Recovery week + Meal Planning

I’m one week out from the half marathon and feeling good.  My quads were a bit sore for a day or two, and then my shins were grumpy after a run, but I think all the kinks are worked out and I’m getting ready to jump back in soon!

The recovery week recap:

Sunday:  Race!! 1:33:31, plus a 1/2 mile or so warm up

Monday:  30 minute easy spin + 30 minute easy walk, all recovery based to get the blood flowing

Tuesday: 3 easy miles (9:45 ave) + boot camp (probably not my smartest move as my quads were still a bit sore!)

Wednesday: 3.5 easy with a running client, slightly sore shins afterward –> icing, rolling and a bit of yoga in the evening

Thursday: boot camp + 4 mile walk

Friday: off and celebrating husband’s birthday with friends!

Saturday:  squeezed in 6 miles easy early before a nutrition conference all day

I’m learning to listen to my body and take extra days off when needed.  Of all possible times I could take time off, post race is key!! I’m not sure why I always struggle with this.  I look forward to a whole week off, and then after the race I’m itching to get back out there again! But I think this was a good balance of backing off and keeping it low intensity while still getting a few runs in.

Next up is a 5k on Saturday!!

Meal planning:

Sunday: Meeting my parent’s half way for the Crayola Factory and dinner

Monday: Chicken Fajita Rice Bowl

Tuesday:  Girls night- probably scrambled eggs and pancakes (I love the sprouted grain mix right now)

Wednesday: Split Pea Soup + cheese quesadillas

Thursday: Leftovers and/or pizza for the girl who wanted it on the meal plan all week…

Friday: Pulled Chicken BBQ + mashed potatoes (for L) and kale salad

Saturday: Out?


How do you recovery after a half? Do you take a whole week off, or do some easy runs + cross training?

Any one else switching over to 5ks soon?

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16 thoughts on “Recovery week + Meal Planning

  1. For me recovery from a half depends on how hard I ran it. I haven’t really raced a half-marathon hard in a long time, so I usually end up running easy throughout the week. I love your daughters idea of the meal plan:)

  2. I think it’s the post race endorphins that make me itchy after a good race. I want to keep the good vibes rolling! Your daughters meal plan looks like My kids version. Pizza every night!!! Lol!

  3. Your daughter’s meal plan looks like what my ideal plan would be. 🙂
    Nutrition Question: In your studies and seminars, has anything come up about eggs and their link to cancer (mostly colon & prostate)? I’ve always loved eggs, but have been reading a lot lately about increased cancer risk in people who eat them.

  4. What I do after a half depends on what my goals were for the race. If it’s part of a marathon training plan, then no, I don’t take a break. But if the race is the goal, then yes, I give myself some time off.

  5. Congrats on your shiny new PR. It’s even more impressive you did it by feel and without your watch! You definitely deserved the rest and recovery. Thanks for linking, Laura!

  6. I usually do not run the day after a half. I’ll do a spinning class or just some simple walking.

    I can definitely agree with that pizza meal plan, lol.

  7. I’m glad you’re feeling good after the half and congrats again on a solid PR! Glad you got some workouts in this week even if it was a recovery/easy week. The week after a race and a big PR is the best time to take one. I’ve been injured so long that I’m going to be a 5Ker for awhile because by the time I rebuild my base and start doing workouts again, we will only have 5Ks since this is SC ;).
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  8. Good week! I haven’t run a half for a while just for the sake of running a half (more like training for a full) so I can’t say I do a lot of recovery after one. I do however fully believe in rest and slightly active recovery! we should listen to our body!

    GREAT time on your half !!! I can’t even get close to that so, seriously, well done!!!!

  9. Congrats again on your PR and well deserved down week.

    After a half, I usually return to higher mileage, though I don’t usually do any hard workouts….just something to keep the snap in my legs.

    Pizza, pizza, pizza. So cute!
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  10. Sounds like you recovered well after that awesome PR! I usually take 3-4 days off, completely, after racing a half marathon as a goal race – the break does me mentally and physically good – and then I run easy for the rest of the week. I like to use that week to then get back into strength training after tapering down on it before the race also.

  11. Great job! My coach has given me a very nice recovery plan post-Love Run, and it feels weird to get so many days off running! I’m still a bit sore from Sunday but I’m glad to be recovering. Congrats again on your PR!

  12. Congrats on a 1:33 finish Laura! What an awesome time! The running pic looks fierce! Great energy! The Pizza Meal Plan for the week sounds like a good one! It would get 2 thumbs up in my house, too! 🙂
    Have a great week Speedy!!

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