Recovery week + Structuring Training Post Marathon

Happy Thanksgiving week!

We will leave Thursday morning to miss all the traffic and will spend Thanksgiving day with my family and Friday with Jared’s family.  We luck out that our parents still like to do all the hosting and cooking plus the kids don’t require much of us while their cousins and grandparents are around. It should be a nice few days off of parenting and normal life!

So I’m one week out from the marathon.  I didn’t feel as sore as previous marathons but I’ve read that soreness or lack or soreness does not really mean anything in terms of how recovered your body is.  It’s important to take it easy for 2-3 weeks after racing 26 miles.

I did a few very easy pool sessions last week and one upper body strength workout on Friday.  I’m starting to get excited to run again but will probably wait one more week to give my body that extra rest and reduce the chance of injury in future training.

So what’s next?

I am signed up for the Boston marathon, although my goal for the spring is a strong half marathon.  I decided on a new-to-me one in PA called the Two Rivers Half Marathon in March. It should be less hilly than NYC and cooler than the NJ half, the two races I did last spring.

Training-wise, I know it’s good to mix it up and train a different energy system before settling back into marathon training, so my plan is to use 4 weeks from mid-December through mid-January to get in some short speed bursts and maybe a 5k or two.

Mid January through March will be half marathon training with some long runs to keep me ready for Boston.

I’m excited!!

But for now, a few more weeks of sleeping in, easing back into easy running at the end of this week, and getting some strength workouts in here and there.  As much as I love training, I love the recovery period too!

Do you struggle with the recovery phase? Or embrace it?

Have you started to think about spring race goals? Have you ever run the Two Rivers race?

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13 thoughts on “Recovery week + Structuring Training Post Marathon

  1. I had tough workouts on Thursday and Friday last week and then ran an 8k on Saturday and I feel like I ran a marathon! Guess that’s the fun part of building back up after surgery. lol. I’m still working on that whole recovery thing – I was better at it after a marathon because it made sense to me but this was just an 8k! Ah, the joys of relearning…haha. Have a terrific and relaxing Thanksgiving!
    Jennifer @ Fit Nana recently posted..HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE FOR RUNNERSMy Profile

  2. Sounds like a great plan! I have also heard that soreness isn’t a great indicator of recovery. I was barely sore at all after my first marathon and definitely jumped back into running too quickly. Pool running sounds like a great activity to do while you recover!

  3. I took 10 days off of running completely post marathon. Then I got back into shorter distances. I’m enjoying the shorter runs so far (and I’m much faster too!). I have some spring halfs and another full to train for so I will be definitely shooting for those goals soon, but until the end of the year nothing over 10 miles for me so that’ll be fun. 🙂 I enjoyed recovering and taking time off but was ready to get back into it after the week and a half.
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  4. Great plan Laura! I guess after this now you are enjoying your recovery period, hope you will recover fast. Eagerly waiting for your next post next experience. Thanks for sharing this experience. Keep up your hard work. Enjoy !

  5. Congrats on your amazing marathon! You are so good about recovering sensibly. I just went back too quickly after PRing at St George and now I have to double back and take a few extra prehab weeks. I never heard of the 2 rivers half and had to look it up. Pretty far from me but looks like a great race. Incidentally, I moved my blog and changed the name. I

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