Recovery week #3

I just hit 3 weeks post Richmond! This is probably the most patient I’ve ever been with my running post marathon, but it feels really good to take it easy and slowly get back to running.

I also had a sore ankle for the first week after the race – my guess is that sprinting down a steep hill for the final .1 after working for 26 miles stressed it a bit.  I’m still not sure if it was a mild sprain or a tendon issue, but it seems to be behind me.

Here’s what my third week of recovery looked like:

Monday : 4.75 easy run, other than one giant hill!

Tuesday: 40 minute pool run

Wednesday: 4 easy miles with hubs – I love that we both work from home on Wednesdays! Later I tacked on 30 push ups, 20 squats plus bridges, side plank and leg raises

Thursday: 30 minute easy spin + 30 minute legs/core rotating through each of these “stations”

Squats and squat variations: goblet squats, pendulum squats and squat+press

Lunges and variations: Back lunges, forward lunge with a twist, walking lunges

Glutes/hamstrings: one leg bridges, donkey kicks, squat thrusts

Core: leg raises, bicycles, side and front planks

Friday: 40 minute pool run + 15 minute swim

Saturday: 5 miles easy + 3-4 miles of walking NYC with one of my best childhood friends and her daughter

Sunday:  45 pool run

We had a fun weekend hosting friends, including our girls NYC trip on Saturday.  We basically ate our way through the city… the City Bakery, Cowgirl for lunch, Do (cookie dough!) and then the guys came in and we all met up for Koren BBQ and checking out the Christmas tree + Magnolia bakery.

The crowds were insane near the tree, but my 3yo’s face made it all worth it!


What I’m making lately…

Over the weekend, I was really enjoying cooking again. It’s more fun when there are people to cook for.  Sunday morning, I made a puffy German apple pancake and a veggie fritatta and carrot apple muffins for brunch.

And chicken fajitas with guacamole for lunch.

I still need to make my plan for this week but am leaning toward a chili with squash, salmon with the last of our brussel sprouts from the garden and maybe a lasagna.

Also, Trader Joe’s is killing me with all the holiday treats.  Peppermint is my favorite!!

Favorite holiday traditions? Have you been to NYC around Christmas?

What are your favorite seasonal treats?

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10 thoughts on “Recovery week #3

  1. Trader Joes always has such good holiday treats! I haven’t been there yet this season (now that we order our groceries online) but Id love to get some of their chocolate peppermint pretzels!
    It sounds like you did great with easy your way back into running post-race!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted..Running into DecemberMy Profile

  2. I’ve never been to NYC for Christmas, but I”ll be in Chicago a couple times the next couple of weeks! Let’s see how much Christmas I get to experience!

  3. OMG I need that German Apple pancake for breakfast right now please!! Seriously can you just come her and cook and bake for me for the week? xoxo Glad you’re taking recovery the way you should – slowly!
    And that is a GORGEOUS shot of the tree and Rockefeller Plaza – WOW! Can’t wait to see it for myself soon…
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Hot MessMy Profile

  4. That is great the sore spot is behind you 🙂
    I love dark chocolate anything..if it is salty or a little crunchy all the better lol
    I haven’t been to NY at Christmas since the 90’s but all the lights and giant tree, the Rockettes, all of it was amazing!
    Looks like you found some great food 🙂

  5. The closest I’ve been to NYC during the holidays is early Novemeber – I really want to come during December when everything is so magical. My kids would love it! You have cooked so many amazing meals – I’m hungry looking at all the pics! Also, great job on easing back into things with running – I think your body will reward you in the long run.
    Natalie recently posted..CIM 2017: The Race RecapMy Profile

  6. Good for you on being patient. There’s no need to rush back into training! I’ve been to NYC twice around Thanksgiving. Although the Rockefeller tree was not finished yet either time, there were a lot of pretty decorations already up. Thanks for linking!

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