let me know your projected splits so I’ll know when to look for you!

    Mile 22 is in Bellevue neighborhood, a lovely run. I’ll be the very, very pregnant lady screaming, probably crying because the strength of the human spirit is just too much for my hormones at this point! xo
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