Recovery week + Meal planning

Happy Sunday!

How’s your weekend going? Have you been able to get out for anything fun this weekend?

I ran the Newport 10k yesterday (report coming soon!) and spent the afternoon making lasagnas for homeless families that our church takes turns hosting every few months. I had a quiet kitchen to myself which is, for me, heaven!

This was a recovery week.  I realized I hadn’t taken a solid few days off running since after my fall marathon, and asked coach Tia if we could build that in this week before ramping up again.

Of course, it’s hard for me to do nothing, but I kept the effort nice and easy all week.


Sunday:  NJ Half marathon

Monday:  rest

Tuesday: 30 minutes easy cycling + 20 minute walk

Wednesday: 50 minutes easy cycling + 20 minute walk + push ups/ core

Thursday: 4 easy miles (9:00, 8:36, 8:06, 7:50)

After the NYC half, my paces were in the 9/10 minute range for a good ten days as I recovered, so it was nice to see I was bouncing back faster this time.

Friday: 2- 2.5 easy shake out miles

Saturday:  10 miles total with the Newport 10k race …felt better than I expected to!

Meal planning:

Sunday: Lasagna (I made two extra yesterday, one to freeze and one to eat, a meal every person in the family will eat!)

Monday: Roast chicken + potatoes + carrots

Tuesday:  Chicken Fajita bowls with leftover chicken, scallion, feta, roast peppers, guacamole

Wednesday: Veggie Omelets

Thursday: Leftovers or some kind of soup with broth from the chicken (I should do a whole post on this, but homemade broth is one of the healthiest foods for runners!)

Friday: Homemade pizza

Saturday: Out for Mother’s day weekend?


Do you save bones to make your own broth?

Have you done back to back races? Was it successful, or awful?

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19 thoughts on “Recovery week + Meal planning

  1. I did 2 back to back races last year but they were shorter distances (10k and then a 6k). It’s definitely tricky to recover well in between races like that. Id love it if you did a post about bone broth! I’ve heard how good it is but I’ve been too intimidated to try making it.
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted..Month in Review: April 2017My Profile

    • It really is tricky, and depends on so many factors. I would not have felt recovered enough for this after NYC (those hills left me sore for days!) but this week was different. Yes, I’ll see if I can pull a bone broth post together!
      Laura recently posted..Recovery week + Meal planningMy Profile

    • Ha! Well, it normally isn’t that easy. After the NYC half in March, I didn’t feel like I could run faster than a 9 or 10 minute mile for two weeks! Each race experience is so different.
      Laura recently posted..Recovery week + Meal planningMy Profile

  2. Ironic…I just did two back-to-back half marathons (with a speedy 5K smack dab in the middle). All of my races went well…quite well, considering my paces were faster than I thought they’d be. I have never saved bones to use for broth….I’d like some info on that! (I have heard of doing it, but have never attempted it)
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted..Spring Has Returned!My Profile

  3. make my own broth… ? how does that work… ? hahaha!

    back to back races – yes, sometimes it just works out that way. in September there are tons of popular races here so I usually end up doing 3 10 mile races in a row, one year I even did 4. Not sure I can say I recommend it but I used them as trainings for a marathon. I won’t do that this year, this is my year of recovery so I’m working hard and not signing up for #alltheraces.

  4. I haven’t done back to back races before, but I think I could do smaller distances. I seem to be knocking off 5k consistently, but haven’t actually done a 5k race in over a year.

  5. My best half times were earned in a year that I ran 17 of them, and some were back to back. I think it works fine as long as you build in rest periods. At some point the body says WHOA. I can’t remember the last time I cooked lasagna. That’s sounds yummy. Thanks for linking, Laura!

  6. I have just done back to back races – the last two Sundays in a row. I like the adrenaline rush it gives me but I am also looking forward to a few weeks “racing” break! What a lovely thing to do – making those lasagnes for homeless families x

  7. My family doesn’t do leftovers much nor do they like freezer meals. The only part of the reason I don’t do meal planning, the other reason is I’m not near as organized as I should be!
    Back to back races, sure 7 weekends in a row is my longest streak and just last year I was wondering if I could do 3 in a row!
    Thanks for joining in the Weekly Wrap!
    Tricia @ Misssippipiddlin recently posted..Weekly Wrap 92 Hello Post Racing SeasonMy Profile

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